DB-High, the teenage life...

Chapter One - Introductions

Goku was the first to wake from dorm 4, he decided to grab a towel and as quietly as possible slip past his sleeping dormmates Krillin, Yamcha and Tarble, escaping to the showering quarters. It was only 6:15am and he thought he'd be able to get in a quick shower and do some last minute studying in the study hall for his Biology test today. Last minute studying for the test would involve opening his text book and staring blankly at the material for the first time since the work was set.

Goku never was one for the books. Or the concentrating, or intellectual conversation, or high achievement on textual based subjects, the list goes on. That's one of the main reasons why his father Bardock, sent him to District Bell High Boarding school for boys. Bardock wanted Goku to try improving his analytical and intellectual abilities, so he could hopefully get into a good college. Goku however chose the school for its practical based education, with advanced specialty subjects such as Martial arts, & Robotics and Technology. He sure did prefer them to Maths and English. Plus he was the top student in his martial arts class.

The showers weren't empty when Goku arrived. Vegeta, a 17 year old junior, who must have come back from a pretty intense work out, was about to step in.

"Hey man how's it going?" Goku asked as he started undressing, but Vegeta just huffed in response. Typical. Goku was much better friends with Vegeta's younger brother Tarble, and Vegeta preferred to spend his time with Goku's older brother Radditz, as well as their other friends Broly, Nappa and Turles, the five of them dorm mates. Apart from those guys Vegeta rarely talked to anyone else. It seemed the students at this school tended to form and stick to their pretty tight knit friendship groups. This may be because a lot of fights tend to break out, and it's awfully handy to have people who can watch your back.

Goku however secretly wished it wasn't this way. He enjoyed getting to know all different sorts of people, and never sought to initiate fights or segregate into immature cliques.

After his shower Goku rushed back to his dorm in just a towel, realising he forgot to bring a change of clothes and quickly got changed into a baggy orange hoodie and light blue trackpants. On his way out to the study hall he bumped into Tien, from dorm 2. Tien was a tall well-built guy, he was bald and a senior yet he was still a good friend of Goku who was a sophomore. He was actually on his way to the study hall too, so Goku followed him, chatting along the way. Since the school was rather exclusive, students of different ages would often complete the same classes at the same time. You graduated after your senior year, once you completed a certain amount of credit points. Most subjects were worth the same amount of points and could be completed at any stage in your high schooling thus Tien was actually in Goku's Biology class.

"Are you ready for the test today Tien?" Goku asked.

"Oh didn't you hear man? Mr Cell is postponing the test till next week, apparently Principle Ginyu has an important assembly planned. Yeah I even get to miss out on one of Dr Gero's Advance Tech lectures that was supposed to be second period."

"Oh awesome" Goku smiled as he entered the study hall. He chucked his biol text book back into his backpack, determined to save his studying for another week, "I wonder what the assembly is about?"

Tien sat down and pulled out his Maths books , "Actually 17 was telling me about it, apparently it's about funding cuts. He reckons they're going to have to start allowing girls to enrol here just to keep this place going."

"Girls huh? That should be interesting I guess… How does 17 know about it?" 17 was a dormmate of Tien's, he was a junior, a short slimmer guy with jet black shoulder length hair, and a very decent fashion sense. He was in Goku's Wood-shop class with Mr Popo and often ate with Goku and his other friends at meal times.

"Apparently his sister, 18, is on the waiting list already, she's just waiting for confirmation from Ginyu, but yeah, he told me all of this a couple weeks ago, so she might be enrolling any day now."

Some other students in the study hall join in on their conversation.

"Aye, I heard that Dr Briefs daughter might me enrolling too" Jeice says, this peaks a lot of the guys' attention as they comment on how hot she is. Most people seemed to have an opinion. Thinking of the fun and the kicks they could get out of having a few girls around, but on the contrary, the disruption they would cause in the comfortable and routine way the school was run.

Goku honestly hadn't given it much thought although he liked the idea of getting to know more people, regardless of their gender. He didn't think the way many were talking about these girls was appropriate. On his way out of the study hall, Goku silently thanked the heavens he didn't have a sister.

