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"Oh God!" Alex gasped as the Doctor's lips trailed lower and lower over her body. "Doctor, please!"

He looked up at her, his eyes as dark as night. His lips were curved in the shape of a smirk, infuriating Alex while also serving to make her more aroused than she already was. "Please what, Ally?"

Alex whimpered slightly. He wanted her to tell him? "Doctor," she mumbled, reaching down to try and push his head back to her skin so he could continue his hotter-than-fire kissing, but he moved out of reach and pressed her palm down on the mattress.

"No, no, no, Ally," he said, sitting up, far away from where he wanted her. He leaned down and whispered in her ear "You know the rules. You have to tell me."

Alex's breath quickened as she tried to make her lust and love-addled brain formulate a response. "Please…take me," she finally gasped out.

She was pretty sure that wasn't the response the Doctor had been angling for, but he seemed content with what he got for he began nibbling on her ear. "That's it, Ally. Good girl. I knew you'd come through in the end." Alex moaned at his praise of her, feeling a hot fire run through her veins and downwards.

The Doctor moved away from her ear and back to his original position. Alex watched with eager eyes as he continued his kissing, getting closer and closer to where she wanted him. "Wanted this for so long," he murmured against her skin. He looked up and Alex saw the happiness in his eyes that he was finally with her, a sure reflection of what was in her own eyes. "Worth it though."

Alex's head fell back against the pillow as he continued downwards. Her eyes fluttered and her breaths became short gasps. And then… "OH MY GOD! DOCTOR!"

Alex bolted upright, her breath panting and gasping just like in her dream. Sweat glistened on every part of her body and Alex was aware of a warmness in a certain part of her that had not been there went she went to bed. Grabbing the hair at the base of her neck, she pulled it over one shoulder, kicked the covers and sheets away, and fell back against the pillows.

She rolled over to check the clock on the nightstand. Three twenty-three am. She groaned and rolled onto her back. It was the middle of the night and she was awake because of a really erotic dream about the Doctor.

Her cheeks burned scarlet as she recalled the dream. Oh God…it had been…well, it certainly wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. She could not be dreaming things like that. Granted, she had no control of her subconscious when she was asleep, but still.

She sighed and placed her hands on her stomach. She had never had dreams like that before. There had been kissing before and the suggestion of sex, but never anything as explicit as this latest dream. Her raciest one up to this point was the one she had after her adventure on Base Diana.

Alex stared up at the ceiling. This dream was just another big jolt to her already barely-functioning systems since she realized she loved the Doctor. Ever since she had admitted it, things between her and the Doctor had escalated. She hated being without him, even for five minutes, her heart thudded constantly, accompanied by the now familiar rush of adrenaline, she could sense his presence – even now, when everyone on the TARDIS was asleep – and now, her dreams had escalated into the kind of dreams she'd heard girls having about their boyfriends, but never her before, not until now.

Alex sat up in bed and ran a hand through her hair. And the worst part of all of this? The Doctor was oblivious! Absolutely, positively oblivious! No man was thicker than he was. This last adventure had confirmed that. He hadn't noticed her spitting jealousy about his potential marriage to Marilyn Monroe. He had even gone off to go get married to her! It didn't even matter that he hadn't gotten married; he had went. That very fact irked Alex to no end and she doubted she would be getting over it anytime soon.

What was she supposed to do? She loved him, oh how she loved him! But he didn't or wouldn't or couldn't love her. She was a human and would die in about sixty years. He was a Time Lord who still had a couple centuries to go. They couldn't be together. Alex felt her eyes water. Out of everything she had just thought, that one was probably the most troubling of all.

Now, Alex's mind wandered to what she had been thinking after the Doctor chastised her for her drinking after he rescued her from Frank Sinatra's party. Should she leave? Alex felt her heart twist at the thought. She didn't want to leave. It was like she told Lacey; even if the Doctor didn't love her back, she still wanted to stay here and see the wonders of the universe. Who wouldn't? But still, her love for the Doctor was clouding her judgment, Frank's party being a proven point.

Alex sighed and swung her feet over the bed. She needed to talk to someone about this. The Doctor would most likely be up, but he was an absolute no-no. Rory? Alex shook her head. No. He may be like an older brother to her, but he wouldn't understand what she was going through. She practically had to teach about romance when he was dating Amy. No, there was only one person she could talk to about this. That person wouldn't be happy about being woken up at three thirty, but Alex couldn't wait until morning.

