Selina sat at a patio table sipping her iced tea delicately. Such a nice day. The new Ettore's had installed outdoor seating and surrounded the area with beautiful shade trees and a trickling fountain, making it a good place to meet friends. Ah, and the friend was here now.

Richard Grayson, son of billionare Bruce Wayne, slid into the seat across from her with an insouciant smile. "Hi, Selina. I'm glad you agreed to meet with me."

"In a public venue," she purred. "Lest there be...trouble?" She took another sip of her iced tea. "That's quite a shiner you have there. Do you need me to beat anyone up for you?"

Dick blushed bright red. "Um, no." He replied. "I wanted to return these to you," he said, dipping into his jacket pocket. He held out a hand with a dainty pair of silk panties nestled in the palm. "When I tried to return these to Babs, she said weren't hers and clocked me."

Stifling a giggle, Selina plucked the panties from Dick's hand and tucked them into her purse. "Really? Now why would she do a thing like that?"

Dick squirmed. She really did want the whole story. Damn. "Babs accused me of cheating on her since she never buys anything but cotton panties for herself. She wouldn't listen to my explanations and when I told her who I got these from , she went ballistic. So, no. They aren't hers. I...uh...found hers later under the back seat of the car."

"Do tell," Selina supressed her smile. Really, it was so difficult to be that young, not that she had ever been that young. "Well, I have a suspicion who these might really belong to. I'll see them safely home."

"Thanks, Selina," Dick said and stood up. "I'd better get going." He slipped out of the seat and all but ran from the bistro.

Chuckling to herself, Selina enjoyed the tea and the scenery for a bit. Then she found her cell phone and hit a speed dial number and spoke briefly to the person at the other end.

Ten minutes later, a puzzled looking Bruce Wayne arrived and sat in the recently vacated seat. "Selina? What is it?" he asked. "Is there something wrong?"

Wordlessly, she removed the panties from her purse and laid them on the table.

Wayne's face went red. "I can explain..." he said.