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It was rather two days ago since the mate of Bellatrix hacked into the school for a mere revenge. Severus had told him that since his disappearance, the school wasn't in constant danger. How the Dumbledore's Army had several practices – which amused Harry to see the potion master knew more of the continuation was going. He had to ponder, if the professor knew he was the reason of the DA club in the first place.

Harry managed to keep his promise to keep Severus sleeping peacefully by not watching him sleep. Harry spent time preparing lessons to Remus, who would arrive within the late afternoon. His golden duo friends visited for a short while, but they acted well enough from Severus suspecting they knew. They acted oddly enough to convince the potion master that alone and try to accept what Harry had told them. He only needed Severus for the particular promises due to the help he needs immediately at his side.

The dark savior sensed someone at the door and Severus was eating his breakfast. He gathered himself up, checked on his submissive shortly, and opened the door willingly. Albus smiled and the young man gestured him to come in before anyone could witness where his quarter was placed in.

"I hope I am not receiving news that Remus is not stepping in for me."

The headmaster chuckled, "Oh, it is not that, my boy. He is finishing up to pack his things and on the way. That is not what I wish to talk about. I have arranged what you requested."

The smirked grew, "Excellent. I can now accomplish what I need to do."

Severus nearly froze at their conversation, but none had noticed him this way. Albus nodded and tried refrain such questions or interferes Harry's plans.

"They are in another room, but in my office." Albus told him.

"All eight of them?" Severus went strictly ill, "If so, I may be able to do it today." Harry smirked immorally.

"Yes," The headmaster nodded, "To what you have listed out are all there."

His emerald eyes darkened nearly pitch black, but it sent shivers down the eldest with such intense and foul feeling about this matter.

"Do not lose your humanity, Harry." He knew the appropriate wording.

Severus tilted his head and assumed it was not what he had thought of. The Gryffindor understood and walked over to one of his bookshelves. His emerald eyes lurked around for something particular – seeing each black book has its signature, but different shading of black.

"Do not worry, only Severus can request me to do things for him, if he had preferred that side of life."

The eldest sighed, "Thankfully or merlin's, the world would not be pretty."

"Potter, what do you mean only I can request you to do things for me?" Severus' attention caught, his eyebrow went up.

Harry turned to him, "I can do anything for you. If you'd tell me to rule the world for you, I would do it. No one would have such power over me."

Severus sat in his chair, spooked by such power that the dark savior has, and chilled by such treatment. He hadn't imagined anything that could demand something out of Potter so easily, but he knew some things would not be in his control. Harry hummed and accepted the responses from his submissive.

The savior patted Severus' head, "Do not leave this room or I will hunt you down to keep you here longer." His warning tone caught his submissive mate's attention.

His onyx eyes narrowed at the Gryffindor for such demanding power he despise. Harry accepted the nonverbal answer and waved his hand over to the walls to coat more protection in needs. The window sealed shut and it eased the dominate mate to less worry.

"Albus, let's get this out of the way quickly." His voice whispered, causing his mate to shiver at the possible and sick idea.

Severus blinked at their walking out of the quarter and recognized the spell senses in general warning. He was far displeased being here or trap. He walked over to the desk to see the lesson plans laid out and saw the black covered book. It held no names or any recognition to its purpose. His hand gathered the book as he weighed as a light one and suspected it was not a novel. His eyebrow rose and his other hand easily opened the cover. His eyes discovered handwriting of Potter's. The first thought came to him to realize this was a journal.

'I can't sleep. I just can't. Just going mad. This pain hurts and for absolutely no reasons. It seems like I'm dying. I have tried using a sleep charm, then a sleep defence spell, and a demanding spell to make it possible. It hadn't worked…maybe I have done it wrongly.

The pain, it's too much to bear for so long. I swore to merlin's magic, it was hurting me as if someone was beating me up for ages and could not heal ever. But it hurt worse, it's like someone crucio'ing me while I am burned by fire.