She cautiously opened her door and stuck her head out. The lights in the hallway had dimmed, simulating nighttime, and there didn't seem to be a soul out here. Alex shut her door, the thump it made as it closed sounding as loud as a gunshot in the quiet corridor. Alex winced and inched away from it, looking around for the Doctor. She knew she'd be able to sense him if he approached. After a moment, after determining the Doctor was nowhere nearby, Alex continued on down the corridor.

Amy and Rory's room was only a corridor away from Alex's. Alex crept up to the door and pressed her ear to the wood, making sure the couple was asleep and not in the middle of….other activities. Hearing nothing, Alex grasped the knob and carefully opened the door.

Amy and Rory's room was slightly larger than Alex's, which made sense, considering they were a married couple. The walls were wallpapered in TARDIS blue with purple and silver accents. An oak dresser sat next to the door, cluttered with picture frames, a jewelry box, a lamp, and other paraphernalia. A large mirror hung above it, little photos stuck into the frame. Next to this was a bookcase that Alex knew was filled with Rory's medical journals and James Patterson books and Amy's fashion magazines. Directly opposite this was Amy's big white three-mirrored vanity, cluttered with cosmetics and perfumes. The small blue stool underneath it had an unplugged curling iron resting on it. Next to the vanity was another dresser, this one larger than the other one, Alex knowing it contained all of Amy's numerous skirts and tops.

Finally, directly opposite the flat screen TV hanging on the wall was the bed. It was a gorgeous four-poster oak one, nightstands bordering each side. One side was Rory's, neat with only a lamp and a book on it. Amy's nightstand was cluttered with a few lipsticks, one of her childhood TARDIS models, a stack of fashion magazines, and a water glass. Alex crept closer to the bed, squinting in the darkness until she was able to make out the sleeping forms of Amy and Rory. Rory, for once, wasn't snoring, his breath easy and slow as he slept on his back. Amy sleeping next to him on her side.

Alex knelt down and tapped Amy's arm. "Amy," she whispered. Amy didn't respond. Alex poked her a little more. "Amy, wake up."

Amy's arm moved away from Alex's poking, the young woman making a discontented little face as she slept on. Alex frowned and increased her poking. "Amy!" she hissed. "Wake up!"

"Five more minutes, Mum," Amy muttered, now entering a half-awake state.

"Not your mother, Amelia," Alex said, rolling her eyes. Her eyes wandered over to the water glass on Amy's nightstand. "Amy, wake up, or I'm going to sprinkle you with water." Amy didn't respond. Sighing, Alex reached out and stuck her fingers into the glass. The water was ice cold, perfect for what she was about to do. Alex crept closer to the side of the bed before lifting her fingers out of the glass and dangling the wet tips above Amy's face. Water gently dripped down, landing on Amy's cheek. A moment later, Amy's eyes fluttered open and she cursed.

"Shit, Alex!" she hissed, glaring up at her friend as Alex wiped her fingers on her blue and black plaid sleep pants. "I am going to kill you!"

"Sorry, Ames," Alex apologized. "But I really need to talk to you."

Amy glanced at the clock and groaned. "Now?"

Alex nodded. "It's really important, Amy. Please."

Hearing the desperation in her friend's voice, Amy shifted and lifted the covers. "Fine," she muttered, sitting up on the mattress and stretching. Her movements echoed over to Rory, who yawned and rolled over.

"Amy?" he said, blinking sleepily. His eyes wandered over to Alex. "Alex?"

"Sorry, Rory," Alex apologized. "But I only need Amy. I'm having a female problem."

"There's ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet and Amy's got an unopened box under the sink," Rory dismissed, rolling over.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Not that kind of female problem!"

"Ignore him," Amy dismissed, getting up and grabbing her white cotton robe from the foot of the bed. She put it on, tying it over her white strappy nightgown. "Come on. If we're going to talk at the three thirty in the morning, I need coffee."

Ten minutes later, the two were in the library in front of the fire, cups of steaming coffee in their hands. The girls sat on the couch, Amy stretched out and leaning against an armrest while Alex had her legs tucked underneath her. She stared down into the coffee cup, steam rising up and warming her face.

Amy took a long sip of coffee, feeling the caffeine run through her veins and reenergize her. "Okay," she said as she set the coffee down on a nearby table and began rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "What did you wake me up in the middle of the night to talk to me about?"

Alex looked up at her. "I'm in love with the Doctor," she said.

Amy was really glad she had set her coffee down because had she been holding it when Alex said those words, she would've likely dropped it and burned herself. Amy gaped at her friend, eyes wide and unblinking. "No," she breathed, unable to believe it.

Alex nodded. "Yes."

