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DB – High, the teenage life…

Chapter Fifteen - Dad

Yamcha walked back towards his dorm to grab his suitcase before he would leave with his parents. He was pretty excited with the outcome of the game and was feeling rather elated.

He noticed the girls' dorm door was slightly ajar and could hear people talking inside. He lightly walked up to it and was about to knock when he was distracted by a males voice coming from inside.

Angrily he pushed the door open to find Number 16 sitting on the floor, his gigantic legs taking up half the room as he played with little Puar on his lap. Puar was loving it. Yamcha had never seen her so calm around a stranger before.

'Gentle Giant indeed,' Yamcha thought, but caught sight of Launch babbling on excitedly as she packed some more things into her suitcase. The two of them, alone in this room, it really ticked Yamcha off.

"What's going on here," Yamcha growled, soundly like an angry parent as he glared at 16.

"Hey Yamcha," Launch said innocently, still chuckling from whatever flirty joke she had just made.

"What's he doing in your dorm," Yamcha demanded. Rudely talking about him as if he wasn't there.

"We are just about to leave for the trains," Launch said cheerfully again not grasping Yamcha's seriousness.

Number 16 got the message and put Puar down before he got up about to leave. He wasn't one to get into this kind of confrontation.

"Wait, where are you going? Don't leave," Launch said to him as if he was all that mattered.

Even Puar cried out for him to stay.

'Seriously, him?!' Yamcha thought, and mentally kicked down the doorframe as he stormed out. He was too angry to deal with this now.

Bardock and Eruca were waiting in the car park for their sons to return. The two rarely attempted to socialise with the other parents, especially after Eruca had to punch out this one old letch with sunglasses that attempted to touch her up.

"I'm just saying, my son is clearly far superior than anyone else. Look at what he did to that number 16," Eruca bragged.

"Do you want a medal or?" Bardock laughed, he was actually pretty proud of Radditz. It was possibly the best game he'd seen him play. Well, PDA and minor injury aside.

Eruca reached into her purse to pull out a warmer cardigan to replace the light long sleeve overshirt she was wearing. She had made a navy blue shirt which had the number 21 on it, Vegeta's number. She was one serious fan. Bardock thought it was good to see her get so involved, most of the other mothers there had no real clue what was going on or how to play the game.

"That cheerleading routine was something huh?" she said as she pulled off her overshirt.

Bardock was distracted as he glanced over her now bare arms. Hey were covered in bruises. Not the kind that you would get from everyday clumsiness. No, they looked like hand prints almost as if she had been harshly grabbed by the shoulders.

She noticed his stares and quickly slipped the cardigan on, making a 'don't go there' face at him. Bardock balled his fists, attempting to hold back from 'going there.'

He had understood Eruca wanting to end their short-lived affair. Her family was more important to her than whatever it was that the two of them had going together. That was fine. He could live with her choosing her sons over him. He would too choose his sons over her any day of the week. But he would never understand why she would continuously go back to that man. That monster.

"He did this to you, again? You told me that was the last time you would allow it," Bardock spoke through his teeth. Increasingly frustrated with her.

"Don't talk to me about this," she snapped becoming defensive, "You have no idea what you are talking about."

"I don't have to be a fucking genius to know what this is." He gestured to her arms.
"He's hurting you! And you don't have the guts to stand up for yourself. Why don't you think of your boys? You think Tarble is going to be able to live through this kind of shit?"


She slapped him across the face.

"How dare you! You don't know a thing about what it is to stand up for yourself. Everything I do in my life is for my boys, you will never understand the sacrifices I've made. Now get the fuck away from me," she screeched and started for her car.

Bardock stood still attempting to calm down. He was being unfair, she was the one who was suffering and he was acting like it was her fault.

He ran to catch up with her and found her fiddling with her keys trying to get into her car. She was crying, he never saw her cry.

"Get away from me!" she cried an attempted to push him away.

"Look, I'm sorry," he said and he turned her around and kissed her on the forehead holding her close to him.

