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Chapter 1

It was cold and dark, Bluekit tried to move, but her muscles wouldn't respond, so she fell back into the dreamy darkness.


"Is there something wrong with her? the other kits opened their eyes two days ago!" She recognized her father's voice in the darkness, and then her mother's answering it, "I'm sure Bluekit will be fine, she is smaller then the others and may be more tired and take more time to gain strength then her brothers."

"Cloudberry is right," Bluekit wanted to twitch her ears at the strange, but familiar voice. But again, couldn't find the strength. "Bluekit is just tired, and in a few days she will be bouncing about like every other kit, but until then, make sure she gets plenty of food and that she is warm."

Bluekit thought about the voice and the herbal scent on the strange cat's pelt. That cat brought my mother herbs, she thought. She then turned her attention back to the older cat's conversation. But was interrupted by her brothers coming into the nursery. "Cloudberry, why isn't Bluekit awake yet?" Bluekit recognized Pricklekit's mew. "Because she's tired dear," Cloudberry answered calmly.

"But we've already seen the entire camp, and met the apprentices." Bluekit recognized disapproval in Stonekit's tone. Then Darkkit mewed "we met the elders too, Ambershine is really nice, she told us a story about when she was a warrior and beat a fox off all by herself!" Bluekit listened to Darkkits little tale, but her ears began to ache with all the noise and was glad when Cloudberry said it was time to sleep.

Bluekit felt her brothers falling asleep beside her, but she found that she wasn't tired, but restless after staying still all day. She was about to open her eyes when she heard Darkflower sigh. I thought she left with Longclaw when Cloudberry said it was time to sleep.

"Was it worth it, Cloudberry, all the time I spent teaching you to be a medicine cat, Just for it to be wasted because you couldn't control your feelings?!" Bluekit could hear anger and rage in Darkflower's voice, but she also heard sadness and longing in her mews. Cloudberry was a medicine cat? What did she do wrong? Why did she have to control her feelings? as Bluekit pondered this, she heard Cloudberry answer Darkflower.

"I'm sorry Darkflower, I really am, but Longclaw loves me, and I love him, and now I have kits I can't give this up!" Bluekit could hear a sob behind her mew, and felt her almost shaking beside her. Darkflower sighed, "I know, but you gave up so much! you had the potential to be a great medicine cat!" Darkflower paused to sigh, and then continued. "All I have to ask you is, was this worth it? was it all worth it just to have kits and have a mate, you made the medicine cat vows, then you broke them! for this!"

"I know but I can't change the past, the clan knows what I did, so there is nothing I can do." Bluekit thought that Cloudberry sounded tired and defeated as if she didn't want to do this but she didn't have a choice. "I guess I'll just have to get used to being a warrior," Cloudberry mewed, "I guess so," Darkflower answered.

They just sat there for a while in silence and Bluekit welcomed it, enjoying the peace, though she could tell that both she-cats were sad and angry. Darkflower broke the silence first, "it's almost moon-high, I better let you and your kits sleep," she said kits as though she couldn't believe it. "Goodnight Darkflower," Cloudberry mewed to the retreating medicine cat, Bluekit listened for an answering "goodnight" but it never came.

After Darkflower left, Cloudberry quickly fell asleep, but Bluekit still didn't feel tired and decided that she would take a quick look at the camp before morning. She opened her eyes a little but they flew wide open in shock. I didn't know it was this big! She looked at the arching brambles that let in a little moonlight through the gaps. She then turned her attention to her family, Cloudberry's long, pale, grey fur looked white in the moonlight, her fur sparkling in the silver light.

Bluekit then looked at her brothers, first, Stonekit, who was the largest and already looked sturdy and strong, He'll make a good warrior. Bluekit then looked at Mousekit who slept next to Stonekit and paused a moment to admire his silver tabby pelt of silky fur, and flat face with ears that gently curved at the tips. He's very handsome, Bluekit thought.

She then looked at Pricklekit who slept next to her and studied his pale brown fur that stuck out every which way, no wonder why he was named Pricklekit. Finally, she looked at Darkkit who was sleeping on Cloudberry and realized he looked a lot like Mousekit except for his dark brown fur and long tail, and then realized something, they're all a lot bigger then me, why?

Bluekit then looked at the other nest in the nursery, she saw a sleeping pale grey queen with two kits in her nest, the She-kit was a creamy color with dark brown paws, and the tom was reddish-brown with a thick tail, Bluekit looked at the other kits in surprise, those kits are even bigger then my brothers!

While Bluekit pondered this, a cool breeze blew through the gap in the nursery that led to camp, the camp! For the first time she felt curiosity to see what lay beyond the brambles that sheltered her. Quietly, to make sure she didn't wake anyone, she got out of the nest and padded to the entrance where she stopped abruptly. It's so big! the clearing was hollow from so may cats living there for seasons upon seasons but was filled with white snow that glittered from the bright moon that shed a soft silver light, and a light brown tabby tom was sitting guard at the entrance. Bluekit then studied the camp more closely.

At the end of the clearing there was a large rock that looked like, in the light of the moon, it was made of silver, and on the other side of the clearing from the nursery was another den made of brambles. And several tail lengths away from the nursery was a fern tunnel, with a strong scent of herbs coming from it, that must be the medicine-cat den.

On the other side of the nursery was a low hanging bush, and many different cat scents were coming from it. There was also an old tree on the other side, and when Bluekit pricked her ears, she could hear soft snoring coming from it. Along the edges of camp was a wall of gorse that was so tall she had to tip her head back to see the top of it.

She wondered what this all was for, then realized with a pang that she should have been awake that day to find out with her brothers, then I would have known what everything was for! Bluekit thought for a moment then decided, I guess I'll find out for myself. Bluekit thought, I'll start with the bramble den.

She padded out of the nursery and into the snowy clearing, and started toward the bramble den on the other side of the clearing, she went as quietly as she could, not wanting to break to beautiful silence of the night. When she reached the den she peeked inside and saw five cats sleeping in it, Bluekit recognized the scent of the black she-cat and pale golden she-cat, they must have visited the nursery after I was born.

Bluekit then bounded silently to the old tree and poked her head in. She saw two toms and a she-cat all old and patchy looking, these must be the elders Darkkit was talking about, and that must be Ambershine, she thought looking at the grey she-cat.

She left the elders den with the intent of looking in the low hanging bush next to the nursery when she saw the lichen hanging on the tall rock in the clearing wave in the cold breeze, Is there a hole in the rock? She bounded over to it and put her paw through, there is a hole! Bluekit stepped through the lichen and saw an elegant looking silver she-cat sleeping in a moss nest at the back of the cave, that must be Silverstar! Suddenly realizing she shouldn't be there, she quickly backed out into the snowy clearing.

Deciding to finally look under the bush next to the nursery she silently padded over to it and peeked under the bush and saw a bunch of large cats sleeping together underneath it. Recognizing Longclaw by scent, Bluekit realized this must be the warriors den, she turned and left.

By then the sky was starting to turn grey and the warrior on guard at the entrance stood up and stretched before turning toward the warriors den. Bluekit backed into the gorse, to keep from being seen and slunk along shadows back to the nursery. As Bluekit entered the nursery and settled back into her nest next to Pricklekit and Cloudberry, she felt weariness that made her eyes droop with exhaustion and she thought of what all she had discovered that night, I said I would find out by myself, and I did!

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