Amy's jaw dropped and scooted up, crawling over to Alex. "No!" she gasped. She settled down on her legs, copying Alex's current seating. She cocked her head curiously. "How long have you realized that?"

"A few weeks," Alex answered. "Remember what I told you about those Shansheeth faking the Doctor's death? I realized the night they told me he was dead. It took a freaking lie about him being dead for me to finally admit it to myself."

"Alex," Amy breathed, reaching down and squeezing her friend's hand.

"And he doesn't love me back," Alex finished.

Amy shook her head. "That's not true, Alex."

"It is true!" Alex looked at her with wide, tear-filled eyes. She set her coffee down on a table and tugged at the three-quarter length sleeves on her dark blue shirt. "Amy, I didn't get a chance to tell you this, but he chose to go off and marry Marilyn Monroe. He didn't see how jealous I was about it! In fact, he asked if I was coming. He expected me to watch him get married to that bottled-blonde idiot!"

Amy immediately wrapped her hands around her friend, feeling Alex shake with silent sobs. After a moment, Alex pulled back to expose her red-rimmed eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks that she didn't even bother to wipe away.

"And everyday I'm here those feelings increase!" Alex cried. "My senses are so heightened now, more than they were when we first got here. I can sense him all the time. I can detect him if he's even a few corridors away. My heart is pounding all the time and I'm always hyper and ready to go. And I…I can't think straight anymore!"

"Alex, this is normal," Amy tried to reassure her, but Alex shook her head and pushed her away, getting up to face in front of the couch.

"No, it's not!" Alex objected. She ran her hands through her hair as she paced back and forth. "Amy, it's so much so fast! And he doesn't feel the same way for me!"

"Alex, I've seen the way he looks at you," Amy argued. "He always looks to you first before me or Rory. His eyes light up when you come into a room. He keeps you attached to his side all the time. He holds your hand constantly. He's told you things he'll never breathe to me or Rory. He loves you!"

Alex sniffled and shook her head a little. "Maybe, but even if he does, I can't be with him. He's 907, Amy. I'm 21. He'll live for centuries while I'll live less than eighty years. I know this and I have to accept it." Alex stepped away from the fire and sat back down. She was quiet for a moment before finally announcing "I think I need to leave."

Amy's eyes widened. "What?" she gasped.

"Not forever," Alex corrected. "Just…I need a little time away from the Doctor. Time to let these feelings settle down."

"Love doesn't disappear overnight, Alex," Amy warned.

"Maybe not, but I can't stay around here for much longer without doing something foolish." She might tell the Doctor she loved him and he could reject her. She couldn't go through that.

Alex stood up, taking a few deep breaths before speaking again. "I'm going to leave tomorrow, Amy. You and Rory don't need to come with me. I'll have the Doctor drop me back in Leadworth in the morning."

"Are you going to tell him?" Amy asked.

"In the morning," Alex nodded. She headed off towards the door. "Night, Amy. Thanks." And with that, she was gone.

Amy crept back into her room a few minutes later. She shut the door and hurried over to the bed. "Rory," she hissed, leaping onto the mattress and shaking her husband's back. "Rory, wake up!" When Rory didn't respond fast enough, Amy grabbed her pillow and used it to hit Rory in the face.

"Ow!" Rory cried, pushing the pillow away and sitting up. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. "What's wrong, Amy? What did Alex talk to you about?"

"Alex is leaving," Amy announced without preamble.

Any and all traces of sleep left Rory with these three words. "What?" he cried, staring in shock at his wife.

Amy nodded. "And that's not all. She's in love with him."


"She's in love with him!"


Amy rolled her eyes and gripped his shoulders. "Rory, get it through your head! Alex, our friend, is in love with the Doctor!"

"She just realized this now?"

"A few weeks ago actually."

"Well, that's great! But why is she leaving?"

"She says he'll never love her back because she's human and he's a Time Lord and her reactions around him are getting more intense and she's scared of it."

"Alex, scared?"

"I know it's a difficult concept, but it's the truth. She didn't say she was scared outright, but I read between the lines."

"Huh." Rory stared down at the sheets. "So she's leaving."

"Tomorrow morning after she tells the Doctor," Amy told him, playing with the cool silk sheets.



Alex zipped up the large black rolling suitcase the TARDIS had reluctantly provided her. She looked around her room. She had packed up several of the personal touches she had added over the couple months she had been here, but had left a few as well, as a reminder that she wasn't leaving forever. She'd be back. She just needed a break.