Failing to get any study done, Goku met his dormmates at the Mess hall for breakfast. He placed his bag next to his much shorter freshman friends Tarble and Krillin, saving his seat and went to collect his breakky from the cafeteria style service area. This was most certainly his favourite part of boarding school. The vast supply of food available. Goku piled eggs, sausages, toast, bacon, baked beans, tomatoes and mushrooms all onto his plate and returned to his seat as he began stuffing his face, too hungry to contribute to conversation. Yamcha and Krillin slid over and made space for Tien, 17 and Yajirobe to sit down. Yamcha and Yajirobe were sophomores like Goku.

Usually breakfast conversation would revolve around what fights happened the day before, or what fights would happen today. Often Vegeta, Radditz, Nappa, Broly and Turles would get in fairly heated punch ups with the guys from dorm 1, Frieza, Cooler, Dodoria and Zarbon, all seniors, and all top students in advanced Martial arts. Cooler and Frieza were brothers, and were deemed the school bullies, Tarble often gets shoved into lockers and tripped up, by the duo, especially when Goku isn't there to intervene. Vegeta, never tried to stick up for his younger brother, but regardless cops a lot of insults and shit from the duo anyway, so the dorm 3 vs dorm 1 constant fighting was never ending.

Today, conversation was about only one thing. The girls. Whilst many were adopting a nonchalant attitude to the potential arrival of female students, some were particularly interested. Yamcha for instance, who was in Goku's World studies class with Proff. Kami, and also in his General science class taught by the famous inventor Dr Briefs, was very interested. He was a taller guy with short spikey black hair, lightly tanned skin and a scar over his right eye.

Yamcha had met Dr Briefs' daughter before. She was a blue haired beauty named Bulma and she was the topic of conversation in the entire Mess hall. Mostly the guys taking bets on who would be the first to fuck her. Yamcha seemed to think he was in with a shot, but Bojack, from dorm 5 was quite determined as well.

17 didn't particularly like the way people were talking about Bulma, mainly because he didn't want to deal with his friends talking about his sister in the same way. There was a reason he never put any photos of her up in his room, or talk about her to anyone. He recognised the second she hit puberty that she was going to be mega hot, making his job of protecting her from jackasses like Bojack mistreating her.

The bell sounded for first period, which was replaced by an assembly in auditorium and Goku who was finally full from breakfast, followed his friends there, as they all shoved at each other to get the back seats. Principle Ginyu was already waiting on the small stage, with a microphone.

"Good morning boys" he started, waiting for a quick reply, "I hope you have had a relaxing weekend, many of you heading home to visit your parents."

Goku did go home and visit his dad, and he did infact enjoy himself. Regardless of living and learning with his brother 24-7, Radditz seemed to ignore him all the time at school, despite Goku's attempts constant attempts at catching up and all that. Home was essentially the only place the brothers talked and actually got along. Bardock took the two fishing and they had take out for dinner, watching horror movies into the late night. The brothers returned to District Bell, Sunday afternoon, in time for school Monday morning and the second they stepped off the train, Radditz returned to acting as if Goku didn't exist.

Tarble claims Vegeta acts the same way and this weekend he didn't even come home. Vegeta and his father weren't getting along, so only Tarble went to visit his parents.

"I'm sure a lot of you have heard the rumours by now, so rather than wasting any more time, I'll just get right to it. Since the Department of Education, has had to make a lot of funding cuts, we were faced with a difficult decision. We would of had to close down a lot of our programs, including martial arts.." Goku gasped at this, not his favourite subject?… "Our interschool Football and Baseball teams, and our research lab run by Dr Briefs himself. Our solution was to increase our student intake, and expanding our school to co-ed status. Thus, I would like to present the following new students, come out now girls." He gestured to them as ten girls walked onto the auditorium stage as he introduced them.

"Gentle-men, please welcome the first female students to attend DB-High, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Launch, Mai, 18, Maron, Gure, Fasha, Zangya and Ranfan."

It was silent, the boys didn't really know how to react, the girls just slightly waved and awkwardly climbed off the stage and took their seats in the front row.

"I trust you will all aim to make them feel welcome," Ginyu announced, "Now with the addition of new students, the DE has granted us a lot of extra funding, and we will be able to introduce some new subjects. These will include Food tech, Home economics, Health and Human development and Psychology, so with that in mind, all assessments due this week will be extended to next week so you boys may elect to transfer into any of these subjects if you wish."

Vegeta rolled his eyes, Home ec? What a joke. Girl subjects at a boy school, ridiculous.

