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The leafless branches rustled in the cold leaf-bare breeze and the branches of the dead trees cast blue shadows on the snow, the silence was broken by a clap of thunder and the shriek of a cat in pain, "is something wrong Darkflower? Why aren't the kits here yet? Is she going to be okay?"

Darkflower flattened her ears at Longclaw's worried mews. "Yes, Cloudberry is fine Longclaw, as for the kits they will come in their own time. Why don't you go get some wet moss for her?" Longclaw nodded and ran out into the snowy forest. Thank starclan he's gone.

She was jerked out of her thoughts by another wail from the queen in front of her "not long now Cloudberry" Darkflower mewed.

She saw a strong spasm take over the queen and a kit slithered out, she nipped the sack open and started licking it "its a tom!" she mewed. Than she repeated the process four more times.

She sighed and looked down at the kits by Cloudberry's belly. "Did she have her kits yet?" Darkflower turned to see Berrykit peeking in over Grassheart's nest. "Yes, she did but you must be quiet and let her rest" Grassheart said "and it's long past time for you to be asleep," Grassheart grabbed a protesting Berrykit by the scruff and put her in her nest next to her sleeping brother Foxkit.

"Their beautiful!" Darkflower had just realized that Longclaw was back and was staring down at his kits with pride, his dark tabby pelt ruffled and his amber eyes glowing. "What are you going to name them" Darkflower prompted, looking at the four toms and one she-kit.

"You name the first tom Longclaw" Cloudberry said tiredly, "okay, how about Stonekit for the big grey one?" Longclaw suggested, "its perfect" Cloudberry mewed "and Darkkit for the dark brown tabby, after my mentor" Cloudberry mewed. Longclaw nodded in agreement, "can the spiky pale brown tom be Priklekit". "Its very fitting" Darkflower mewed looking at the spiky kit, "and Mousekit for the small grey tom kit" Cloudberry mewed, and Longclaw nodded in approval.

"Why don't you name one Darkflower?" mewed Cloudberry, her eyes begging for forgiveness. Darkflower looked down at her former apprentice, Thunder struck again, its weird that their is a storm in leaf-bare, she thought as she looked at the tiny, dark, blue-grey she-kit, should I name her stormkit? no, she looks to helpless. "The she-kit can be Bluekit" Darkflower mewed, then turned around and left without another word.



Leader-Silverstar-silver grey she-cat with white paws, and pale blue eyes

Deputy-Leaftail-long-legged, pale brown tom, with pale yellow eyes

(apprentice Lilypaw)

Medicine cat-Darkflower-dark brown she-cat with black stripes, and green eyes


Gingerleaf- Dark ginger she-cat, with blue eyes

(apprentice Blossompaw)

Thornfoot- Golden tom with a white chest and underbelly, and brown eyes

Oweleyes- Light brown tabby tom, with wide yellow eyes

Fernshade- Dark brown she-cat with black spots, and dark blue eyes (apprentice Ravenpaw)

Brightfeather- White and grey she-cat, with pale green eyes

Twigpelt- Thin pelted, brown tabby tom, with amber eyes

Sweetspot- Bright tortoiseshell and white she-cat, with bright blue eyes

(Apprentice Sunpaw)

Blackwillow- lithe black she-cat, with amber eyes

Blazeheart- Dark grey tom with ginger patches, and blue eyes

Longclaw- lanky dark brown tabby tom with long claws, and amber eyes

(apprentice Crowpaw)

Lightningstripe-Long legged she-cat, with dusty-brown fur, with a white stripe down her back, and pale yellow eyes


Crowpaw-black tom with white paws, and brown eyes

Ravenpaw-pure black she-cat, with blue eyes

Sunpaw-Pale golden she-cat, with green eyes

Blossompaw-White she-cat with ginger patches, and amber eyes

Lilypaw-White she-cat with ginger patches, and blue eyes


Grassheart- pale grey she-cat, with grassy green eyes (Father-Dustpatch(deceased)

Kits-Berrykit-cream she-cat with dark brown paws, and yellow eyes

Foxkit- Reddish-brown tom, with amber eyes

Cloudberry-Long-furred pale grey dappled she-cat, with sky-blue eyes(Father-Longclaw)

Kits-Stonekit-Large solid grey tom, with grey eyes

Darkkit- dark brown tabby tom, with wide amber eyes

Priklekit- Spiky furred, pale brown tom, with pale blue eyes

Mousekit-thin-pelted, gray tabby tom, with bright blue eyes

Bluekit- Small, dark blue-grey she-cat, with a long plumy tail, and bright, stunning green eyes


Waspwhisker-Patchy dark orange tom, with long whiskers, and yellow eyes

Ambershine-Grey she-cat with white paws, and lovely amber eyes

Rabbitfur- Thin pelted, brown and white tom, with green eyes

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