Author's Note: This is an epilogue to this story and the intro into the sequel. I'm working on the sequel now and it is getting almost as long as this one.

It had been two months since they had killed Dick and taken down the leviathans. Surprisingly, Crowley had also kept his distance. They hadn't dealt with a demon since then. They had worked some easy jobs recently, but usually one of them didn't have to go or they took on some jobs alone. It was strange for them after the whirlwind that the last year had been.

Dean didn't buy it as really being the end, though, he knew better. He still salted the doors and windows at night and devil's traps were at every door. The angel proofing was still up even though it seemed like the angels had retreated to Heaven after what had happened with the leviathans.

Rufus' old cabin was beginning to become a home for the Winchesters. They found themselves always coming back to it and with the time off they decided to maybe act like they lived there.

Cas was browsing on the internet one afternoon while Sam watched TV and Dean stared out the window. Cas had been watching him and finally asked him, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." He scanned the horizon, looking like he was waiting for a bomb to go off.

"Dean, you need to relax. We're fine. Why can't you just enjoy some down-time?"

"Because, we don't get down-time, Cas." He turned from the window. "We never catch a break or have vacations. When it seems like we are, something pops out of the shadows and tries to kill us or eat us. It's only a matter of time."

Sam snorted from the couch. "Aren't you just a ray of sunshine?"

"Sam, you know this better than anyone. Can you really tell me that I'm overreacting?"

Sam knew he was partially right, but he was being a little jumpy. "Yes, Dean. How about you act like something wants to kill you when something appears?"

Dean was about to respond when a light knock sounded on the door. He immediately pulled out his gun. "You were saying?"

"Dean," Sam stood up, rolling his eyes, "I doubt someone here to kill us would knock."

Sam looked through the peephole and frowned. He opened the door and didn't see anything. "Huh, that's weird." He was about to shut the door when he saw what he imagined was a package they had been delivered. "Uh…"

"What?" Dean raised his gun and moved past Sam. He followed his brother's look and nearly dropped his gun. "What the hell?"

Cas' interest was peeked. "What is it?" He stood on tiptoes to look over Dean's shoulder. What he saw was something that he never expected to show up at their doorstep. A small sleeping baby, wrapped in a pale pink blanket inside a basket was at their feet. A folded piece of computer paper was on top of the sleeping baby and all three of their names were written on it.

Sam looked up and down the driveway and street to see if he could catch who had left the baby. He didn't see a trace of anyone. Dean was staring at the baby like it would wake up and attack him. Cas looked lost.

"What should we do?" Cas looked at Dean, but the hunter was struck dumb.

Sam crouched and picked up the yellow tinted note on the baby. "Well, maybe this will tell us." He opened the page and three more folded pieces fell out. They each had a square with their name on it. Sam left them in the basket for now. "Come on." He lifted the infant slowly and brought it inside.

After setting the basket on the table, Sam read from the page. "Sam, Dean, Castiel, I know how much of a surprise this will be, but I want you to know that you can handle this. This little girl is in your protection. She is Dean and Cas' child." Sam's mouth stopped working after reading those words. He looked at the couple, looking for an explanation.

Dean and Cas shrugged. They were as clueless as Sam. Sam looked back to the note and continued. "I know what you're thinking. 'How the hell is this possible?' Right? I have enclosed notes for each of you to further explain what's happening and you should read them alone and use the knowledge however you wish.

"I can tell you all this: this child is Dean and Castiel's genetic offspring. 'But, they're both boys, what?' I know, but I have my ways of making things happen for those that deserve them. She is a Nephilim, technically. Her soul is made up of Cas' grace and her body is formed from Dean and Cas' current human genetics. She is more human than angel, but she will be powerful and unique.

"She has spent the last six months being raised by me in Heaven, most of the time. With the death of the leviathans, I wanted to give you a gift. Raise her, teach her everything you know, and above all, love her. She is yours, a Winchester. She does still need a name, which I leave to her parents."

Sam had to tilt his head to read the small font of the typed message at the bottom. "By the way, I provided you with all the appropriate legal documents for, you know, if you wanted her to have a real life or go to school or whatever. Good luck, boys."

The silence after that was pressing. Sam was looking at the note again as if it would change and tell him that it was all a dream or a joke. Dean stared intently at the table and Cas stared at the baby in fear.

"So," Sam put the note on the table beside the basket, "uh…I guess we…uh…" Sam looked at the others helplessly.

None of them had any idea what they should say or do. This had come so far out of left field and none of them were prepared to handle something like this. They all watched the baby stir in the basket. She rubbed her eyes with the back of a small hand.

"Who did this you think?" Sam looked at Dean and Cas. "An angel or what?"

"No." Cas kept his eyes on the small child as she shifted in the blanket. "Only one person had my grace." Sam raised his brows expectantly. "God."

"God?" Sam sounded doubtful. "How can you be sure of that?"

"Who else could make a child like this?"

Dean finally exploded into the conversation. "Cas, we don't even know if this really is what the note claims." He pointed to the page on the table. "It could be some demon messing with us, or some human who dropped the baby off."