Alex ran a hand through her hair and paced into her bathroom. She studied her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a long-sleeved camouflage print shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, old and scuffed black combat boots, a black leather jacket, hoop earrings, her sonic necklace, and another necklace with a glittery white peace charm on it. She rubbed her lips together, flicking her tongue out to taste her cotton-candy flavored lipgloss. She played with her sonic necklace a little.

It was time.

Taking a deep breath, Alex switched the lights in her bathroom off and stepped out of her bedroom and down the hall towards the console room. She had to tell him now. She was leaving, temporarily of course, but she was leaving.

Upon reaching the door leading to the control room, Alex paused. This was her last chance to reconsider. She could change her mind right now, go back to her room and unpack her things, and he would never know. Amy and Rory would be happy. But, remembering what she had been feeling last night, Alex knew she couldn't change her mind. She had to do this. Taking a deep breath, she descended the steps and went over to the console.

The Doctor was there of course. He was flicking a few switches on the console, patting the surface as the TARDIS hummed, hums that faded when Alex walked in. The TARDIS, Alex knew, was completely against the idea of her leaving and had made her suitcase disappear a few times when Alex had been packing it, just to get the point across.

He looked up and grinned at her. Man, his eyes really did light up. "Ally!" he greeted enthusiastically, none the wiser to what Alex was about to tell him. "How about this for a planet? Oribus Orion. They worship the constellation Orion and their capital city is built out in an exact formation of the constellation!"

Alex smiled a little. "Sounds great, Doctor, only…" She trailed off, not sure how to tell him what she wanted to tell him. Sounds great, Doctor, only I'm leaving today? No, that wouldn't work.

The Doctor looked at her. Alex was being quiet, and she was never quiet. This was alarming. What was wrong? Was she sick? "Ally, what's wrong?" he asked, stepping around the console over to her. He reached down for her hand, rubbing soothing circles around her knuckles. "Please tell me."

Alex sighed. "I do have something to tell you….I just don't know how to tell you."

"Just spit it out," the Doctor urged, desperate to know what was troubling his Ally.

Alex took a deep breath. "Very well. Doctor, I want to go back to Leadworth."

The Doctor stared at her. "That's it? You want to visit Leadworth today? Oh, Ally, that's no trouble! Course, I can't imagine why you would want to spend one minute in such a dull town, but whatever you want!"

Alex shook her head. "No, Doc, not just for a visit. Um….I want to go back there for a few months. I want to leave."

The Doctor felt like he had been slapped, actually, properly slapped. Alex's words echoed in his ears. I want to leave, I want to leave, I want to leave, I want to leave… It was a never-ending loop in his mind that he wanted stopped.

How could she be leaving?! Why was he leaving? Had he done something? Did he do something to make her want to leave? Did his revelation about him killing the Time Lords finally sink in and she realized what a monster he truly was? Was she getting back at him for accidentally getting her engaged to the prince at the Trojan Gardens? What had he done?!

"Ally," he finally gasped out, looking at her with wide and panicked eyes. "Why? Why do you want to leave? Is it something I've done? If so, please tell me and I'll make it right! I promise! Please, Ally!"

"Doctor!" Alex cried, interrupting his rant. "No, no, you haven't done anything." Except make me fall in love with you.

The Doctor relaxed a little. "Oh." He paced over to the console. He stared down at the surface as he flicked a small switch back and forth for a few moments, processing her words. Well, good that it wasn't him! But that still didn't explain why she wanted to leave. He turned back to her. "Well, why do you want to leave?"

"I just…need a break," Alex said. It wasn't really a lie, but it wasn't the truth either. "I'm not leaving forever. You can't get rid of me that easily."

The Doctor allowed himself a little smile. She wasn't leaving forever! That was good. He couldn't bear it if she left forever. He wouldn't allow something like that to happen. He'd tie her kicking and screaming to the console before he allowed that to happen. "Okay. How long?"

Alex shrugged. "A few months. Not too long."

The Doctor nodded. "And you're leaving today?"

"Right," Alex nodded.

"Do Amy and Rory know?"

Alex was about to answer when a sudden thumping and banging came from above her. "Rory!" Amy's irate voice snapped. "Just carry it! It's not that heavy!"

"Yes it is!" Rory objected. "What do you have in here, bricks?" There was another series of thumping and banging, which got steadily louder. Finally, Rory appeared, descending the stairs. His back was to them and he was wheeling down a large rolling suitcase, the cause of all the banging and thumping. Once he got the suitcase down the final step, he turned around, wiping the sweat off his brow. "Hey," he greeted.

Alex frowned. "What's with the suitcase?"

