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The events that occurred after Curtain Call did not happen in this story line. I'll sum up high school in this story line. Mike and Sandy stayed together, Paulo never told Lucy he loves her and somehow need up with Tess at the end of her Senior year, David got put into a coma and when he awoke his retardedness diminished to the point of nonexistence,( dont ask how. Probably not even possiblel) Abby and Daisy stayed together and Mike and Lucy made up and became friends again.( sorta, not best friends but still good friends)

The Marine

Mike was standing by the baggage claim of the airport he landed in. He had finished his second tour in Afghanistan, and his plane landed just a few minuets earlier. He grabbed his duffle bag as is went by him on the baggage claim. Slinging it over his shoulder, he walked out side tapped on the shoulder of a grey husky in military fatigues similar to his own. The husky spun around with half a snarl on his face.

"What do you thin your do...", his snarl abated as he saw the face of the cat who tapped on his shoulder."Oh sorry Mike." the husky replied.

"It's O.K., and i was wondering if you knew were the nearest taxi cab was." Mike said staring up at his friend. Jake, the husky, was tall at six one so Mike had to look up at him.

"Where are you going?" Jake asked him.

"To my girlfriend's house about a hour west outta town. Why you asking?" Mike asked.

"Just so happens I owe you for saving my ass in Afghanistan, you need a ride to your girlfriends, I need to pay you back before you do something stupid, and I have an Ford with seats available." Jake replied.

"Thanks for the offer but I don't want to be a hassle" Mike said.

"Nonsense. I got plenty of room in the truck for you and you need a ride" Jake said

"Thanks Jake. Seriously, i don't know anyone who would do that. Even if it was to just get out of owing me a favor" Mike said jokingly.

"No problem. Besides unlike my brother Cody, who is driving it down here, you have a good taste in music" Jake replied.

After a hour of waiting Jake's brother Cody showed up in a scarlet F-150.

"Who's the cat?" He asked when he saw Mike.

"The "cat" is a friend of mine who needs a lift"Jake said.

"Mike, nice to meat you" Mike said holding out his hand.

"Cody. Pleasure" He said shaking Mike's hand.

"Hey Mike, just throw your stuff in the bed" Jake said.

"OK" Mike replied.

"Hey bro, can you drop me off at work so I don't miss today?" Cody asked Jake.

"Sure why not." Jake replied.

"Thanks. Don't want them cutting my already measly paycheck" Cody said jokingly

"Na, they'll just fire you instead" Jake said in the same manor.

Jake drove about thirty minutes to his brothers job at Best Buy across town. After that he started driving to Sandy's house with Mike telling him where to go. After Mike told Jake how to get there, he promptly feel asleep. After an hour or so Jake pulled into the driveway of a huge mansion. The the mansion was not what caught Jake's attention. He was staring at a black Ferrari that was also packed in the driveway. Jake shock Mike a little bit to wake him up.

"Ugg... Why are you waking me up?" Mike asked groggily.

"Let me think cause were at your girlfriend's house. Also does she own a black Ferrari?" Jake asked.

Mike thought about it for a moment before answering. "Not that I now of, but her family's crazy rich, so she might have gotten on for her birthday."

"And when was her last birthday?" Jake asked.

Mike was starting to feel unconformable with the questions, but he answers anyway. "Three months ago"

"And you think she would have told you she got a kickass new car?" Jake asked.

"We tell each other everything" Mike said slightly annoyed. 'What is he thinking?' Mike thought to himself.

"If that's true the she would have told you she got an new car. Am I right?" Jake said nonchalantly. "Look just go up there and see whats up and find out what that car is about"

"Fine", Mike said, "if it will get you to stop asking stupid questions"

Mike got out of the car and walked up to the mansion. As he walked up he checked the license plate on the car, out of curiosity of course,and found pout that it was from Virginia. "Probably just her cousin visiting" Mike thought. Mike walked up to the door and knocked on it rather loudly.

"Coming!" Someone yelled from the inside.

After a few minutes of waiting the door opened and Sandy stood there in the door way wearing a white bathrobe that barely came down to her knees with a shocked expression on her face.

"Michael? What are you doing here?" She asked startled. Mike noticed a few things. One she was startled, usually she was happy to see him. Two she did not call him by her pet name for him, " Maishul"

"I always come over here when I am on leave, and you told me the second I got out to come straight here." Mike said in a factual tone. "Also. Where did the Ferrari?" Mike asked.

"Oh I am looking after it for a friend. And I'm sorry but because i forgot that you were coming over i for got the put the bedding for the guest room out"Sandy said, pulling away from the doorway.

"Its OK I'll get it" Mike said walking past her into the house. He walked up the stairs to the guest room to get the bedding out. As he passed by a window he paused to look at the scenery. He looked down to lood down over the hill and he heard a small grunt. Looking outside to find the strange noise, Mike looked over and saw a white cat in blue jeans, and a white T-shirt, with black sploches on his face and tail hanging on to the railing of the small balcony that leads to Sandy's bedroom.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Mike yelled at the cat. The cat turned and when he saw Mike his eyes widened in fear. He let go of the railing and landed hard on the ground. Mike ran to the nearest room with a balcony, which happened to be Sandy's room, and he jumped out and landed on the ground breaking his fall with a roll. He rolled out standing up and saw the cat 100 meters away from him. Mike took of in a straight sprint after the unknown cat. Mike caught up to him in about 25 seconds. After that he takled him to the ground and pinned him in a full nelson.

"Who the hell are you and what were you doing hanging on that balcony?"

"I am Jacob Cox and I was visiting my girlfriend who told me to hide when she heard someone at the door. Now who the hell are you?" The cat said.

" I am Micheal Scott. I am a guy who is visiting his girlfriend after two years of fighting in Afghanistan. Look buddy I think you must be high or something but that house is not your girlfriend's" Mike said.

"Uhh… yeah it is" Jacob said.

Mike looked at him as though he just grew a third arm. "Ok then. Who is your girlfriend?" Mike asked him.

"Sandy Richards" Jacob said. Looking at Mike with nothing but truth in his eyes.

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