Eruca felt his hands on her sore shoulders but she couldn't feel the harsh grip forcing her in place. He was willing her there in front of him instead of desisting her from fleeing.

As much as she didn't want to, she accepted his comfort, delighted in it. She had made it clear to Bardock she would not continue in this 'forbidden relationship' they had going on, but she had never made it clear to herself. She buried her face into his chest and willed her tears to go away. He tightened his arms around her back. A wondrous feeling that was surrounded by fear, dread and guilt.

"Hey Dad," Goku called cheerfully as he and several friends walked up to them.

Bardock and Eruca immediately let go of each other and applied some distance. Bardock was almost too scared to look at his son, as the guilt would more than definitely be written all over his face.

Goku walked right up to them with Chi-Chi in tow, Tarble and Gure just behind. He was smiling like an idiot of course.

He gave his dad a hug, completely unaware of Eruca at all. Bardock pulled his arms around the boy and dared a glance at Tarble who looked at him suspiciously.

'Damn it,' he thought and tried to hide his guilty expression.

"Radditz is just at the sickbay, he's fine though he'll be here soon," Goku explained.

Eruca quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and greeted her son, attempting to hide the sadness from her voice, "We have to leave right away, where's Vegeta?"

Tarble looked down, "He said he wasn't coming," he said regretfully.

"Again?! Why not?" Eruca was hurt.

"Dad, this is Chi-Chi," Goku said and went back to her side to practically show her off.

'Chi-Chi huh, where do I know that name?' Bardock wondered and smiled meekly at the girl, 'wait that's not the same Chi-Chi that got him into all this trouble with his broken arm is it?'

Eruca felt like crying again, she tried so hard for everything to be ok, for Vegeta to want to come home but it seemed it was never enough.

"Come on, let's go," Eruca said sternly, completely disregarding the girl standing at her son's side, and getting into her car.

She looked straight ahead and didn't say goodbye to any of them as Tarble apologised and said goodbye to Gure and then his friends.

"Mom, are you ok?" Tarble asked as he got into the car.

She faked a sweet smile, she was good at faking smiles, she has had a lot of practice.

"I'm fine sweet heart," she wasn't fine.

It was getting on towards 9:30pm as Bulma quickly walked through the empty dorm halls to get her things from her dorm. After the game her father brought her mother to the lab to show her all the things he had been working on. They were taking their sweet time and the other students had long since left.

Bulma kept going over the kiss in her head. Somehow she felt like it was the most perfect thing that ever happened to her and yet she couldn't make heads or tails of it.

He was the one that kissed her, this was all on him, and then he fled, took off without an explanation. She hadn't seen him since.

'What a weirdo,' Bulma thought to herself. But she was still feeling rather euphoric about it, he couldn't escape her forever. And she would make certain that he wouldn't want to escape her.

After retrieving her two large suitcases she struggled to wheel them out of her room, she noticed Radditz and 17's dorm was left open.

'Dumbasses,' she chuffed and wandered over to close it.

Inside she caught sight of Vegeta lying on his bunk in his varsity jacket with earphones in. She had forgot he had moved to this dorm. His metal music was up loud enough for her to distinctively hear it. He seemed to be deep in thought.

Bulma wondered why he hadn't gone home again, she knew his mom had been at the game so he would have had a ride. She stepped inside and leaned against the door frame.

It took him a while to notice she was there and he sat up in shock, "The fuck? How long have you been standing there? You weirdo!"

Bulma chuckled at the name she had just assigned to him earlier.

"Not long, your door was open... Hey, why aren't you going home?" she quizzed.

"Missed my ride," he rolled his eyes, not wanting to get into it with her.

"I can give you a lift if you want. You live in Central city right?"

He looked at her curiously, she chuckled again.

"I'm not a stalker, I'm just friends with your brother remember," she explained.

"I don't need your charity, now just leave"

She didn't, he always asked her to leave, but hey, if he wanted her out of his presence so much then he wouldn't have kissed her. A fact Bulma enjoyed knowing.

