Title: Brave New World

Category: Gen/Het Modern (canon compliant)

Rating: T for language, violence, some sexual situations and Gwaine semi-nudity.

Multi-Fandoms: Merlin, Stargate, Doctor Who Universe (Knowledge of Merlin is a must. The others are helpful to know, but not necessary.)

Summary: Nearly 1500 years after Camlann, Merlin has his extraordinarily long life together and has almost forgotten the past...though he still waits for the prophecy.

Gwaine was never honest with anyone about his past before Camelot, with good reason...he was from the future.

This is not your typical modern fic. Only minor deviations from Merlin and Stargate SG-1 Canon to accommodate the fandoms.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fandoms, only the rabid plot skwerls running loose in my head that created this story. (Applies to all chapters)

Acknowledgements: HUGE thanks to IcarusLSU for being my idea trampoline, especially with this story. I blame him for starting this plot bunny in the first place. Nance for beta reading for me, you are the puffin goddess of proofing. Matthew1972, IsisAthenaArtemis, Just Crucio It, Sarajm, and everyone else in the Heart of Camelot chat room who has put up with me through this process.

Thanks as well to the people who maintain sites like Gateworld, Stargate Wikia, and Merlin Wikia. Having the episode references and transcripts on hand when I needed them was wonderful.

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"Dying Swans twisted wings
Beauty not needed here
Lost my love, lost my life
In this garden of fear
I have seen many things
In a lifetime alone
Mother love is no more
Bring this savage back home..."

Lyrics from 'Brave New World' by Iron Maiden


Pain. Agony. Secrets revealed. His own heart pounding in his ears. His screams resonated through the forest. His last coherent thought, as he watched Morgana saunter to her horse, was that he had failed.

Captain Gwaine Dallon, USMC*, stood at the bottom of the ramp and marveled at his life. One would think he'd be used to wormholes by now, after nearly a year and a half of constant travel. For the most part he was, but each trip sent a thrill of nervous energy through him. Of course, he was a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so that always helped. One last check of his gear and he followed his team leader through the gate.

The mission was rather boring. He stood facing the shimmering event horizon that would take them home, he felt a wave of nausea. Shaking it off, he was the last member of the team to step through. Typically, the ride was smoother than a roller coaster. The cold of deep space, as his scattered atoms sped through the wormhole, created a chill that was not completely unwelcome. It heightened the joy of the ride. This time, as his consciousness watched the stars fly past, he felt something was off. A bright flash of light ahead of him shook the normal feeling of the ride, and as he stumbled out the other side, all he could think was that he was so screwed.

"What the hell?" He asked to himself, as he looked around the cavern. This certainly was not the gate room at the SGC,* or for that matter, any other gate he had visited during his tenure at the Cheyenne Mountain Military Complex.

That day was just the start of his adventures. He spent nearly two weeks close to the cave before doing some actual recon, and found himself assaulted by a group of bandits that appeared to be from the dark ages. A couple of shots fired off from his P90,* and the brigands ran, screaming about sorcery and witchcraft. A few days later, a group of armed men, like knights from the local renaissance festival, arrived in the area.

Gwaine tried to lay low, as he followed and listened to their conversations. They were on the hunt for a sorcerer who supposedly called down thunder with an odd-looking wand. He narrowed his eyes and silently cursed his own stupidity. Of course the bandits would have called it magic...and now it appeared, the local king of the realm had found out and arrived with a bunch of knights to investigate.

As he edged closer to the men, he began overhearing things that made his blood run cold. The blond man was called Arthur Pendragon, a prince and the son of Uther. More swear words ran through Gwaine's mind. First, there was the fact that the mythical king, whose stories he learned as a child, was real. Secondly, he realized that history obviously didn't get it right.

Gwaine heard the prince call out for his servant to help make camp.


The Captain expected to see the stereotypical old wizard from the movies to step up.

The gangly young man who responded to the name, was anything but.

After a bit more spying, he soon realized that he might be on another planet, where the legendary tales were being lived out; much like the Egyptian gods being Goa'uld, or the Asgard...aka "Roswell Grays"...posing as the Norse gods.

He stayed out of sight, recalling his training and the varied science fiction stories he had read: do not interfere. As he listened more, he really began to realize his technology alone was certain to get him killed.

Soon enough they left, heading back towards whatever castle they called home. He wasn't surprised to hear them call it Camelot.

Just over a month had passed, as he waited and relied on his survival training near the gate. There was no standard DHD* that he could find within the crystalline structure inside the cave, and he was certain he searched every inch of the blasted place. There was, however, a different device with symbols similar to the Ancients, but for all his training, he couldn't get the damn thing to work.

Two months in and he was starved for human contact, and a beer. Hell, just something. He was going crazy. Finally, convinced that no one was coming through the gate for him, he left the cave, buried his weapons and gear nearby...so none of the wandering bandits would find them and accidently blow their kneecaps off...and set out in search of civilization.

He wandered from town to town for a while, gambling as he went, finally winning a sword. Gwaine made up a story for himself to tell at taverns, and thoroughly began enjoying the harsh home-brewed ale they served...perhaps a bit too much. He tried to drown out the life he'd lived before, and settled into the nomadic lifestyle of a mercenary...hiring out his sword.

Nearly a year passed when he found himself in a tavern, and once again, face-to-face with the fairy tales of his youth. He could never resist a good bar fight, especially when he was helping out the underdogs and that was how he made his first friend: a very not-so-ancient and not-really-a-wizard, as far as he could prove; and without a pointy hat and glowing staff...a man named Merlin...


*USMC: United States Marine Corps

*SGC: Stargate Command

*DHD: Dial Home Device

*Ancients: The race of aliens that was thought to originally build the Stargates

*P90: The FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon is the standard submachine gun for SG-1, as well as the standard issue weapon for the Atlantis expedition. (description from stargate dot wikia)