OVER YOU chap1

MAKA's part

I was comforting Tsubaki on the steps of the DWMA. I was going to kill BlackStar


"Tsubaki? What's wrong?" I was standing next to the hopeless crying girl. "BlackStar broke up with me!", "I was shocked at the statement and i was going to kill BlackStar. You'll have no warnings ba***rd!

(End of flashback)

I walked Tsubaki to my house to give her icecream or anyting to cheer her up. I saw Liz without Patty? Strangest day ever but, Liz was crying. We ran over to her and comforted her but, froze in place when she told us Kid told Liz he was dumping her for her sister. We walked to my house once more and i unlocked the door to the apartment with red eyed Tsubaki and Liz behind me, once i got in i saw Soul making out wîth another girl. I felt a lump in my throat and said,"Soul?!" He looked up worried and the girl just made a disguisted look at me. He said,"Maka this isn't what it looks like!" I yelled,"GOD D*** YOU SOUL EATER EVENS! Why?!" He said,"Maka! I can explain!" He looked sorry like he should've, but i left with Tsubaki and Liz to my room. Tears were rushing down my face while i randomly stuffed clothes in my duffle bag. Everything but, my pictures with Soul and, my old uniform. I said," Tsubaki Liz? Let's go" i opened the window and they shreiked and yelled,"is that safe?!" I heard a click to my door wich ment Soul was about to come in so i pushed them while i jumped out the two story building only leaving my window open and a note.