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Summary: It was supposed to be a simple diplomatic trip to Telmar. They had been guaranteed safe passage. It was all a lie.

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Epilogue: Edmund's Surprise

20 Quickening 1007

Peter grinned between bites, feeling happier than he had in months as he ate breakfast with his sisters and his betrothed. Susan was making yet another list, "I'm merely saying we need time to make sure everything is perfect."

He gave Thalia's hand a gentle squeeze before he looked at Susan, "Thalia reminded me about that, so we've decided we would like to marry the week after my birthday."

Susan gave him a less than ecstatic look, "You do realize that doesn't even give me a full five months, right? Thalia, can't you persuade him to give me a little more time to plan the wedding?"

Thalia shrugged, "That was the longest I could persuade him to wait…he wanted to get married six days ago."

Peter held his hands up in surrender as Susan pretended to jab him in the side with her fork, "Thalia set me straight."

Lucy cheerfully added, "Again."

Susan smiled at Thalia, "Have I mentioned how grateful I am that Peter's marrying you? Otherwise, I would have had to disown him." Peter grabbed his chest and slumped in the chair as he feigned being wounded, but even Thalia ignored him as she and his sisters happily discussed why the chosen date (which had been his idea after all) was definitely workable and would be perfect when they finished.

Lucy finally turned to him, "Peter, where's Edmund?"

He grinned and leaned back in his chair, "Oh I suspect he's up by now and he'll have discovered my surprise for him."


Edmund groaned as he blearily stumbled toward the door. The celebration for Peter and Thalia's engagement had lasted well into the wee hours of the morn. It felt like it was still the wee hours. I hate mornings. There's nothing natural about them. Absolutely nothing. He opened the door and promptly tripped over something or rather someone.

"King Edmund! King Edmund! Are you all right? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to trip you."

He blinked then blinked again, "Romulus?"

The Wolf grinned, pink tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, "I'm Remus."

Another Wolf stuck his head into Edmund's line of sight and added cheerfully, "I'm Romulus."

"Right, right." Edmund squinted at them again, "Why were you lying in front of my door?"

The Wolf twins straightened, both looking very proud as they answered in unison, "The High King assigned us to be your personal guard!"

Edmund shut his eyes for a moment then he slowly got to his feet and shouted, "PETEEEEEEER!"


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