There were ideas…building up inside of me and urges to do it. Like, get a human and experiment bloody things onto them without caring about them. If they die, I'd go onto the next project.'

Severus gasped and surprised at such emotional and raw starting. He had suspected it was right before he realized he had cast the two spells that intertwine into one spell of Forever Awake. It had brought some sense of the situation clearly. The potion master sat on the sofa and flipped to the next page, seeing Harry placed the date: November 13.

The year was unknown, but he assumed it was the continuation.

'I murdered Bellatrix. I was purely angry at her, but I feel that I am the judge to her life. She killed Sirius…her own cousin and doesn't give a fucking damn about him. Her blood pouring out so much was like magic joy to me. It was a sight to see. That was six or eight weeks ago.

But if she did manage to kill my mate, I would make her suffer to the point I break her and she would demand I'd kill her. She would never get to see the end of her life.

I do not know why I think like this, but I assume the dark side partnering my light side.

If I could ask someone to understand and interpet why am I so obsess with my mate? Why must I have a desire to have the entire world in blood bath? Where, I stood, my power was growing to the point it does everything for me. My mate does not understand that the way people are.

I managed to read random people's thoughts.

I can read their thoughts and the way they plan darkly. Their dark side gave me benefits to action. With no submissive mate on my side, I wish to-'

The book vanished out of his hands and his head snapped up to find a furious Harry. The emerald eyes narrowed at his submissive, holding his book closed, and the atmosphere was no longer friendly.

"Did I give you permission to read this book, Severus," He hummed curiously and unpleasantly.

Severus held himself together and began to realize he was not supposed to be caught reading this book. He should have known better, but it had happened.

"No, but you obviously left it out. It was a free to read it." Severus defended himself.

Harry lowered his head and his eyes darkened, "We talked yesterday that we are to ask each other's permission first before doing anything. Did you ask me?"

Severus temporarily thought it was nothing serious, yet, it was not his quarter. If it has been the other way around, he would have simply kick Potter out of the room immediately. Unfortunately, he hasn't felt at such risk like this before.

"No." He spoke with honest and chin up high.

The emerald eyes restored to normal, but the tension was thick in the air. Severus could not interpret the possible outcomes. Harry walked over to his desk, set the book down, and headed over to Severus. He held his hand out and straight in the eyes of the man.

"You will not be allowed to do any magic until the punishment is lifted. Your wand is confiscated now, hand them over." Harry demanded.

The onyx eyes enlarge and felt the magic restriction had set in. His hand already obeyed him and given the wand to the dominate mate. Harry took the wand and placed it into one of his robe's pocket that seems to have bottomless pit hole to hold anything without the extra weight.

"Potter! This is ridiculous! You cannot punish me like this and you know I ne-"

The savior scowled at him, "You were reading my journal without my permission. ONE MORE PAGE and you wouldn't be able to handle to compare the story I have spoken to you. I am only punishing you in order for you to understand that some things are too dangerous to learn. Now, finish your breakfast. Looks like I am going to bring the two here instead of allowing you outside of our quarter." His head shook.

There was a sense of disappointment and the submissive sensed that immediately. His shoulders dropped slowly and knowing his place, however, he wasn't interested in mating at all. Harry checked on his mate briefly and understood this was only temporarily. The hidden sadness in Severus made him realize that magic was highly important to his submissive. He selected an appropriate timing to end the punishment. For now, he needed to take care of the last two death eaters. Either the others were removing of their marks or they would have been ban from their magic for eternity. He was down to two death eaters, but he could not exactly succeed to what he had wished to do.

Severus joined at the table, uncertain to find the matter worse, and eating his breakfast hasn't felt normal anymore to him. It was too surreal for him. No one has ever attempt to deny his magic access or taken his wand for the suspension. He felt like the one he could not breathe and his muscles were not functioning well enough for him.

This was a strong punishment for him and his thoughts replayed what his dominate mate had told him straight to the point. No one has ever asked him for his mental health care or understood his capability's strengths. It was unusual to find himself in this setting. He could not do a simple potion making without his magic on his side. This was brought him down to reality and hurts him emotionally about this novelty situation.

