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Chapter 16

Bluepaw looked up at the grey sky it was just after dawn, it was half a moon since her journey to the Moonstone, and she was having her warrior assessment today. But Fernshade was giving her warrior assessment instead of Blackwillow because Silverstar wanted a experienced warrior to give her assessment because it was "early". Bluepaw spotted Fernshade padding toward her, Fernshade's dark, black spotted pelt was shining in the early morning mist. "Okay, we will start your assessment now, or do you need to get a piece of fresh kill first?" Fernshade mewed kindly. Bluepaw looked at her in surprise, Blackwillow never asked if she wanted to eat before they headed out, so she had learned to get up early and eat before dawn. "No, I already ate, we can start now," she answered Fernshade, who then nodded and led her out of camp.

They headed to the sandy hollow, where she would do the fighting part of the assessment. When they arrived, the mist had lifted but the grey clouds were thicker and the wind had picked up. Bluepaw noticed that Thornfoot was there waiting for them, I'm going to fight a senior warrior? Cool! "Okay Bluepaw you will fight Thornfoot, I personally would have had an easier warrior fight you, but Blackwillow insisted that you could fend off a senior warrior, so your goal is not to beat Thornfoot but to keep him from pinning you," Fernshade mewed, sounding skeptical.

Bluepaw ignored Fernshade's doubt as she faced Thornfoot, who looked confident and was sending pitying glances at her. He has no idea what I'm capable of, Bluepaw realized that she and Blackwillow usually trained alone, so not many cats had never really seen her training. "Begin," Fernshade mewed, Thornfoot leapt toward her instantly, but Bluepaw neatly dodged and turned quickly her back paws, and used her forepaws to push him off balance. Thornfoot stumbled as he landed and Bluepaw quickly leapt on his shoulders holding him firmly, Thornfoot instantly flipped over, and Bluepaw couldn't move fast enough and was crushed beneath him.

Thinking fast, Bluepaw let go and slipped out from underneath Thornfoot, turning around she barely dodged a blow to the head from Thornfoot, she lunged forward and carefully grabbed his scruff and dragged him down. Thornfoot reared backward, wrenching her grip from him, and started to come down, but Bluepaw jumped forward into his belly and heard the breath knocked the breath from him, and pushed him onto his back. Bluepaw firmly held his shoulders down, and drew her head up triumphantly, careful not to loosen her grip on Thornfoot. "Well done Bluepaw! That was perfect!" Fernshade exclaimed, her voice ringing with surprise.

Bluepaw nodded and hopped off of Thornfoot, who sat up and licked his ruffled fur in embarrassment, he then quickly mewed a muffled goodbye and bounded out of the hollow toward camp. "Bluepaw, Blackwillow said that for the hunting part of the assessment she thinks you can catch four pieces of prey, again I think that's too difficult this late in leaf-fall, but try your best and I will see how well you do," Fernshade mewed, she again sounded skeptical, but not as much as before.

Bluepaw nodded, four pieces of prey was a tough goal, but she figured that if she was careful and quick she could do it. Bluepaw padded off toward the Great sycamore, guessing that the little creatures would most likely be there, gathering food for the approaching leaf-bare. Bluepaw moved silently and swiftly through the forest, her small grey paws hardly making a whisper over the dead leaves. She slowed as she neared the tree, picking up the scent of squirrel, she crouched down and followed the scent over the roots of a oak tree and saw the squirrel.

It was digging around in the leaves for its nuts, Bluepaw held her breath as she moved closer, then she leaped, she had been a few tail-lengths away, but she still landed on it perfectly, she quickly snapped its neck and murmured a thanks to StarClan. Then buried her prey and continued to the Great sycamore. Bluepaw approached the sycamore quietly, she could pick up strong prey scent from it's direction, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get two pieces of prey here. The sycamore came into view, as well as two robins, a squirrel, and a plump mouse, Bluepaw held still, the mouse was off to the side nearest to her and it would be easiest to get without alerting the other prey.

Bluepaw slunk silently around to it, then with a deft movement, she slammed her paw on it's back, snapping the spine and killing it instantly. She scooped it up and buried it with her squirrel, then turned to the other prey, the squirrel had disappeared, and only one robin remained, and it was in a tree next to the sycamore. Growling under her breath, Bluepaw jumped up into a tree and, keeping her claws sheathed, made her way silently toward the robin. Bluepaw leapt into the tree the robin was in, she was two branched above the robin, which was busy cleaning its feathers.

Bluepaw carefully judged her jump onto her prey, then leaped, the robin didn't have time to even give an alarm before she had it dangling limply from her mouth. Whiskers twitching in satisfaction, Bluepaw landed silently on the ground and buried the robin with her other pieces of prey. Then she sniffed the air again, searching for her last piece of prey, she caught the scent of Fernshade but no prey. Bluepaw let out a growl of impatience, then set off toward the Owl-tree to see if there would be any creatures looking for nuts there.