"The next period will be free so you boys may be dismissed and prepare for class at 11am sharp whilst the girls are settled into their dorm rooms, thank you."

Mr Kibito is the dorm parent, and by that I mean the guy who lives in a unit tacked on the far end of the dorm quarters and watches out for us, somewhat parental supervision, not that many of the boys even listen to him or acknowledge him. He assists the girls with their bags and allocates them the spare rooms, in the hall opposite the boys, they will be assigned a female dorm parent later in the week, but for now, Kibito will have to do, helping them anyway he can. Ginyu instructed a new set of Dorm rules will be put up later in the week, most likely specifying a night time curfew and a no 'sleeping over' between students of the opposite sex rule.

Chi-Chi and Bulma were lucky they got placed in the same dorm room, number 10, on the opposite wing as the boys. Chi-Chi and Bulma are 16 and 17 years old and have known each other for a while now both having gone to the same elementary school. They didn't know anyone else here, so of course they stuck together. Mr Kibito showed them to the door and assigned the rest of the girls to dorms 11 and 12.

Chi-chi entered and noticed a curly blonde haired girl already in the room unpacking her things, obviously having chosen the bottom bunk on the left side of the room and the study desk next to it. Easily the best choice, but who can blame her for claiming them as hers before anyone else had a chance. Bulma had run out to find where the showering quarters and the bathrooms were.

"I'm Chi-Chi" the ebony haired girl introduced.

"Launch" was the reply, not particularly enthusiastic, bored mainly.

Launch didn't say anything, as Chi-Chi started un-packing, she chose the top bunk on the right because she knew Bulma preferred the bottom. Chi started making small talk but gave up after several one word responses.

Bulma walked out of the newly renovated showering quarters, 'thank god we don't have to share with the guys' she thought as she started walking back to find her dorm, searching for her number on the many doors. She wasn't concentrating on where she was going and walked right into something hard, well someone hard. 'Ow!', she violently fell to the ground.

"Hey!, Watch where you're going, woman!" the flame haired boy shouted at her.

"Says YOU!" she shouted back, as she scrambled to her feet beyond annoyed at his rudeness. She watched him storm away without an apology or bothering to help her up, what the hell was his problem. She started wiping the dust off her expensive black skinny jeans.

"Hey are you alright?" a taller guy asked as he ran over. He had ebony black hair that spiked up in all different directions as if he had just woken up and his large black eyes were looking at her with concern.

"Yeah I'm fine, just some jerk pushed me over for no reason and didn't apologise or anything."

"Aha yeah, that's just Vegeta, he's like that with everyone, I wouldn't Take it personally."

Bulma smiled at his kindness. "I'm Bulma"

"Goku," he shook her hand, unsure of how else to greet a girl, "Oh, so your Dr Briefs daughter then"

"Yes that's me, I moved here so I could see my dad more often. I feel like I never see him anymore."

"Oh cool, well he teaches me science, and isn't too harsh when I don't get it right haha" he scratched the back of his head.

Bulma wasn't really sure what else to say so she made an excuse to get back to her dorm and find her friend.

"Ok Bulma, seeya around" Goku called as she walked away.

Bulma couldn't help but smile, what a cutie. She found her way back to dorm 10 just as someone was exiting dorm 11, she had black hair, cut in straight bangs across her face, pale white skin and wore an adorable bright red lipstick. She smiled at Bulma as she closed her door.

"Hey neighbour" Bulma greeted.

The girl chuckled, it really was a strange and awkward situation moving in with a bunch of strangers. Like some weird full time school camp.

"I'm Bulma by the way"

"My name is Mai" she replied, "Hey are you about to go to the Mess hall for morning tea?"

"Uh, yeah I guess so, I'll just change my clothes and check with my friend and I'll see you there."

"If I can remember the way that is" Mai laughed as she started walking down the hall and looking at a map of the school grounds.

Bulma placed her things in her allocated cupboards and drawers and started making her bed on the bottom bunk, thank god for considerate Chi-Chi. Her dormmate Launch just plugged her headphones in, although her music was still very audible and refrained from making any conversation,

'Well she's going to be a pleasant person to live with' Bulma mouthed, sarcastically to her dark haired friend.

"So Chi, I guess it's just us three then, what should we do with the spare bed?"

"I dunno, sleep-overs I guess" Chi-Chi responded as she started pulling out textbooks and stationary.