His ears heard the door opening with a couple pairs of feet walking in, but a silent pair of feet was always unheard of. Severus drew his mask on and turned his head over to the people joining into this room.

"Avery? Goyle? Potter, why are they here?" He eyed at the death eaters.

He witnessed the masking on his mate, "They claimed they are your friends."

Professor Snape looked at the death eaters, who were sweating nervous, directly from the savior, "Former friends, but the ones I knew would realize I only speak the truth. However, they saved me a couple of times during the first war."

Harry hummed, "Ah, then do you suggest I should remove their marks and release them?"

Severus shrugged and the former death eaters were afraid for their lives now. They were wondering if they could say something, yet, they feared what become of the savior's action. Harry found this was not doing anyone's favor and his eyes burned onto the death eaters.

"Either of you move from this spot will suffer the consequences, understood?" His voice held an eerie warning.

They nodded immediately and held their breath to remain calm as possible. Harry walked up to his submissive mate and soothed his arms, leaned his head by the man's ear, and waited a minute.

"Severus, I need you to understand that I cannot harm your friends unless given permission." His finger curled the dark curtain hair back slowly, "After all, I only care enough to protect you mentally."

Severus frowned, "I can protect myself, Potter. It's not like you're going to allow me to kill them or keep them as my personal slaves."

The savior smirked, "I would. What are your interests to them? Friends or former friends, they are still valuable to you."

The onyx eyes stared right at the Gryffindor, shocked to understand at his greater power to control his dominate mate almost, and how his former friends were desperate to stay alive at all cost.

"You want my say, don't you, Potter?" He scoffed, "Just remove their marks and hand them over to Albus, I'm sure the man would do them well."

Harry was pleased to see some communication and the main point came across this time. The death eaters were glad they were not dying by one details of their murderous act. The savior hummed and turned over to the guests.

"Oh, fair warning, if I hear either of you doing such sinful act, I will not hesitate to remove your magic permanently." He noted they feared for such precious ability.

They nodded and Harry snatched their arms of their death marks. They nearly squealed and turned into a screaming cry for its suffering to end. The electrifying was almost burning them, yet, the mark slowly dissolved like a fake tattoo muggles seem to have. The time dragged out for so long to them, but it wasn't long for Harry. Once the marks were gone, he dropped them. The thumped did speak of the pain they would feel in the latter time. Harry pulled out his wand and apparated them to Albus' office with a note.

The death eaters mission was finally over for the savior, but he still needed to concentrate on his submissive more than he realized. In a matter of the punishment, he knew there were a few hours before the werewolf show up.

He repeated the same thing he did in front of the death eaters, only they were alone this time. He soothed his mate's arms and leaned in closely to smell his scent. Severus smelled similar to lavender scent, but hidden with the fall scent.

"You're upset with my punishment, do you understand why?" He hummed curious.

The professor scoffed, "I am upset, yes, but it is simply a journal. You left it out and I was not denied to read, was I?"

The emerald eyes bored at his mate, "Answer it, Severus."

The eldest sealed his lips and refused otherwise. The Gryffindor accepted this challenge and decided to change it for once.

"Fine. If you would like being treated as a child, I will treat you as one. Go and take a nap." He declared.

The potion master spun around and scowled, "I am not a child, Potter!"

He smirked, "Then, prove it."

The Slytherin could not believe it! He was trick into answer that question and he was still weak without his magic. There was neither mind defense nor sense of security for himself alone.

"You were worried that I may be scarred or there is dangerous information." He answered finally.

Harry smiled, "Good." He kissed on top the man's head, "Finish your breakfast. After that, we can play wizard chess."

Severus sighed and accepted, regardless to his circumstances here. He had no idea how else to occupy his time, especially he was not used to this mating. Harry, on the other hand, thought back about Albus' words about not going back to lose his humanity again. The thought of it alone still feared the dark savior…he watched his mate in comfort to know his humanity remains.

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