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This is continuing from the sixth book of Harry Potter, after losing Sirius (but defeated Voldemort in the Mystery Department of Ministry), but in the office of Dumbledore's where Harry was taking his frustration out. This is a different way, what if Harry was smart enough to realize his potential here? Etc...etc...

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Warning: Cuss, violent, slash (yaoi), lemon (not currently, though), gore, death, blood, and sensitive.

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The screaming for desperation has not seemed to ease anything better. The battle, tears, pain, and grieving did not help much for anyone. That night was difficult to bear for the young boy, who has suffered an only family loss, and had too much emotional state at his hand. His mind could take so much of what he has and triggered on the next step of his life.

Here he has stood in the headmaster's office, destroyed the man's office, and gaining his point across. He was now doing something about this because the years he went through was enough!

"I need to stop him, Dumbledore! More people are going to get hurt, especially around me. There has got to be another way to handle this!" He trashed down the invaluable things that the man collected over the years.

The headmaster watched the boy in difficult timing, yet, he knew that so much had gone on. The boy could have lost almost everyone he knew closely earlier today. Instead, only one person made it worse to expect on the boy-who-lived. He allowed openly expressed aggressive in action and becoming less violent to destroy with his own hands.

The boy caught his hands onto the desk to withhold his strength up and tears escaping to the impossible. It hurts him personally to what he has been through and he had enough of it. For what of the experience has given him, he held no clue how else to handle it otherwise. The elder joined by the boy's side and his hand rested upon the small shoulder for comfort in sorrowing pain.

"Harry, my boy, I am deeply sorry for losing Sirius. I should have been there for you and assist you in any way I can. I did not make myself much available in your reach. You must understand, I only did this so you can have a childhood to remember by." Albus explained, looking down on the boy to show his true purpose of the plan.

He wept, struggling to be strong about this, "You don't get it. I want him to be stop. Kill him now!" He hissed, "He's also responsible for Sirius, Cedric, my parents, and anyone I cared or loved is all gone! I've seen everyone last year and no one done a bloody hell of a job! No one wants to listen to a kid, but they want a fucking hero to save them." His fingers clenched up the desk to claw a nailing mark.

Albus hasn't realized the damaged he has created and the whole plan was falling off the end of the earth. Deep inside of himself, it was time to change things around for the better.

"Then, are you capable to be mentally prepared?"

Harry scoffed, "Cedric, Sirius, Voldemort, and this school has done more than enough numbers on me, Dumbledore!" His hands almost crackling the desk to break so easily as frail wood work, "Bloody hell! Hermione detested the fact that I was able to handle this so much! She wonders how I was able to function like everyone else!" His emerald green eyes glared at the elder.

"Then, are you capable to be mentally prepared?"

"Perhaps, you should start on your training with Severus-"

Harry froze at the name. He stared at the headmaster and failed to see the benefit. He had almost felt he wasn't enough for Professor Snape and when Dumbledore has commented of him, that has changed.

"Perhaps, you should start on your training with Severus-"

"No. I absolutely want no one involved. I can train on my own, anywhere no one can find me." Harry demanded, insistent to avoid the training with others in highly experiences.

Dumbledore's eyes have twinkled down and he understood where this would be heading down. Harry was determined to make this war end in silent and that's what will be happening in his term…

No one had known where Harry has disappeared to. Dumbledore has absolute no knowledge of the child's location. Hermione and Ron have been desperate to pin down their best friend, yet, they held no luck. Everyone had feared something had happened to the boy-who-lived, while the others were more concern of Harry's whereabouts or possible scene.

It had brought out several people's attention and the reporters were everywhere. They were eager for the hunt of the boy, yet, no one had a clue where he may be. They had attempted the Grimmauld place, but it was heavily emptied.

The Dumbledore's Army kept themselves in training, preparing for anything that may happen, and kept up to what they could do. Yet, nothing had happened to Hogwarts other than the Defence Art of Dark Art professors hasn't lasted much.

The magic of ministry has failed to locate the boy-who-lived due to the fact he is no longer a minor. People had wondered if this was all a hidden case or something horribly happens. Wizards and witches has become on their guards for anything that may have happened.

They have struggled to find themselves to relax with the war on their mind. The ones who were prepared for the war were cringed and sceptical about anything that happens. There wasn't a way to cope and no one knew how. They constantly relied on the boy-who-lived to take care of the matter, yet, that very person is missing.

His aunt and uncle could not care any less, but his cousin began to questions some things in life. He was not used to the summer without Harry. He had wondered if his cousin is doing more magic at school and when he found out his cousin is missing, he had to think about what could be about this time. He regretted some things and somehow, he wasn't too sure how to handle the news personally.

The ones who are struggling without him is…Hermione and Ron. They also felt their group was missing and out of everything. The golden trio was now the golden couples are known as. Despite of their circumstances, they had no idea how else to handle anything else. It was like attending to school like muggles – only with magic in this school. They were shock to see Professor Snape teaching in their sixth year.

Yet, the headmaster forced Severus to take back Potion because of Professor Slughorn refuses to carry on teaching Potions. It did not last too long for others and Albus had to struggle his way into the whole find another professor. He attempt to get the werewolf, however, the man had his own issues to deal with. It would be difficult as it is, especially when he was rather close to the boy.

It was rather strange for others to deal with something that no longer becomes a part of their lives. It went on like this for a few years. All of people have carried on with their lives, keeping themselves on their toes, and three years seem to drag on. Nothing had truly happened as much for anyone.