"We're leaving in 10 minutes, so why don't you quit being a jerk and get your things together. Central city is on our way. I'm sure your Mom would love to see you… Veggie," she teased him.

He shot her a glare but she laughed at him. He was beginning to think this was all a big mistake, his actions were allowing her to think she had some kind of control over him. Like she had a say. He hated that. At least he thought he hated that.

"Thin ice woman," he warned as he got up. She did not falter or back away, she just stood there with that taunting look in her cerulean eyes.

"I'll see you in the parking lot," she smiled at him and left.

Bardock was lazily holding the steering wheel with one hand and was observing his sons sitting in the back seat, both texting on their phones. This would never usually happen. Usually they would be arguing over something or be overly excited to see their dad. It was usually a challenge to shut them up.

"So let me get this straight," Bardock began, trying to get some conversation in.

"You kissed another guy's woman, then he beat you into a pulp, then he gets suspended and you decide you should start dating said woman?" Bardock eyed Goku in the rear-view mirror.

"Uhh yeah?" Goku shrugged, "Why not? Don't you like Chi-Chi?"

"She's great but aren't you at all worried what Turles is going to do to you when he gets back," Bardock wondered if his son had even considered it. Someone with that much of an aggressive temper would not leave this alone that was for sure.

"I guess I didn't really think about that," Goku shrugged again, not really caring, going back to his phone.

"Who woulda thought, Goku, reckless with the ladies," Radditz laughed and playfully punched his brother in the side.

"Oh like you can talk, what was with you on the field at halftime?" Bardock said. Remembering the embarrassing PDA that he was certain Eruca was not going to let go.

"Oh geez sorry dad, we can't all be prudent saints like you," Radditz rolled his eyes.

Bardock tensed a little, how was he supposed to teach his boys about this stuff when he couldn't lead by example. He wondered what they would think of him if they were to ever find out about him and Eruca. They wouldn't call him a 'prudent saint' that was for sure.

"Look, I'm not having a go at you I just think you need to be a little more careful," Bardock professed.

"Hey, we should take em' out next weekend," Radditz said to Goku.

"Like to a restaurant?" Goku asked.

"Yeah, which ones have you not been banned from?" Radditz asked.

"Uhmm, Giovanni's?"

"Nah I can't go back there," Radditz smiled smugly at the memory of him and Turles taking advantage of their 'If you can finish a 7kg Parma it's on the house,' deal 4 times and eventually being told to never come back, "What about Sal's?"

Goku laughed, "Maybe if I wore a wig."

Bardock rolled his eyes, 'Great they're not even listening to me."

Dr and Mrs Briefs were waiting patiently in the car for Bulma's 'friend' to show up.

"Are you sure he's coming dear?" Bunny asked ever so sweetly.

"Yeah, he'll be here Mom"

Sure enough, the flame haired teen, strolled out casually with a small duffel bag over his right shoulder and an expression on his face reading, 'I just don't fucking care.'

Bulma grinned, knowing she won. She never got to win in the past when it came to Vegeta, but it seemed that was all changing.

"Oh My God, it's the quarterback of the District Bell Titans," Bulma mocked her girlish excitement, but her smile said it all, she was glad he decided to come.

He smirked at her and threw his bag in the boot of their car, not caring that there was most likely expensive science equipment in there.

He got in the back seat next to Bulma and they slammed the doors shut at the same time.

"Oh Bulma, you didn't tell me your friend was the football star, and handsome too," Bunny squealed.

Vegeta blushed at the seemingly inappropriate greeting from Bulma's married mother, but shrugged it off. He gave Dr Briefs the address and they were on their way.

Launch waved goodbye to 16 as he got off the train at his stop. She couldn't help but feel a little excited that she had met someone as nice as him. All previous notions that he was some kind of freak of nature were tossed out the window the second she had introduced him to Puar. He was so cute the way he fussed over her. He seemed to be a real animal lover. Figures.

Launch didn't really know if she was interested in him as something more than a friend. She actually hadn't thought twice about it until Yamcha came barging in acting all strange like she was doing something wrong.

