First Soul Eater fanfic! It started out as a joke, but then I thought this would make a great story. Continue on :)

"Sarah~" My voice rang out calling for my friend. I heard her groan from the other room, I smirked and thought of a way that would get her up.

"I MADE PANCAKES!" I screamed out then in a matter of seconds Sarah was out, her blonde hair sticking out everywhere from her messy bun. She looked around excitedly but saw no pancakes in sight

"Liar! You hurt me." Sarah said a bit over dramatic, placing her hand over her heart, pretending to be hurt. I rolled my eyes. Sarah then walked over to one of the huge mirrors we had. Her facial expression was hilarious.

"Geez, Carolina, my hair has never looked this bad in the morning." Sarah said fixing up her hair. I laughed and bit into an apple.

This was everyday for us, I'm happy to have Sarah in my life. Originally we were supposed to attend Death Weapon Meister Academy, but something happened and we never got in, so that explains why we're here now, best friends ever since.

"When are we ever going to get dressed?" Sarah asked grabbing an apple and biting into it. I looked over at the clock and saw it was almost noon.

"Now I guess, we need to run some errands anyways." I said and threw away the core of the apple as I stood up. I ran into my bedroom grabbing a towel and some clothes.

"I CALL THE SHOWER FIRST!" I yelled and ran to the bathroom, locking the door, and stripping down. I stepped into our tile shower and turned the knobs, putting it on hot. When the water hit my body it felt simply amazing. After getting my hair soaked I started singing How Ya Doin' just to annoy Sarah.

"HEY HOW YA DOIN' SORRY YOU CAN'T THROUGH." I sung out in the shower.

"SHUT UP CAROLINA!" Sarah yelled back, making me laugh.

I grabbed the shampoo bottle and put some in my hand, then placing my hands in my hair scrubbing it in, making foam bubbles appear. After a few seconds I rinsed it out and started doing the same with the conditioner but left it in longer, then finally washing up my body.

I turned the knobs, therefore turning the water off completely. I moved the curtain and reached for the towel and wrapped it around my body, then stepping out of the shower. I dried off and slipped on my undergarments and then my dark blue skinny jeans and a light grey tee shirt. I then attempted to dry my hair but then just left it down to air dry. Unlocking the door, I turned the knob and told Sarah she could get in. Before I could say anymore, Sarah ran in, slamming the door shut, and locked it

I went to my bedroom and brushed my mid length brunette hair, getting every tangle out. It started to dry, making it start to curl up. I looked in my mirror that was slightly above my wooden dresser. I looked at my eyes, the dark green orbs that they were. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my hair, face, or clothes today. I shrugged and slipped on my black TOMS and put on my light grey jacket, zipping it up a little. I grabbed my iPhone, plugged in my headphones and scrolled down looking for a song, finally choosing Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs.

When it started, I lost control and started dancing around my room, quietly; at least I think; singing out the lyrics. I'm not sure why but this song always put me in a better mood.

"Loosen up and let your hair flow down now." I sung out and did some dance move, I didn't even know what to call it. Sarah came up and pulled out one of my ear buds.

"Hey! I was using that." I pouted. She rolled her blue eyes and asked where the straightener was, apparently her bangs were curling up. The girl has straight hair, she has no clue what 'curling up' means.

About twenty minutes later we were out and walking to a small coffee shop so I could buy a cup. Sarah knew about my love for coffee, she didn't like it at first but grew to agree with it. We walked in, said hello to the lady at the counter, I ordered my iced coffee and Sarah ordered a sweet tea, in a minute or two, we got out orders and paid.

When we walked out, we saw a familiar face, or should I say two familiar faces.

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