"You didn't really think we were letting you leave all alone, did you?" Amy questioned, appearing before them. She was carrying two duffel bags, which she set beside the large rolling suitcase.

Alex stared at them. "Guys, I told you! You don't have to leave with me. Stay!"

Rory shook his head. "Nah, we're coming. And don't try to talk us out of it!"

"Now that we're married, we need a little break anyways," Amy explained. Alex narrowed her eyes at her. That was total bullshit. They were only leaving because they didn't want her to be alone and sulking while she tried to figure her love-life out. "We need to buy a house, I need to get to know my parents better, all of that."

"So you're leaving too," the Doctor stated. Alex didn't turn around to look at him, knowing it would sadden her too much. All of his companions leaving in one day. Granted, it was on a break, but still.

"Oh, you can't get rid of us that easily!" Amy said, stepping up and hugging him. "A few months and we'll be back." She turned to give Alex a significant look. "All of us."

"Right," Rory confirmed.

"Right," Alex nodded.

The Doctor sighed, trying to hide his true feelings about all of this. He knew the Ponds and Ally would be back soon, but he hated when companions left him. It always broke his hearts when they grew up and left him, abandoning him for a life of electrical bills and leaky faucets. They'll be back, they'll be back, he chanted to himself as he reluctantly piloted the TARDIS to Leadworth, Alex disappearing upstairs to get her suitcase.

A few moments later, the TARDIS landed with a depressed thump. The Doctor turned away from the controls and put a fake smile on his face, forcing cheer into his voice. "We're here!" he announced as Alex descended the stairs with her heavy black suitcase.

Alex set her suitcase down, flicking the handle up. She took a tight grip on it as she wheeled it over to the stairs leading down from the console, Amy and Rory telling the Doctor good-bye, their stuff already resting by the doors. Alex waited until they stepped away and made their way to the doors before going over to the Doctor. She released her suitcase and looked into his dark green eyes for a moment, committing them to memory. Finally, she hugged him. The Doctor's arms immediately wrapped around her and he leaned down to kiss the top of her head.

A few moments later, they wordlessly pulled away. Alex smiled at him in a fake reassuring manner as she carried her suitcase down the stairs and over to the doors. Amy and Rory were already outside waiting for her. Alex was just about to join them when she hesitated. She turned around to see the Doctor leaning against the console, arms crossed, watching her.

Seeing her looking at him, the Doctor forced the words he most hated to say up his throat and out his mouth. "Goodbye Ally."

Alex gave him a little wave. "See you, Doc." She adjusted her grip on the suitcase handle and stepped outside, knowing that whatever happened in the weeks and months to come would impact her life forever.

To be continued in...'The Pros and Cons of Silence'!

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Also, here's the new sneak peek for my brand new OC series, introducing Esme Grigori! :)

"You okay?" the Doctor asked worriedly, putting her down.

Esme nodded and lifted a hand to block the sun from her rays. "I'm fine, it's just the sun…" She trailed off, not needing to elaborate.

The Doctor grasped her hand, which was quite cool, and pulled her over into the shade. Esme smiled and lowered her hand. "Thanks," she said, leaning against the wall.

"Not a problem," the Doctor told her. He leaned back next to her, liking the strange tingling that ran through his body when he was close to her. "I take it the process Signora Calvierri is running on you is already starting to change you."

Esme grimaced. "A little," she admitted. She gazed up at the sky, watching as the sun glittered over the canal. "Aside from the sun, I also find myself taking longer to do simple tasks. It's why my hair looks like this." She reached up and fingered one of the high strands.

The Doctor chuckled. He actually liked Esme's hair like that. It looked exotic and mysterious. "Anything else you can think of? Your body changing in any way?"

Esme thought for a moment then shook her head. "No, I don't believe so."

"No green skin anywhere?"

Esme jolted and looked over at him, completely baffled. "Green skin?" she repeated. "Why would I have green skin? Vampires don't have green skin!"

The Doctor snorted a little. "Is that what you think Signora Calvierri is? A vampire?"

Esme was about to say yes, but then she remembered the creature she saw Signora Calvierri turn into back in the torture chamber. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. "Well, now that you mention it…"

"Amy said she kicked Rosanna's perception filter, turning her back into her true form."

Esme gaped at him. "You mean, t-that…thing, is really what Signora Calvierri looks like?"

The Doctor nodded. "Yep," he said, crossing his arms and looking off into the distance. "A genuine Sister of the Water. I have to admit, I did not see that coming."

All and more will be revealed in 'Bitten', the first in 'The Bitten Chronicles'! :)

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