She would have to talk about it to him later and explain herself. She hated the idea of him being mad at her. He was her best friend.

In her backpack in a little pouch, was her cute little blue kitten. Launch double checked left and right and since no one was around she pulled Puar out and held her on her knees for the rest of the train ride.

It had been such a weird day and when Launch finally got a chance to herself to reflect on it, she began to feel more and more confused. Going through the way Yamcha had reacted in her head. It seemed almost as if he was jealous or something.

'OMG, maybe he WAS jealous,' Launch thought and sat up straight as a stick at the notion.

*Meow* Puar purred at her. She gave her a scratch under her chin.

'No that's stupid, Yamcha dated Bulma, he wouldn't be interested in me,' she concluded.

The car trip was a long one, over an hour to reach Central City and then it would be a further 30 minutes for them to get home to West City.

Vegeta was mostly silent, and Bulma never pressed him to make conversation. Her mother and father lightly chatted to each other most of the car trip, filling the void of silence.

"That sure was a very creative routine you put on Bulma, will you do that at every game?" Bunny asked?

"Yeah I think so, they clearly needed us," Bulma smirked and scored a roll of the eyes from Vegeta.

"Oh boy, I will have to start getting some cheer uniforms together for you girls then," Bunny clapped and began a list of tasks she would have to do to help out.

"Are you sure this is the place?" Dr Briefs asked as he pulled into a rough looking house that had bars up on the windows and the back yard a mess. It was a two story house on the outskirts of the city.

"Yep," Vegeta said, "Thanks for the lift," he mumbled quickly, not really wanting to say it.

"You are very welcome, any time," Dr Briefs replied with a smile, he was one of the few teachers to always give Vegeta a chance, rather than just casting him aside as unsalvageable as most of the others did.

Vegeta got out quickly, beginning to regret coming at all. He really didn't want to be 'home'.

"I'll walk you to your door," Bulma said and jumped out, getting his bag from the boot.

"I'm not some female from the 1950's I can walk myself," he said snatching his bag from her.

"You're WELCOME," she rolled her eyes.

The two walked to the entrance.

"He's very different from her usual choice in boyfriend," Bunny commented to her husband.

"I like him," he said.


"You should have seen the Robo-tech project they put on today, it was excellent. By far Bulma's best work. Now I'm sure he probably had very little to do with the practical element of it. But he seems to encourage Bulma in a very new way. I've never seen her put this amount of effort into anything before," Dr Briefs explained.

Bunny smiled largely, "Plus he's so handsome."

"I guess I'll see you on Monday," Bulma said when they got to the porch.

Vegeta was feeling apprehensive about going inside as he looked over the fake mahogany timbered door. But there was little he could do now. He should have never accepted the lift.

She was such an idiot, so unaware. Vegeta hated that about her, he wanted her gone, away from him. Tonight was one huge mistake.

"Mm, I guess," he replied and reached for the door handle.

"Hey," she stopped him, "Ahh great game tonight."

She was stalling him again, this seemed all too familiar. He would have to stop this before it got out of hand.

"Bulma," he said sternly, "I think you should leave."

It was mean the way he said it, but part of him wanted to make sure she safely got off the property and that she was not invited inside.

She seemed disappointed as Vegeta made for the door again. A fragile hand on his upper arm pulled him back around as a kiss was forced upon him. Her turn this time.

'You don't get to talk to me like that anymore Vegeta,' Bulma thought and enjoyed the short lived confusion he expressed followed by a willingness to kiss her back and an underlying desire to never let up.

His face, his words said little now. But his kiss was a sonnet of realisation and understanding. Bulma knew more about him in this moment than she ever had in the weeks spent in the lab together.

She broke away from him, and gave him an angry look.

"Don't talk to me like that anymore Vegeta. Because this, right here, this happened. You're just going to have to accept it, because I'm not going to let this go anytime soon," she asserted. after carefully studying the glimmer in his coal black eyes. Probably brought on by the adrenaline of the moment, she turned around and walked away from him and into her car.

