The Lost Evening

Alfred nervously tugged at his tie. The Butler's Ball with Miss Kyle had been lovely, really, but he had had a bit too much champagne. He still felt embarrassed that he had been forced to hand the keys to the Rolls to Miss Kyle.

He felt even more embarrassed that he could not remember much of the evening. Still, a gentleman never kissed and told. Assuming that there had been any kissing, that is.

He rang the bell at the apartment door, hearing it echo inside. Soft feet padded to the door and opened it.

"Why, Alfred! What brings you here this morning?" Selina Kyle all but purred. The old butler noted with discomfort that Miss Kyle was wearing a very short silk kimono, apparently over...ahem...nothing at all. This was not making things any easier. Still, he was a gentleman. He fished into his pocket and brought out the item and held it in his right hand.

"You left this in the Rolls, Miss Kyle," he said. "I...ah...have taken the liberty of washing and folding them for you. I thought you might have missed them."

Her eyes gleamed as she lifted the tiny pair of silk panties from his hand. "Why thank you, Alfred. I'd wondered where those got to. I really must go now, but thank you for returning them." She bent and kissed him on his forehead, then closed the door.

Alfred was left to drive home wondering WHAT on earth he was going to tell the master...