Even in the evening sun, the gleam that caught the silver blade was serene as it passed over Snji's turned up face. He watched in slight amused shock at the cherry of his cigarette rolled over the shining blade and swirled into nothingness as it whipped over him. He landed on his hands, turning his fingers into the grass for a hold, jerking his hips up and smoothly flipping over to land back on his feet in a ready stance. He frowned at the glint of the remaining eye of the sword wielding psychopath just feet away. "You almost cut me!"

"Almost." And with a swirl, Zoro moved again, exposing his back to Sanji before swiping the blade through the open space between them again, the displaced air made a shoosh sound as the blond ducked low, coming up in side the swordsman's reach, his chest slamming against the bare and sweaty one of his counter part.

"I'ma make you wash this shit head."

"Don't get so close to me then." Zoro grabbed Sanji by his tie, pulling their faces closer together, noses barely touching. They both stood their panting into each other's breaths, hard cold glares focused on one another before a foot snaked out and the cook threw the swordsman's weight leg out from under him.

He was pulled down by his tie, but it was expected and his hands were already out to catch himself, easily hand springing away as he heard and felt the thump that was Roronoa Zoro hit the grass deck. Turning he pulled his lighter and re-lit his cigarette as the swordsman kipped back to his feet and bent to pick up his weapon. Sanji jerked his head at the action. "She probably doesn't like being thrown on the ground like that you know."

"I know!" Zoro barked, wiping some dirt from the white hilt and pausing to caress the length of the blade almost lovingly. Sanji rolled his eyes at the entire display. Shifting his grip once more, Zoro swiped the blade through the air, sharpened point hovering near the ground as he side stepped towards Sanji. The cook mimicked the action and the two circled each other for a moment before closing the gap once more. Zoro brought the blade up to his face in a block, blinking at just how close Sanji's shoe really was before pushing him back as the cook jumped away, skywalking a single step to create the needed distance quickly.

The swordsman watched as the cook exhaled a tight stream of smoke in front of himself, letting the slight breeze carry it away before tapping his toes in the grass. There was a slight clink as Zoro shifted his hand along the hilt, sliding back into a stance and grinning at the blond. "You ready?"

"Bring it cook." With a jerk of his head in a nod, Zoro leapt for Sanji at the same time the cook took off from his spot in the grass, the two meeting in the middle of the deck with another loud clash of swords, shoes and a huge wave of displaced air that rocked the entire ship.

"What are they doing?!" Law snapped up from his sitting position on the upper deck. He could feel the whole ship rocking under him as he turned his gaze to Robin.

She calmly turned a page in her book, not even looking up as an arm appeared to move the lantern closer to her book. "Dancing," she replied coolly as if the two below trying to destroy the ship was nothing new.

Trafalgar got to his feet, his boots clicking loudly on the Adams wood as he leaned over the railing to watch the goings on below. "That is not dancing-ya. You sure they aren't fighting Robin-ya?"

There was a sigh and the thump of a book closing. "How many swords does Zoro have out?"

"One. The white one." Confusion furrowing his brow, he looked over his shoulder to the archeologist who studied him calmly a moment before returning to her book.

"They are dancing Trafalgar; leave them alone."

"That's the most bizarre form of dancing I have ever seen-ya." He grumbled under his breath as yet another wave rocked the ship and both men yelled out at one another about it being the first one's fault.

"They are a bizarre couple." Robin replied, turning a page and not even bothering to pause in her reading. "They will settle down shortly and head to the crows nest for their watches. They usually take first and second watch."

"Do they continue that up there? And they haven't broken that room yet-ya?"

"No," Robin set her book down again, the tone of her voice causing Law to turn and raise an eyebrow at her knowing glance. "The dancing they do up there is of an entirely different nature." Law swallowed as she went back to her book, not really sure if he wanted to even think about how those two could even be close enough to one another to preform what Robin was implying with out wanting to kill each other. Perhaps they did. Or maybe that was exactly what this bizarre form of dancing foreplay was for in the first place.