Bluepaw quickly made her way to the Owl-tree, but still didn't scent anything on the icy cold breeze which had grown stronger. Muttering complaints under her breath, Bluepaw turned and made her way toward the stream above the sandy-hollow. When she finally made it back to the hollow the wind had picked up and was blowing strongly over the forest and was almost strong enough to push her off balance. Closing her eyes and breathing in deeply the scent of everything around her, she hoped for some prey. Bluepaw stiffened as she caught the scent of rabbit.

She opened her eyes and silently followed the scent trail until she came to where a young rabbit was nibbling at some dried grass. Crouching down, Bluepaw made her way around the rabbit so that she was down wind, then she stealthily stalked the rabbit. Bluepaw paused as the rabbit lifted its head and started slowly bounding away, she was sure she hadn't alerted it, so she gave chase. Racing silently over the frozen ground which made her paws burn, she gained on the rabbit, but she was careful not to let the rabbit know she was there. One more step, Bluepaw leapt out of the undergrowth, and landed squarely right on the rabbit, she bit its neck then dragged it back to where she had buried her other prey.

Fernshade was at her pile of prey, "excellent work Bluepaw, I'll have a word with Silverstar about your warrior ceremony, if all goes well it will be at dusk." Bluepaw glowed with happiness at the thought of her warrior ceremony, before my brothers as well! Bluepaw grabbed the squirrel and robin, while Fernshade carried the rabbit and the mouse, and they made there way back to camp.


Bluepaw stared down at a puddle, the icy wind blew against her fur but didn't pierce through her thick pelt to the skin. Fernshade had talked to Silverstar, and her ceremony was at dusk, but they hadn't told anyone about it, so no one knew that her ceremony was two moons early, they'll find out soon enough. Bluepaw looked at her reflection, she was no longer the small weak young cat she had been a few moons ago. She was still smaller then her brothers, but her legs were longer and she had a slender look, in her once short, stout, body.

Her eyes were the same, they never changed, they still had their sharp dark, light, and bright green she had first seen last leaf-bare, her long plumy tail drifted behind her, giving her a different appearance then other cats. Her dark blue-grey fur was clean and cold, and was slicked down along her smooth muscles. Bluepaw stretched, then looked back up at the sky, the gray clouds were dark and thicker then ever, the cold wind made her shiver, it was more like leaf-bare then leaf-fall. Bluepaw guessed it was close to dusk, but it was hard to tell with the grey clouds blocking out the sun. She quickly made her way back to camp, as she was leaping down the ravine she heard Silverstar calling the clan together, Bluepaw hurried in and sat down next to Blackwillow, who was looking at her approvingly.

Silverstar began "this clan has many fine warriors, all skilled and talented, and we honor this skill with rewards, we are going to reward one apprentice for their exceptional skills and remarkable abilities." Bluepaw noticed that every cat was looking at Stonepaw, surprise in their gazes, except Stonepaw, who was looking smug and expectant.

"Bluepaw, please step forward," Silverstar mewed, a gasp of surprise cam from the clan as she padded forward. Though Bluepaw noticed, that Lilypool had her warm blue gaze on her, Lightpaw looked jubilant, and Sweetspot, who was sitting outside the nursery with her young kits, was looking at her approvingly.

"StarClan, this cat has trained hard to understand the ways of you noble code, and I commend them to you a warrior in her turn," Silverstar jumped down from Highrock in front of her before continuing. "Bluepaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?" Bluepaw looked directly into Silverstars eyes "I do" her answer was strong and confident. Silverstar looked at her, pride and happiness in her gaze, why would she be so proud of me?

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name, Bluepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Blueshadow, StarClan honors your skill, spirit, and intelligence and we welcome you as a full member of ThunderClan." The newly named Blueshadow licked Silverstars shoulder, then stepped back as her clan chanted her name.

Blueshadow! Blueshadow! Blueshadow!

"I am very proud of you" Blueshadow widened her eyes at her mother, Cloudberry had never shown any interest in her before. Cloudberry dipped her head before heading toward her brothers and father, who were glaring at her. Blueshadow turned away from them, she told herself that she didn't care that her family didn't like her, but inside she was in despair that nothing she did made them proud of her. Blueshadow hid her sadness as her friends came to congratulate her Lightpaw and her littermates, Lilypool, Foxtail, Sweetspot and her kits, Blackwillow, and surprisingly, Darkpaw and Mousepaw also congratulated her.

"You really did deserve this, Blueshadow," Darkpaw mewed and Mousepaw nodded in agreement, while Pricklepaw and Stonepaw glared at them along with Longclaw. Blueshadow shrugged, they didn't have to love their sister and daughter, she didn't need them. Blackwillow instructed her in her watch, and as Blueshadow settled down in the entrance, the clan started to go to their dens and fall asleep. Soon she was alone in the silent, cold, night she lifted her head, the dark clouds hid the moon and stars from her view. The night was black, with no light from the covered sky, and as she sat in the deserted silent night, snow began to fall gently on her dark-grey fur.

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