Bulma winked at her, "I did meet the cutest guy just before."

"Not like that B, you skank!" Chi-Chi laughed as she slapped her arm.

"This girl next door said there was a morning tea in the Mess hall, so let's get moving" Bulma stated.

She looked over at Launch planning on inviting her to come, but she had her eyes closed and it didn't look like a wise move to disturb her.

Bulma and Chi, entered the mess hall together but it looked like they were early, the food wasn't being served yet. Bulma noticed Mai and another girl sitting at a large table so they wandered over and sat with them.

"Great, you didn't get lost" Mai laughed and gestured to her friend, "This is Gure, by the way, she's my dormmate" Gure was 15, a freshman, but she looked like she was 13 at the most. She was extremely short and had a baby like face surrounded by short and very fine blonde hair which looked almost transparent. She wore tight black shorts and a purple T-shirt although on her it looked like a dress. She was however, very polite, unlike Bulma and Chi-Chi's blonde dormmate.

After Bulma introduced Chi-Chi the four got to talking about their subjects and their dorms and the boys and all that. Mai and Gure were sharing their dorm with two girls named 18 and Maron, who Mai has termed the hottest two girls on campus. Although Bulma pretended to choke at this statement and the four laughed at her lack of modesty.

The cafeteria section was just opening up as the boys started piling in, mostly silent, probably unsure of how to act or what to say to all the new faces.

Chi-chi noticed a group of five boys walk in and the rest turned and watched them enter. They all had strong muscular god-like builds. The leader was the seemingly shorter one, with spikey gravity defying hair, and the others followed as they sat in the far back table.

"That's the bastard that knocked me down before," Bulma muttered under her breath.

"Gee Bulma, I think you should just let it go" Chi-Chi whispered, not wanting to get on anyone's bad side. Especially a group of hot guys. She turned her chair slightly so she could eye them from her peripherals.

Mai waved to 18 and Maron, thinking they would sit with her, but they found their own table with the other girls who had just entered, including Launch. Some of the guys walking in gawked at how hot 18 and Maron were. 18 was tall and slender, wearing a stripy long sleeved shirt under a denim vest and miniskirt. Her eyes were a pale blue color and she wore minimal makeup, she didn't need it. Maron had light purple coloured hair, straight down to her lower back. She had big boobs, really big boobs and was sure to show them off with her low cut spaghetti strap white singlet and tight navy blue short skirt. She wore thick makeup framing her big green eyes.

Bulma fake coughed at Chi-Chi who found herself staring at them, and she turned and giggled.

"Yeah B, you're still the hottest don't worry" Chi laughed.

"Hey Bulma" Goku called as he and his friends entered the Mess hall.

"Hey Goku… OMG Yamcha? You didn't tell me you went here" Bulma ran up to the guy at Goku's side and gave him a big bear hug, causing many bystanders to stare over at the display.

"Hehe, great to see you again Bulma, I thought you would be coming here," Yamcha smiled at her.

Goku, Yamcha, Tarble and Krillin all took their seats at the girls table, which was luckily enough, quite large. They went around doing their introductions and working out who had what class with whom. The girls were surprised at how nice this small group of guys were, as they explained to each of them how to get to what class, and which teachers were strict, or harsh makers, or easy going. The boys seemed to act as if nothing was different which the girls found very welcoming.

"So what do you all think of the new classes they've added?" Krillin asked.

"I don't really know what they are about," Goku mumbles with food in his mouth.

"Well, food tech, Is basically cooking class, you get to eat what you make. I've signed up for it." Chi-chi says and Goku's eyes gleam at this. The idea of eating food for a subject was heaven.

"OH, maybe I can switch out of Biol, and into that class then, I think I'm failing anyway" Goku says.

"Yeah but if you try and cook again you might poison someone, remember last time" Tarble chuckles and the other guys snicker.

"What kind of sports do they have here?" Mai asks.

"Football and baseball, that's about it, there's not enough guys to make any more teams I guess" Yamcha replied.

"Do you guys need cheerleaders?" Bulma asked, Chi-Chi frowned at her. The reason they came to this school was to get a high-class education and go on to be successful professional people, not dance around in front of a bunch of horny teenage guys.

The bell sounded to indicate third period was about to begin and the group dispersed to their respective classes. Yamcha put his arm around Bulma as they walked out together and he smirked at the other guys smugly as if he was claiming his prize.