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Chapter 6 - Crash and Boom

Clove POV

Today is the suckiest day ever. I'm marrying a total loser wanna-be king. Lord Marvel. I watch a Portia pins up my hair and relaxed the veil on my head. She adjusts the dress again. I make sure the open shoulders are comfortable. Portia walks out of the room and returns with a huge little pink bouquet in my hands. She escorts me to the door of the wedding hall. I see Lord Marvel waiting at the alter. I fiddle with my veil as Portia and some guy named Cinna opened the doors. I started walking down the aisle.

This is it.

Cato POV

"Of all of your stupid ideas, this is defiantly the stupidest," Peeta whispered as we walked across the glass ceiling.

I held a finger to my lips as I laid down on the glass. Peeta did the same thing. I listened as the ceremony went on Finally, they said the line I was waiting for.

"If anyone has any reason these two should now be wed in holey matrimony, please speak now or forever hold your peace."

That was my cue. I smashed the glass so Peeta and I fell through. Peeta landed on his stomach but I landed on my feet.

"I object to this wedding!" I yelled.

Everyone gasped and turned to my brother and me. I pulled my brother to his feet but he collapsed again. I figured it wasn't worth it to help him up again. I looked at the princess. She turned away. Marvel put an arm around her.

"What's your problem? I solved your crisis. There is no reason for you to be here objecting to my wedding," Marvel yelled.

"But there is my Lord," I said grabbing the princess and knocking her away from Marvel into Peeta's arms. "The princess should be with the person who saved her from the tower. Not the wanna-be king!" I barked shoving Lord Marvel.

"Oh dear peasant. You have made a mistake. The princess would much prefer me over a poor peasant any day," he said shoving me back.

"Do you want to fight about this. My brother and the princess discussed who she would rather marry. The princess told my brother she loved me. She said she hated you! Tell them Peeta!" I yelled turning to my brother.

"Do not drag me into this," Peeta said sounding scared while standing up the princess from his arms.

"Well princess. You tell him and everyone. Who would you rather be with? Me or the loser lord?" I demanded.

The princess took off her veil and handed it to Peeta. She then took off her high heels and handed them to Peeta too. She then lifted her skirt up and ran away until two guards caught her and carried her back into the room. Lord Marvel crossed his arms.

"Thank you Sir Gloss and Sir Brutus," Lord Marvel stated.

The princess took her heels back and put them on. Peeta placed the veil back on her head. Peeta then grabbed her arms so she could not get away.

"Stop dodging my question princess," I stated feeling anger growing inside me.

"Cato. I thought I loved you. But that outburst didn't help your case. It seems like you cared about me then dropped your entire feeling of caring. Marvel. I haven't liked you since we were young and you were always flirting. But I can't even try to deny. If I had the decision I do, I choose you," she said.

"Just as I thought. Guards! Remove these two misfits from my wedding!" Marvel yelled taking the princess's arms from Peeta and holding her back.

Guards started entering the room. Two grabbed Peeta and two grabbed me. They tried to drag us from the room but I wasn't going down without a fight. I knocked both guards off me and grabbed the princess from Lord Marvel's grip. I punched him square in the face. I lifted the princess up bridal style (A/N I thought that was the best way for him to lift the princess while she was in a wedding dress. No one get med at me please!) and pushed out of the hall. The guards released my brother and I knocked them out.

"Move Peeta! Move!" I yelled as we dashed out of the castle.

The princess hoped out of my arms but Peeta and I grabbed her arms and carried her away right out of Panem. We set her down but we kept holding her arms. We lifted her onto a tree trunk.

"Princess, we know we can get killed for this but you need to trust us. You don't belong with Lord Marvel," I said.

"You belong with my brother," Peeta added.

She hopped off the stump but we lifted her right back up again.

"I know I do belong with him but I don't know if my feelings are true," she said looking at her feet.

Peeta whisper into my ear so I could just hear but the princess couldn't.

"True love's kiss."

I looked at him and nodded. I turned to the princess. She crossed her arms. I went for it.

I kissed the princess.

We pulled away. She looked ready to smack me. She got her hand ready to smack me and put it behind my head. She pulled me in for another kiss. I lifted her off the stump bridal style before setting her down and getting down on one knee.

"I know I can't give you a lot, but I can give you true love. Princess Clove. Will you marry me?" I asked.

She put her hands over her mouth before hugging me. She grabbed my hand and led me into Panem. We walked to the castle and she let go of my hand to walk up to Lord Marvel.

"Marvel. We need to talk. You know my parents are king and queen of Panem. You are from a whole different kingdom. You were only staying here until until you and I were wed. But I think you need to return to your kingdom. Please just leave. I am now engaged to Cato. Please just leave,' the princess said.

"Fine. But you should know that boy is nothing-" Clove cut him off.

"Shut your mouth Marvel. You should just leave before you say something you completely regret. Just get out now," she demanded pointing at the door.

Marvel turned and left the kingdom. I walked up to Clove.

"Princess, as long as everything is set up for a wedding, I think you and I should have our wedding now," I said grabbed her hands.

She nodded and snapped. Everything returned to wedding mode.

*After the Wedding*

I carried Clove off to her room. I rested her on her bed and laid down behind her. We fell asleep

I knew things were going to be perfect.


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