Disclaimer: Remember, I don't own Hey Arnold, ok. Summary: So Rhonda gets Helga all ready and they decide to do a little test on their friends. Arnold practically falls head over heals from Helga's looks. Gerald notices something funny between the two (in other words, Arnold like- likes Helga and as we obviously know, Helga like-likes, no, loves Arnold) Then, the night before the pageant, they have dinner and the contestants meet the judges and Arnold just so happens to be a judge.

Scene: The beauty pageant. Helga is getting ready. Rhonda is right next to her.

Rhonda: I think if you do everything that I taught you, you'll do just fine! You'll win hands down! Helga: Right. I can't believe that my dad made a deal with all of his clients that if I don't win that they will get a free cell phone! Rhonda: That gives you even more reason to try to win! Helga: Hey, why didn't you do this contest? Rhonda: I wasn't able to get a form in time for the deadline. Otherwise I would have signed up, and won. Helga: Sure. (thinking) I just hope I get Arnold's attention. Rhonda: Ok, time to go out! Good luck! Helga: Yeah yeah whatever.

All the contestants go out in a single filed line. There are only 20 of them.

Host: Welcome everyone to the Hillwood Beauty pageant! This will be a very interesting pageant. Our first part is the evening dress. Everyone get ready. Out first contestant is Shelly Birkoff!

The audience applauds as she does her runway stuff.

Host: Yes, now we have Miss Helga Pataki!

The audience applauds.

Arnold: (to Gerald with that voice and that look) Wow! She looks great! Gerald: Yeah yeah. Are you feeling all right Arnold? Arnold: (Still with that voice and look) I'm fine now. Gerald: (To himself) Oh man!

Cut to Helga on the "run way". She's looking at Arnold.

Helga: (Thinking) Oh my god! He's looking at me, in that way!!! I think I'm gonna die!

She beams even brighter.

Cut to the talent part. There are 10 contestants left, including Helga. Helga is getting ready to do a dance to "Orange Colored Sky." (A/N: This was one of my songs at dance camp and I loved it and it really fits Helga)

Host: And now, here's Helga Pataki dancing a jazz dance to "Orange Colored Sky!"

The audience applauds as Helga starts. She dances perfectly.

Arnold: (Thinking) I wonder if she's talking about me with the song. I hope so. I know! I'll go and talk to her during the break! Host: And now since our last contestant has performed, we will take a break before we announce the finalists. Arnold: (thinking) Now's my chance!

Arnold gets up and walks back to where Helga's dressing room is. He knocks on the door.

Helga: Who is it!? Arnold: It's me, Arnold. Helga: Arnold!?!? I mean, what do you want football head!? Arnold: Can I talk to you? Helga: Come in.

Arnold walks in.

Arnold: So, how do you like it so far? Helga: (Sarcastically) It's great! It's so much fun. (Seriously) It really bites!!! Arnold: Why? Helga: Because, you have to be one of those stupid clone robots that walk around all ways smiling and telling about how they would save the world. Peh! Arnold: Then why don't you just be yourself? Helga: Are you crazy!!?? My dad would kill me!! He's got cell phones running on this contest! Arnold: Well, just think about it. Maybe if you try, it'll work out.

He leaves

Helga: (Yelling after him) Yeah! Whatever! (To herself) Arnold! What a goof! What a weird headed little creep. How I hate him! And yet.I love him! I love his stupid little football head! I lo.

Rhonda bursts in.

Rhonda: Helga!! You made it to the final round!! Helga: Oh great!! Rhonda: What do you mean, Oh great!?!? Helga: I want to get out of this stupid contest! I hate being here with all these stupid robots! I feel trapped! Rhonda: C'mon Helga! There's only about an hour left of the competition. That's not so bad! Helga: Ok, fine! Let's just get it over with. Rhonda: Ok! All you gotta do is answer a question and it will all be over. Helga: What if I win!? I don't want to go to another one of these stupid contests!! Rhonda: Oh c'mon Helga! Just get out there, and don't loose!

As Rhonda leaves, Helga does her signature growl.

Scene: All the final contestants are up on the stage. Helga is the last one in line to answer. They all have answered the question, except Helga. She is disgusted by what they said. She starts to think about what Arnold said.

Host: And now, Helga Pataki will answer the question. Helga, How would you make the world a better place?

Helga freezes. Arnold looks up at her waiting for her to answer to see if she will follow what he told her.

Helga: Me? I-I (She looks down at Arnold who gives her the thumbs up sign. She gives a huge grin) Crimeny! I can't take this anymore!!

The audience gasps. Arnold smiles. Big Bob's jaw drops to the floor. Rhonda faints. Helga: I'm not like all these dopey clone robots who all they do is go around smiling and telling about how they would make the world a better place. I'm not really like that. (She pulls her hair out and her hair falls in the Cecil fashion. Arnold gasps from seeing this). I'm actually a bully who walks around all day pushing people around (as she says this, she walks closer to the audience and pushes one of the contestents out of the way) and scowling at people. I was signed up for this stupid contest out of my will. I'd rather be at home watching wrestling or out in the park playing football with the guys. To answer the question, I would become dictator of the world and if anyone got in my way, they would have a meeting with ol' Betsy (she waves her fist). Anyway, I'm outta here!

She turns around to leave when she hears someone clapping. She turns around and Arnold is clapping. All of a sudden, the rest of the audience breaks into huge applause! Arnold smiles at Helga. She smiles back and walks back to where all the other contestants are. She crosses her arms.

Host: Well, that was interesting. Now for the results. The fourth runner up is. Arnold: (to Gerald) I hope Helga wins! Gerald: Something tells me that she is going to win. Arnold: (Thinking) I hope she wins! Host: And the first runner up is.Sarah Smith which means Helga Pataki is Junior Miss Hillwood! Helga: Oh great!

The audience applaudes and she has a crown put on her head and is given flowers. She walks down the "run way". She throws her flowers into the audience and Arnold catches a flower. Helga walks back and after many pictures she walks back to her dressing room. Arnold follows and knocks on the door.

Helga: Who is it!? Arnold: It's me, Arnold. Helga: What do you want!? Arnold: Can I talk to you a minute? Helga: Door's unlocked.

He walks in and there is Helga who looks like Cecil.

Arnold: Wow! You did awesome! I told you it would work! The judges are looking for people who are themselves. Helga: Yeah, I guess it did work out. I'm giving up though. Arnold: Why? Helga: This was just a one time thing Arnold: Well, could I ask you something? Helga: It's a free country. Arnold: Can you wear your hair down like that all the time? (He gives her the flower. She takes it and looks at it for a while, then looks at Arnold)

Helga is shocked! She forgot that she had taken her hair down while she was on the stage! Now he knows!

Helga: W-w-what are you talking about!? Arnold: I like your hair like that. I also like your dress. Helga: T-t-thanks. Arnold: I know now. Helga: K-k-know what? Arnold: That you were Cecil. Helga: Huh? W-w-what are you talking about. Arnold: This.

Arnold takes Helga into his arms and kisses her on the lips. She is shocked at first but then grows weak and practically faints. He has to catch her because she grows limp and falls down.

Arnold: Helga!?

Helga snaps out of it and looks him in the eyes.

Helga: Oh Arnold!! Arnold: So all the stuff you said on the FTi building was true? Helga: Every last word. Arnold: I knew it!

He pulls her into his arms and kisses her again. The flower falls to the floor.

End So how was it? Did it leave you in tears (Probably not) but was it good? Ok, C ya l8tr