Hello! So, this is the first official chapter and it starts off as Eloise's point of view.

"Can you believe it Ellie?! Finally, summer is here!" I glanced over to my best friend Juliana and saw her dancing around. She absolutely adored summer. I rolled my eyes as she continued to dance, her brown/blonde hair flying around.

"Well Jay-" Jay is my nickname for her. "I actually like school." I said in a quiet voice. Jay stopped dancing and looked at me for a while, it appeared she was going to say something but then her dark blue eyes went wide. "Eloise, run, run now." She said pointing behind her, I thought it would all be some joke but I turned around to see some beast in front of me. "ELOISE RUN NOW!" Juliana screamed out as she grabbed my wrist and yanked me with her. I tried figuring out what it was, judging by the looks, it seemed like a manticore.

It can't be! Can it? No, Eloise, you're losing your mind!

"Ellie go!" Juliana said as she let go of my wrist. I looked at her with concern with a bit of anger.

"Juliana, I am not leaving you!" I snapped at her.

The supposed manticore came closer and Juliana and I were frozen by the fear of it. A group of kids showed up and were yelling at us to run. Juliana was then dragged off by someone, but I couldn't see who. They tried doing the same to me but I wouldn't move, I stood there mesmerized by the other who were fighting off the manitcore. Before I knew it the manicore exploded into a golden mist.

"Why couldn't you have listened to us! You could've been killed by that thing!" A boy with wavy; almost curly hair, and brown eyes, yelled at me.

"I-I uh-" I struggled to find the right words, but shook it off. "I apologize, it's just Greek mythology fascinates me." I spoke to him, my voice sounding less shy, and I folded my arms to make myself appear tough.

"Wait you saw that monster?" He asked looking very confused. I gave him a 'what-kind-of-question-is-that' look.

"How could I not! Only a stupid person wouldn't notice it." I rolled my eyes and saw the other two that were fighting the manitcore staring at me.

"We need to get her to the camp." The only girl told the boys. They nodded in agreement and looked toward me.

"Camp?! What camp? I'm supposed to be spending my summer with Ju- WHERE'S JULIANA?" I then realized my best friend was no where to be found. I looked around and saw three more approaching.

"Your friend? They took her home." The blonde guy said. I looked at the new group of people, eyes all wide and full of shock. "Tell me what's going on right now, I need to know." I said with as much power I could put into my voice and tapped my foot lightly.

They all looked at each other and the other girl with the blonde hair spoke up. Her words ringing in my voice, leaving me in complete confusing.

"You're a demigod."

*2 Years Later*


"Julie! Eloise is on the phone for you!" My mom's voice rang out and I ran downstairs and quickly grabbed the phone.

"Eloise?" I asked hopefully.

"Jay! I'm so glad to here your voice." My best friend exclaimed over the phone.

We hadn't seen each other in two whole years, she needed to move to Long Island, New York, I don't understand why though.

"Yeah, perfect timing too, I was going to go catch a few waves in about twenty minutes." I told her looking over at my mom who was smiling at me.

"Still my surfer Jay." She giggled a bit.

"How's New York?" I asked her.

"Great! I have a ton of friends, but none compare to you of course, hey look Jay I kind of have to go, I'm sorry we couldn't talk much but I have to go, love you bye!" Eloise said and hung up before I could say anymore.

I set the phone down with a disappointed look and muttered a bye to myself. My mom tilted my chin up so I would be looking at her and she pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back tightly and sobbed into her shoulder.

"Oh Julie it's fine." My mom said with her soothing voice and rubbed my back. I let go and wiped away some tears and told her I would be back before sunset.

I ran upstairs and changed into a different set of clothes. I glanced at my ring then my necklace, something felt different about them. I couldn't tell if it was good or not.

I walked downstairs, grabbing my surf board on the way out and waved bye to my mom. Surfing here I come.

The beach was amazing, waves were high, and the sun was kissing my skin. I was sitting on the sand and let the wind blow my hair. I saw someone walk by but they stopped to look at me. He gave me a puzzling look like he knew me. I stood up and was about to walk up to the person but then saw lightning. I grabbed my board and started to run back in the direction of my house.

I was almost near my house when something tried to attack me.

Not again.

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