(A shitty day for me turned into a shitty day for Sanji as well.)

Sanji had been having a horrible day. It had started when he woke up, the right side of his sinuses were completely blocked off, leaving his whole face feeling swollen and his head throbbing. Throwing back some pain killers from Chopper, he set to make breakfast quick and simple.

And it had been simple. Muffins, fruit, bacon, all laid out on platters across the table. Then Luffy had arrived. The cook hadn't taken a breath to speak before the rubber arms shot out, smacking him right in the face and devouring all the food like the bottomless pit the Captain was.

After clean up, he was thankful of being anchored off a small island and went ashore. Things had begun to get better when out of nowhere, a woman smacked him across the face...this was getting old quick...accused him of sleeping with her sister, calling off the wedding and running off. All Sanji could do was blink in utter shock. His island adventure ended with someone throwing a bucket of mop water on him as he walked past and scuffing his new dress shoes.


He had to laugh though. An evil, sick sounding sound as he stomped soggily up the gangplank of the Sunny and to the mens' quarters to get some dry clothes. Half way there, he sneezed. A huge, body rattling attack on his nose that sent him careening into the wall, momentarily blinded. His sinuses didn't hurt so much now though, so there was that too.

Standing half naked in front of the mirror in the bathroom, steam rising from the shower he decided he was going to take, he blinked slowly at his reflection.

"You look like shit." Sanji knew at once who it was.

"No one asked you moss head. What do you want?"

"Nothing, came to take a piss if you must know, but here you are. Staring at yourself in the mirror. In the way. Of me. Taking a leak."

Sanji rolled his eyes. "Door's not locked."

"I noticed." Sanji watched through the mirror as the green-haired annoyance pushed off the door frame with his shoulder and proceeded to carry out his business. "So," Zoro said, remembering NOT to hit the handle cause of Sanji's shower, and turning. "You feeling okay?"

The cook let himself be rudely hip checked from the sink so the Marimo could wash his hands and turned, closing the door. Sanji shrugged as he dropped his pants and climbed in the shower. "Just woke up sick and have had a shitty day."

Zoro tugged the shower curtain aside and watched quietly for a minute as Sanji stood under the water, eyes closed. "Hey Cook," he said quietly as Sanji cracked one eye. "My day's about to get bad too. Guess who gets to help Franky clean the aquarium filter?"

"Why?" Sanji closed his eye again as Zoro snorted.

"Give you one guess?"

"Luffy." They both said at the same time.