He watched them drive away, confused by her unexpected actions.

'Such an enigma,' he thought.

After getting back into her car, Bulma checked her phone to find three missed calls and a text from Yamcha.

'That's weird, he hasn't tried calling me since I rejected him,' she thought.

She opened the text.

*B, I really need your help. I don't know what to do about Launch, please call me back. – Y*

She smiled smugly. Of course he'd ask her for help, Bulma was a genius in more than just science and technology.

'Yamcha and Launch huh? This could work,' she thought.

It was pushing on 11pm and as he expected the lights were all off and everyone was probably asleep. Vegeta closed the door behind him carefully and tried to navigate through the dark, in a house he hadn't visited in ages, to his childhood room.

"Nice woman you have there," a man spoke up from within the shadows and Vegeta froze.

"Nobody asked you," Vegeta spat.

"I respect you for finding a female your age worth a root but I believe I clearly told you to keep people off my property."

"Fine," Vegeta said and aimed to skip past him and get to his room.

"Don't give me guff boy," he shouted and switched on a lamp.

Vegeta turned and faced the taller, older, more ruthless version of himself. His father, Vegeta Senior.

"Now I am your father brat, and you will listen to everything I damn well say," he shouted. Vegeta could smell the vile amounts of straight liquor on his breath.

"Keep your fucking slut out of my business, I don't need her rich ass parents snooping around this joint. Do you want to be fucking homeless?!"

The place was swarming with illegal activity, Vegeta didn't need to be around it often to know that. Gambling, drug deals, money scams, all of that, it was going on all the time. He had no intention of involving anyone else. In fact, he hated that Tarble wanted to come home to this.

Vegeta turned back around to head for his room without a response but was met with a knee in his back. He fell to the ground in a heap from the impact. 'Who attacks a person from behind?'

"Don't walk away from me boy!" he growled.

"Fine, she's nothing to me anyway," Vegeta said as he pulled himself up from the floor.

His father smirked at this, "That's more like it. You're just like me after all."

Vegeta furrowed his brow at this. That was not the compliment his father thought it to be.

"Your woman might have a tight ass body but she's almost definitely cheating on you. As if you would be worth her fucking time. As if you would be worth anyone's fucking time. Take your mother for example, sure she's a good fuck but she's still a cold hearted cheating slut like the rest of them."

The last straw, next thing he knew, his son's fist was flying at his face.

Vegeta had hoped it would be easy to knock the drunken asshole out but it was harder than he thought. And it was about to get harder.

Enraged, he struck his son over the head and kneed him in the gut causing him to reel over and cry out in pain before the beating continued.

"What's going on in here?" Eruca cried out as she entered the living room in her night gown upon being awoken from her sleep.

Horrified at the image of her son lying bruised and battered on the floor, she turned to her husband.

"LET HIM GO VEGETA, THAT'S ENOUGH! I WANT YOU OUT!" she yelled at him. He did let him go at that but turned on her.

"What was that woman?" he riled as he approached her.

"I said, You are drunk and I want you out of my house!" Eruca said with newfound courage, thinking of what Bardock had said to her earlier. He's hurting you and you don't have the guts to stand up for yourself. Why don't you think of your boys.

"Your house huh?" he gripped her hips and pushed her backwards into the wall. "Last time I checked this was my house, maybe you should be a little more grateful to me for allowing you to stay here."

His mouth was at her ear beginning to trail her neck as he pressed her more fiercely into the wall causing her an immense amount of pain.

"What has gotten into you, let me go, it's enough," Eruca cried, feeling his grip tighten and fearing what he planned to do with her next.

"Please, let me go," she whimpered, hating herself for being so weak and helpless. He did not loosen his grip.

"You are never going to talk back to me again," he vowed.

Before he could make his move a glass liquor bottle was smashed over his skull, and the man fell forward, passing out from the blow.

Vegeta stood standing behind him, panting from the beating, holding onto the shattered remains of the bottle's neck. He looked over his frightened mother who was holding her sides in pain.

