Story continues off as Juliana's point of view. Oh and another update, because I felt like it.

I ran and ran but the monster kept getting closer and closer. It was knocking down trees and the storm got worse. Lightning cracked across the sky and the wind was stronger than ever, almost knocking me off my feet. I turned my head slightly to see how close the monster was, when suddenly I ran into someone.

I turned back to see the same person that dragged me off from the monster two years ago. "You!" I said and pointed at him. He looked at me with shock. Then raised his sword and went to attack the monster. After a while it exploded into golden dust.

"W-what was that?" I asked panting. The one with that stayed by my side whispered something to the one who killed the monster.

"I'm Percy and this is Grover. You need to come with us now." The so claimed Percy said and grabbed my wrist and started walking off.

"What's happening? Where are we going?" I asked trying to get out of his grip.

"We're taking you to Camp Half-Blood." The one who was claimed as Grover said.

"Camp?! What about my mom?"

"Your mom will know what's going on." Percy said taking out what seemed to be a drachma; thank you Greek class.

A cab seemed to appear out of nowhere and they told me to get in, with out rethinking this I got in and saw the Grey Sisters. "W-what?! These isn't real! Greek mythology can't be real? Can it?" I asked worriedly but nobody seemed to answer me. Well this is just great, two random people that you don't know at all just wants to take you to some camp.

"Hey, wake up." Someone said shaking me. I groaned and blinked my eyes and saw some place that was written in Greek letters. I stared at it for a while but then the letters moved and formed new words.

"Camp Half-Blood?" I questioned, there was something about this place that felt like home. It amazed me, I saw many campers I guess you would call them. There were so many, all in orange, some were carrying various weapons. I slowly approached the camp and walked in.

My sun ring seemed to glow bright but then stopped. I heard a familiar voice and looked to see Eloise.

"Eloise?!" I said overjoyed and ran up to her. She opened up her arms and we hugged.

"Juliana you're here!" She said still hugging me. We let go and I gave her a confusing look, she was wearing the same orange 'Camp Half-Blood' t-shirt.

"Oh, uh, Juliana, I'm a demigod, you know like how we learn in Greek class." She said making my eyes go wide. Demigod? Like half god, half human? That can't be true, it just can't. I won't believe it.

"Ellie, you can't be serious." She nodded and pointed to one of the cabins. It was blue with gold I believe and had an owl carved over the doorway. "That's my cabin, it's for Athena."

I looked at her with utter shock. "You're trying to tell me Athena is your mom?" She shook her head and I looked around and saw many more cabins. Each with a different design. Something felt different and I looked up to see a golden light above my head. It later on faded away and people from the cabin next to the one that was Athena's cabin started cheering.

I was welcomed into the cabin of Apollo. Will (my half brother?) told me that Apollo had claimed me as his child and explained everything. As of now we were going to dining pavilion to go eat. We had to put a portion of our food to the Gods, something about how they like the burning food smell. Then we actually got to eat our own food but we had to sit at our godly parent's table.

I didn't really talk to anyone, but saw that Eloise was chatting away with her siblings, they all seemed to look the same, but not all. I then turned to look at my own siblings and saw that some had blonde hair, nice tan, and blue eyes. Others looked different.

After we ate we were excused. Most went to go to their cabin but I wandered off to look at the weapons. There was only one that stood out to me, it was a gold and silver bow and arrow. I picked it up and walked to the forest where I learned that there were some targets.

I pulled back the arrow and shot it. Surprisingly it hit the target. I tried some more and by the last one I was pretty confident. I shot the arrow out and out of nowhere someone appeared.

I'm so screwed.

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