Chapter one

There he was again, every day on the beach looking effortless in the water. He was spectacular in the water, his arms moving effortlessly through the waves. To say I was a little bit obsessed was an understatement. Which it really weird for me. Before we moved here and saw him, I wasn't interested in guy. It had gotten to the point when mum thought I was a lesbian. Not that I told her about Percy or anything, but she knew. She always knew.

"Annabeth?" dad called up the stairs, jolting me from my spot at my desk. It faced the window that overlooked the sea, giving me such a perfect view of...things. Very good looking things. "Coming dad" I called back , tying my hair back away from my face in it's usual messy bun and heading downstairs for breakfast.

Mum and dad were both there, mum sitting at the table eating her usual bowl of Muesli, dad looking over the toaster like it was going to explode. "Morning" I called, pulling out my box of cereal and myself a bowl. "Morning Darling" mum said, giving me a kiss on the cheek as I sat down at the table next to here. All I got from my dad was a grunt as he continued to stare at the toaster.

"You ready for school today" she asked, ignoring dads cursing as the toast popped up burnt as usual "Start of senior year"

"I think I'm ready mum" I said with a smile. The truth being I was more then ready to go back. The summer had been fun, beach parties, hanging out with my girls when they weren't hanging out with their boyfriends – which wasn't often – working out, reading when I could, sketching out new designs and all that stuff. But I loved school. I got a rush from getting a right answer, or getting an A* on a exam. I took after my mother that way.

We both laughed as dad cursed again as he glanced at the clock. Kissing me on the forehead and mum on the lips, he rushed out the door with his tie still undone and have a slice of toast hanging out of his mouth.

"Right honey, I have a big meeting today, so I might be home a bit later then usual" mum said, putting her bowl in the sink and grabbing her suitcase. Mum was an architect with a pretty big name. She had re-designed the New York skyline, and after that she had landed some pretty big deals that did take her away from us some of the time. We had moved to California for Dad's job, but it also gave mum the opportunity to expand the business. She now had a name, dad had a bigger salary and I had some new friends. And a new crush. California had certainly grown on me in the past couple of years. With one last kiss on my forehead, mum headed out of the door, looking beautiful as always.

Before long I was heading out myself, after double checking I had everything of course. With everything set and in my car, I made my way to Piper's house first. My outfit more casual then some would like but I didn't give a crap. Thalia could give me all the lectures she wanted, but I was still going to ware my oversized NY hoddie and the Batman converse dad had given me two years ago to kind of soften the blow of moving.

Pulling into the driveway of the McLean Mansion, it never failed to impress me how big it was. Mum had designed it of course, one of her first major projects when we had arrived in California, and it just screamed modern elegance. Piper however, screamed down to earth which is what I loved about her. No matter how famous her dad got, she never let any of it go to her head.

"Thalia's going to kill you" were her first words to me when she got in the passenger seat, looking me once over with a smile on her face "Oh like you're dressed any better" I teased, looking her over. She too had an oversized jumper on, but it looked amazing on her. She could pull off anything and still look like a movie star. She did have the gene's I guess

"Thalia picked this out for me" she laughed, sending a smug smile my way as we drove through LA on the way to one more house. We were picking up Thalia – something I was highly looking forward too, I hadn't seen her in ages – as well as her twin brother Jason. Or as Piper liked to call him her boyfriend.

"I don't have to give you a lift you know"

"You do because you love me" she smiled, plugging in her iPod. It took about 5 minutes to get to the Grace house, where Piper was attacked by Jason – seriously the way those two were going at it was like they hadn't seen each other all summer – and I was attacked by Thalia. Not in the same way of course, thank god, but I kind of wished I had just headed straight to school.

As much as I loved seeing Piper happy with Jason, I was kind of jealous they had found each other. With all the flirting and the texting, it was like they had been going out 4 months instead of four years. I guess they still hadn't left the honeymoon phase. And if I had driven past, I would not be receiving the angry death glare Thalia was sending me as she looked at my hoodie.

"Seriously" she said, a sort of pissed off look on her face "Seriously"

"What?" I asked, pretending to be innocent when I knew exactly what I had done wrong "You're wearing that? Of all things on the first day of school. Scratch that, the first day of senior year"


"You could at least pretend you care" oh great, now she was acting all offended. It was a hoodie, one that I would probably remove half way through the day at some point, and it helped me blend in to the crowd. Unlike Thalia, I was not one for standing out. "Can we go yet?" I asked, getting back in the drivers seat. This also knocked Jason and piper out of their little Love bubble, allowing them to get in the back

"You are so lucky we're out of time Chase" Thalia smiled, getting in the front seat and giving me a proper hug. She also had a boyfriend, Luke. But he was a year older then us and therefore was now attending collage, something Thalia found very attractive. I just gave her a sweet smile, then put the car into drive. We would be at school in no time.