Mother and son shared a worried look.

"Are you ok?" they said simultaneously.

Bardock, Radditz and Goku always stayed up late on a Friday night by tradition, so they could watch the UFC fights basic cable TV only showed at 3am. They were sitting around their small kitchen table playing a game of cards and drinking root beer. Loudly shouting at each other and making jokes.

It was one of the few activities they all agreed on. Neither was really all that strategic or smart at the card games so it made it quite a fair match.

"When's the pizza getting here, I'm hungry," Goku complained.

"And that's what we'll write on your tombstone, Goku: A good son, A good brother, A good friend... Always Fucking hungry!" Radditz laughed.

Bardock threw down all his cards, "I believe all the rest are mine," he smirked and took the betting chips from the table.

"DAMN IT!" Radditz yelled and threw his cards into the air.

"Re deal these suckers! Your luck will run out soon Pops," Radditz said.

Just as they dealt a new hand the phone rang.

"Who's calling at this hour, its 11:30?" Bardock questioned.

"Probably the pizza guy," Radditz said with a shrug as he carefully examined his hand of cards.

"I'll get it!" Goku yelled and barreled out of his seat to get to the phone.

Radditz looked at Goku's cards face down on the table and was about to take a peek before Bardock slammed his hands down.

"Don't even think about it," he said coyly.

"Oh hi there Eruca," Goku said into the phone.

Bardock instantly stood up at the name and marched towards the phone holding his hand out at Goku.

"Yeah, he's right here," Goku said and handed the phone to Bardock, "It's Tarble's mom."

Bardock rolled his eyes, 'Yeah I gathered that dummy,' and put the phone to his ear as Goku went to sit back down finding Radditz going through his father's cards.

"What?... What happened?... Yeah that's fine, but can't you just tell me-… Yeah… Yeah they can stay here… Ok… See you soon," he hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" Radditz asked.

"Go clear a spot in your room, Tarble and Vegeta are staying here tonight," he said.

"What?! Why?" Radditz asked, not really wanting Vegeta in his own house, living with him in the dorm was enough.

"Because I said so, that's why," Bardock snapped, not in the mood for Radditz' smart mouth.

"Oh cool, I'll go get the spare mattresses, you might want to order more pizza though dad," Goku said and ran off into his room.

Bardock had recently been renovating their house and had knocked down Radditz old room in order to put in a gym and guest room.

Radditz and Goku were sharing their one small room and now, whilst the renos were underway and somehow they had to find a way to fit two more boys in it. There was enough space, but they would have to sleep on mattresses on the floor.

Eruca arrived with Tarble and Vegeta and dropped them off whilst she remained in the car. Tarble was quite distressed not really understanding exactly what had happened and not getting a straight answer from his Mom or brother.

He had just been woken up and told he had to leave. He was frustrated that they both seemed to think he was some little child that couldn't handle the truth. He was more mature than they thought.

Bardock walked out of the house upon hearing the car pull up.

"You can go inside boys, Goku will show you were you can put your things," he said.

They obeyed and Vegeta followed Tarble into the house.

Bardock put his hands on the car door, "You are welcome to stay too you know," he offered.

"I can't," was all she could say and tried not to look at him.

"Will you tell me what happened?" he asked.

"I can't Bardock, I'm sorry but I just-"

"You can't, yeah I got that," he let go of the door so that she could drive away if she pleased. He didn't know why she always seemed to enrage him. But he knew it was probably best not to yell at her for not accepting his help.

"You were right before," she said, "I don't have the guts for this, I'm not like you," she finally turned to him and he could see a small bruise forming on her cheek.

"I was wrong," Bardock said and reached through the window to put his hand up to stroke her sore cheek, "You are strong enough to fight this back, to escape from this life. You're strong woman, why do you think I ever wanted you in the first place?"

She smiled at the healing power of his words but knew she still could not stay.

"Thank-you for taking my boys. You're the only one I can really depend on," she said.

"It's fine," he said as she started the ignition, "Be safe."

