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Chapter 28

When we got to the restaurant, Percy ran around and opened my door before I could open it myself. With this gorgeous smile on his face, he helped me out, leading me inside the gorgeous Italian restaurant we had only been to once before. The night Percy graduated. So it was a pretty special place, and I loved that Percy had thought of it for our fifth anniversary.

We were seated right away by the window that looked out onto the street. We could see people walking by, lost in their own little worlds "Hey Wise girl" Percy said, jolting me out of my day dream "What are you thinking about?"

"Us" I answered truthfully, because us is a subject that constantly surrounds my mind. My life with him, our relationship over the years. Five years we've been together. Through countless fights and wedding's and so many tutoring sessions before the SATs – when I swore I would actually kill him - to our first time in a bed – better then the beach, that's all I could say – right the way back to our first kiss during that night that turned out to be our first date "What about us?" he asked, taking a hold of my hands over the table and rubbing his thumb against the back of my right hand. A comforting gesture that he actually did a lot of. Something I had forgotten to notice really "we've been together five years" I smiled "five long years" he mocked me, making me pick up a bread stick, snap a piece off and throw it at him. He laughed, picking it off his suit and popping it into his mouth with his signature grin "Shut up, you couldn't live without me"

"Not true" he said in his serious voice "I could live. I'd just be very miserable. And I can't be very miserable because that would depress the fish and we all know what fish are like when they get depressed"

"You spend way to much time at that aquarium you know" I half laughed, not being able to stop a note of sadness coming out of my voice "I know I do. And I know our relationship is hard. Between my work and you studying, the only time we seam to get together is when I crawl into bed with you at night" he sighed "but I couldn't do this with anyone else"

He was getting all romantic, which was rare so I was going to draw it out as long as possible. My heart filled with love for this man who was sitting across the table from me, his eyes boring into mine like they had done so many times before. He still made me feel like the teenage girl with a crush and the longing glances across the corridor.

Then there was graduation when Jason proposed to Piper – I helped pick out the ring – and Percy just turned to me and kissed me. And even though all the focus was on the happy couple and the giant rock on Piper's finger, Percy had the ability to make me feel like the only girl in the room. And to think, earlier we were just so very happy Percy managed to Pass Maths and get into collage. Yes the day we found out the results he went mental.

We came home whilst Sally and Paul were away an got locked out of his house. He had had enough alcohol to think it was a good idea to scale the building to an open window on the second floor to try to get in. He was defiantly drunk. And I had the keys – I found them in my pocket when he had started climbing – but No matter how many times I screamed that I had the keys he didn't listen, got half way up the drain pipe before looking down. He overbalanced and fell off the building, breaking his arm. I had also had more then a few drinks and just stood there laughing dangling the keys in front of his face. Apparently when I'm drunk I get mean.

"Annabeth. You're my best friend" he said in the most sincere voice I had ever heard him use "I don't know what I would do if you ever left me" I wanted to interrupt. I couldn't physically bring myself to leave him. He knew too much about me for me to do that. "You hold me together when I feel like I'm about to fall apart. You know exactly what to say when I'm down. Sometimes I start arguments with you because you are so damn hot when you're mad and the make up sex is just fantastic" Make up sex was pretty hot but I wasn't going to admit that to him. So I slapped him on the arm for actually announcing that in the middle of a restaurant full of people. And I'm pretty sure the creepy old couple on the table next to us were listening in.

"What I'm trying to say is I love you. I've loved you from the first moment I saw you, but I didn't realise what I was feeling until we kissed. Then I was done for. To actually believe you're with me. You're my girlfriend" he took a breath of air as I started to get nervous. This wasn't the usually conversation we had on our anniversary. This was the type of serious conversation you have when you're about to propose to someone. And I'm sorry but WHAT! I'm not ready for this, I can't be ready for this. Of course I'm never going to want anyone but Percy but we're 23 for god's sake. But then again, if I did get married now the my grandparents would defiantly see it.

Oh the first time Percy met my grandparents. Grandma loved him – of course she did, she loves everyone – whilst grandpa threatened to push him off the top of the empire state building if he ever hurt me. He had access to the 103 floor apparently and as he liked to remind Percy every time we saw them, it's a long way down.

So if we were getting married then I would do it whilst they were still around. Because they needed to be there, sitting next to my parents – my dad still thinking I'm a virgin whilst mother smiling along like she doesn't know a thing – whilst Percy's parents sat on the other isle just being them. Sally would bake the cake, we'd all go shopping for a dress, I'd get to tell Thalia and Piper what to ware for a change.

"Actually, calling you my girlfriend doesn't sound right any more" the nerves went away. The panicking stopped. This was just Percy and I. And he was asking me a very important question.

"Wise girl" he said, moving down so he was on one knee in front of me, a small velvet box clasped in his hands and a giant – slightly nervous – smile on his face. yes now the creepy couple were defiantly listening in on out conversation. As were the surrounding tables "four words. Will you marry me?"

The world stopped. The second hand refused to move. The world around disappearing as it just became about me and the guy who was on his knee before me. The guy I was defiantly going to spend the rest of my life with "Yes. Of course I will Seaweed Brain" I said, taking his face in my hands and not caring that we now had an obvious audience, kissing him like I couldn't breathe and he was my oxygen. Breaking away, he opened the box to revel a gorgeous ring, with a sapphire the same colour of his eyes. I almost cried when I saw it. I did kiss him again when he placed the ring on my finger. A perfect fit.

The rest of the night was a blur of champagne and food and him insisting he carry me over the threshold of our apartment, where all our friends were waiting with more champagne – sparkling apple juice for Piper – and a very excited Festus who was still as crazy as ever even though he had grown out of the puppy phase. We had to call our parents in the morning – apparently Sally was going to shout at Percy for not doing it at Jacksons – but for now we were kicking out our friends and celebrating our relationship just the two of us. Carrying me to the bedroom, I slipped out of my dress and into bed with my fiance, feeling the happiest I have ever felt in my life.

The End