"The notes have our names on them, Dean." Sam pointed out, a little confused by Dean's sudden anger.

"The last baby we picked up was a shifter, Sam. You remember that?"

"Yeah, but…"

"How do we know this isn't something similar?"

"Maybe you should read this?" Cas picked up the small note with Dean's name on it. "It could explain."

Dean snatched the small page away with a glare. He opened it with enough force to almost tear the thin paper. His eyes scanned a few lines before widening in shock. His mouth fell open slightly.

"Dean, what does it say?" Cas reached out to turn the paper but Dean pulled away. With a shake of his head, Dean dropped the page on the floor and stormed out of the cabin, slamming the door on his way out. "Dean!" Cas ran to follow and caught sight of the Impala in time to see it backing down the gravel driveway.

Cas turned around and saw Sam picking up the note before folding it back up. He closed the door, wondering how long Dean would be gone. Sam slipped Dean's note back into the one he had read. "You don't want to see what's on it?"

Sam shook his head. "If he wanted us to know, he would have stayed." Sam picked up his own and opened it. He read it silently as Cas moved back to the table to look at the baby, his baby.

She was still sleeping and Cas' heart warmed at the sight. He reached a hand out tentatively, lightly brushing the small bit of light brown hair hanging close to her eyes. She made a noise at the touch and leaned her small face into it.

She seemed so fragile, Cas was afraid to touch her. He knew that she was practically invincible, but right now she looked like a helpless baby. He glanced up at Sam as he read his note. Tears glistened in his eyes and he wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

When Sam had finished his note, he looked up and smiled. "You're right, Cas." He turned happy eyes to him. "It was God."

"You're sure?"

Sam nodded. "Here," he held out his note, "read it."

"No," Cas shook his head, "it's meant just for you."

"It's okay, really."

He insisted until Cas took the note from him and looked at it.


I know how much you have suffered this year. I know how much you have been through your entire life, and I want to apologize for all of it. The fact that you have always pulled through and remained sane and the same beautiful person that you are is a testament to your strength and character.

You deserve a better life, Sam. I could give that to you, but I know you wouldn't take it because you need your brother just as much as he needs you. This baby is as much a gift for you as it is to Castiel and your brother. You all deserve something more, something better. I have faith that with you as another guardian, this girl will always make the right decisions, and even if she doesn't, who better to teach her that mistakes don't have to define us or destroy us?

I knew that Hell and even Lucifer himself could never fully break you. You are stronger than you get credit for, even if you don't believe it. I can promise you this: you will never know suffering like that ever again. You have more than paid for your mistakes, Sam. All I want for you is to go try for some of that normal life you want so badly.

[P.S. I'm pretty sure Sarah remembers you and is single. ;) ]

Cas laughed lightly at the small winking smiley. He handed the note back to Sam. "That didn't really explain the baby much, but…" Cas shrugged and saw Sam smile.

"Read yours." Sam lifted his up.

Cas hesitated. "I will, later." He looked back at the baby, she was moving more. Cas rested a hand on her forehead lightly. She cracked open her eyes and smiled. Her eyes were wide and just as blue as Cas'.

Sam stood behind Cas and smiled at the baby. "Wow, look at those eyes." He lowered a finger to touch her hand. She tightened a strong grip on him, making him wince. "Ow." He pulled his hand back, she just laughed.

Her looks seemed to mainly come from Dean, except the blue eyes. Cas rubbed her head gently as she squirmed and smiled. The pink blanket was falling loose around her as she moved, revealing a white gown underneath.

"You wanna hold her?" Sam figured maybe Cas wasn't sure exactly how to handle a baby.

Cas pulled his hand back and shook his head. "I should probably call Dean and find out what's going on." He took out his phone and turned away from the child. Dean didn't answer. "Dammit." He stared at his phone, wishing that Dean wouldn't do this right now. He needed his help. He can't just run from everything when it scares him.

Sam had picked up the baby and was cradling her in his arms when Cas turned around. She was reaching up for his hair that was dangling dangerously close to her deceptively strong hands. Sam just smiled and rocked her. He looked up when Cas turned to him. "No luck?"

Cas shook his head. "No."

"He'll come back, Cas. He's just processing."

"Yeah," Cas stepped up to watch as the baby giggled and took hold of a chunk of Sam's hair, "I just wish he could do that here." Cas helped Sam detangle his hair from the infant's grip.

"Here." Sam held her out for Cas. "She's your daughter after all, you need to hold her at some point."

Cas lifted his arms and stepped back. "I don't know…"

"Come on, Cas. It's not hard. Hold out your arms."

Cas did as instructed and Sam placed his daughter in his arms. Sam made sure that Cas had a good hold before letting go and stepping back. The baby looked between the two men briefly before smiling at Cas and curling her little fingers into his jacket. Cas couldn't have stopped the smile that spread across his face if he had wanted to.

Dean needed to be here for this. If he didn't show up soon, Cas would never let the man see his daughter.