Bulma sat in her room with her phone between her shoulder and ear as she cleaned the makeup off her face. Yamcha had gone through the whole story with her about Number 16. He basically admitted to her that he really liked Launch.

"I wouldn't worry about this whole 'Number 16' thing," Bulma said, although she didn't really have any information to base that on, she had no idea Launch planned to get the train home together with him.

But she did know that Launch almost always talked about Yamcha. She knew this because it was getting on her nerves, Yamcha this… Yamcha that… Soo annoying.

"If you want her to notice you then you have to do something that makes her notice," she smiled at the way that had clearly worked on Vegeta, she wondered if tonight would have been different if she hadn't of put on that cheerleading event.

"I don't want to put myself out there if she's just going to reject me for someone else," Yamcha said.

"Well then this clearly doesn't mean that much to you and I'm going to hang up now."

"No, no, wait. You're right, but what should I do?"

"I dunno, maybe you should make her jealous," Bulma suggested.

"That seems like a very stupid idea that can easily back fire. And anyway, I don't want to start a relationship based on lies and deception."

"You don't have to do anything wrong you just have to make her think you are doing something, then you will know how she feels and more importantly, she will know how she feels."

"Make her jealous huh? I guess it could wor-"

'What the?' Bulma growled and looked at her phone, "Damn! Phone's dead!"

She put it on the charger and pulled out her spare one. But she didn't have Yamcha's number saved into her spare phone. She scrolled through the few contacts she did have.

"Goku probably has his number," she said and clicked his name.

They skipped the UFC fights and all decided to go to bed since Vegeta and Tarble didn't really seem in the mood for anything.

Goku apologised for the lack of space but the two brothers didn't seem to care, almost as if this was an improvement from where they just came from.

"Hey Vegeta, I thought you were staying on campus. I swear Tarble and your Mom left without you? How did you get home?" Goku asked innocently as he pulled out spare blankets and pillows from the wardrobe.

"Yeah how did you get home?" Tarble asked curiously.

"None of your fucking business," Vegeta growled.

"Wow, that's like the first thing you've said all night. We should have this guy over more often," Radditz said sarcastically, still annoyed Vegeta was in his house.

"Don't push me Radditz!"

"You're in my house Vegeta, you can't do shit to me"

"Want to bet?"

"HEY! Knock it off in here!" Bardock shouted from the doorway, "Go to sleep all of you," he ordered and flicked their light off to leave them stumbling around in the dark.

Vegeta lay down on the mattress not bothering with a blanket and thought through the processions of the day. The things his father had said were running through his mind on repeat. As if you would be worth her fucking time. As if you would be worth anyone's fucking time.

Being stuck with Kakarot and Radditz wasn't really how he wanted to spend this evening, although he was glad Tarble was here instead of at their home. Vegeta decided he would not be coming home anymore. His father seemed to only get so riled up when he was there. Tarble didn't make him so aggressive. Well from what he could tell. So it would just be flat out better for Vegeta to 'move out' for good. Today was a mistake. A huge mistake.

Part of him disagreed. Not all of today was a mistake was it?

An annoying buzzing sound coming from Kakarot's direction woke all of them up.

"If that is Chi-Chi, you will hang up immediately, phone sex is off limits in this room and offenders will be punched in the throat," Radditz warned.

Goku answered his phone anyway, "Hello?... Hi Bulma?"

Vegeta tensed at the name hoping she hadn't attempted to track him down. He was not in the mood to listen to her whine right now.

"Ahh yeah probably just a sec," Goku said, "Hey Tarble, do you have Yamcha's number in your phone?"

"Yeah why?"

"I dunno, Bulma said she wanted to call him"

Vegeta told himself he didn't care who the woman was calling and why it was so important she reach them in the middle of the night. He told himself that. But as he fell asleep the voice of his 'father' sang to him. Cold hearted cheating slut like the rest of them.

"There you go. Yeah Goodnight B, Seeya on Monday," Goku said cheerfully as he hung up the phone.


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