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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Marvel POV

I am lord Marvel. My plan is to be the King of Panem. All I need to do is to marry a princess. Then I am will be king. I am not a short lord, I am tall and muscular. I will be KING! NO QUESTIONS! Nothing will stand in my way. Once I make my decision on princesses, I will go from there. I am so nervous. I see available princess soon. I fix my curls as the magic mirror is brought in. I smirk.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who are the hottest available Princesses of them all?"

"Lord Marvel. My princess records are not organized by hottn-"

"I don't care. Just show my three bachelorettes."

"Fine. Bachelorette number one's interests are getting caught in the rain, romantic dates and kissing under waterfalls. She is Princess Glimmer! Bachelorette number two's main interest is sleeping in late. Even stuck with plenty of other men, she manages to keep her cool. Just give her one kiss and she will be yours. She is Princess Desiree. And the third princess is up for your grab. She is locked in a tower guarded by a dragon. If you rescue her, she's yours. She may be a tomboy but she is still the sweet princess. She is Princess, CLOVE! So who will it be? Bachelorette number one, Bachelorette number two, or Bachelorette number three?"

I heard my men yelling at me from behind telling me to pick each one of the bachelorettes. Looking over the princesses, I decided it would be best to go for the biggest challenge. I chose my favorite princess.

"Um, bachelorette number three!" I said to the mirror.

"You have chosen Princess Clove." Her picture took over the mirror.

Now I just need to figure out how to rescue her.

Cato POV

I am nothing more than a peasant. I live on the the outskirts of Panem with my younger brother, Peeta. We look so similar. There is only two years separating us age wise. I am older, but I won't even deny that Peeta is smarter. I'm the brawn, he's the brain. It's been this way since our parents died when we were so young. I looked out the window. I started watching people we didn't know come on to our land and set up camp. Wait, what?

"Peeta, come here," I called to my brother.

He came to the window. We shared a glance before going outside.

"Who are you people and what are you doing on our land?" I screamed at the crowd.

A giant darker guy came through the crowd with a little girl who could be his little sister. "Lord Marvel kicked us out of the village for no reason."

"This is our land though! Go find somewhere else to be annoying!" Peeta yelled. I didn't know Peeta had that in him.

"There is nowhere else for us to go!" the little girl whined.

"Fine! We'll go talk to this Lord Marvel so you all can leave our land!" I yelled dragging my brother through the crowd.

This is just ridiculous.

Clove POV

Just another day in the tower. I couldn't wait to get out of here. I am stuck here until some idiot knight storms the castle, slays the dragon and saves me. Until that time, I'm stuck here in this stupid tower in this stupid dress I was brought here in. It happens to be a purple floor length gown with full sleeves and a bodice covered in gold designs. My hair is down and I'm wearing my crown. It is gold with implanted amethysts. The sooner I'm rescued, the better.

I just hope I'm not rescued by Lady Marvel. I hate hate his so much, he's a girl to me. If I'm rescued by him, I think I'll just come back here. It would be way better than his kingdom.

I think about my regular day. It is typically spent drawing on the walls, throwing knifes, or daydreaming about the kind of knight I want to save me.

I want a guy with light hair, preferably blonde. I would say the true that I want a brunette but Lady Marvel is a brunette so no. I wouldn't mind a guy with blue eyes. I always thought blue eyes were cute. I want his structure to be tall and built. A weak guy is really not in my interests. I also would want a guy who can handle himself. If he can't, he can't be my guy.

This might end up being interesting.

How many knights will lose their lives trying to save me from this tower for Lord Marvel?

I just see that happening.

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