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Everyone running to classes, sitting down, and awaits for the bell to start. Harry watched everyone getting to class – aside from early bird from Hermione and Ron. He saw them coming in a minute after he entered in. He noticed the fact it was almost everyone he recognized from the Dumbledore's Army and there are ten seventh year students. It measured up well for him and they eagerly waits to see how this class will be this year.

He walked around his classroom and made sure he recognize their names by heart. After five minutes of the starting class, he walked up to the front of the class and pulled out his wand.

"As you can see, there are some spells that can benefits us in several ways. They may seem dark, but they're meant with a purpose." Harry began to explain in his class, "For instance, you are the one being attacked and want to ward the attack off. Instead of providing a powerful Patronus, a shield to trap your enemy and it would come off until they no longer have the desire to attack you."

As a professor of DADA, Hermione has not felt prepared for his class and how much to learn. She awed by this. Some of the Ravenclaw held the same reaction and eagerly expressed to be here today. Ron was excited to see something to learn actually in this class and some saw Harry perfectly for the role so far.

He held up his wand, a small and quick twist, and focused on a random student. A transparent dome like surrounded the girl and she jolted out of her seat. She did not expect to be in the spotlight so suddenly today.

"Ms. Fargo, could you use any attack spell in the shield, please?" He requested her.

She nodded and pulled out her wand. She chanted out water charm and everyone leaned in to watch. When her wand began to produce water, it sizzled immediately and no one had expected this. She blinked and glanced up at the professor.

"As all you can see, it will always sizzle or dissolved when you are inside of the shield. You now become completely safe. The shield will know when you no longer have the desire to attack." As the shield slowly dissolved like cotton candy to water.

That surprised everyone; how that had happened and they were determined to learn this immediately! They grinned and waited for him to allow them to start practicing.

Hermione shot up her hand in the air and the savior knew that was going to happen. His head nodded to signal her to talk and she smiled.

"How do you perform the spell? What is it called? How did you find out about it?" She questioned him to the obvious of her mind.

Harry grinned, "The spell is when your mind strongly feels the need to feel safe or protected. How I find out about this one? I will have to admit, this is my creation. I accidentally created it when I was under wolves attack. Apparently, they weren't after me…they only wanted my fish. So, I called it the pro-shield."

Everyone in their seat was amazed to see their hero can easily protect himself with a spell at his own creation. He hummed lightly and considered this. He knew that was a lie he had told them, but it was better off they don't learn the truth. In his mind, he was battling some of the Deatheaters a month ago. How one thought to…

"Were you scared when you fighting them, Professor Potter?" One of the Slytherin asked.

His head shook, "Of wolves? No, I am afraid not. I supposed you could say my fear cannot exist." He lifted his wand, "Now, before I let everyone practices. The simple way to do is lift your wand mid-way, swirl it a bit and quickly, and keep your mind focused on desperation of protection from the attacker or spell." He could tell everyone was more than willing to do it.

It brought memories when Remus was teaching the class and how involved everyone was, especially himself. Of course, he does not have to participate at all because Professor Lupin feared it could place everyone in danger. Everything had changed for the better.

They all nodded their head and kept quiet to be on their best behavior. Each student held their expression closely to their heart and Harry could see it. After he had demonstrated the wand work, he placed his wand into his robe's pocket.

"Now, everyone gather your partner and start practicing. This is today's lesson and I promise you most of you should master it by the end of this class. If you complete it correctly, help the rest of the class. If I do not see effort here, there will be detention." Much to Harry's ears, they groaned to see he'd be mentioning such punishment.

Harry understood their pain, but he had to follow some sort of professor code. He let that slid and everyone began to start practicing throughout the rest of the class. Hermione and Ron were quick to adapt, the first two people to create the pro-shield spell in the class, and moved on to help their classmate. Harry helped the ones that were constantly struggle and tried a different point of view. It had almost worked, but the shield was half-created. It was to the point where the enemy can easily walk out of it.

Harry used a scene example and it brought out the shield perfectly. He grinned and praised the student. He continued out through the class and saw more shields in their benefits. They all became a team in this class and in the back of his mind, he knew he was doing several people favors no matter what could be so…ill of the reasons here.

Once everyone had finally learned the spell on their own. They all turned him for another set of lessons or something to learn next. Harry understood their readiness, yet, the hour was almost up for them.

"Excellent work, everyone! That's today's lesson and I hope to see you all on Wednesday. I must warn you, using this in school will cost you your house's points. I am not responsible to hold you all for your action." He can see them grasping his point, "Now, I will say on Thursday night, there will be a DADA running up again. The Dumbledore's Army can join freely and there will be practices for your own purposes. It will be held here and the time will be up on Wednesday to let everyone know when." He announced.

Hermione and Ron smiled at each other, knowing their best friend kept their promises, and Harry was glad to cover that. He assumed Thursday night would do well for everyone. The members of the Dumbeldore's Army were happy to see Harry would continue this, regardless of the fact the war was over. It did not change a thing for anyone.

The bell rang and everyone hurried out to their next class of the day. In a way, Harry knew what he was doing and he accepted that. For now, he had to teach the first year the basic and ready to teach them. He had to learn all of their names first before starting his class.

So far, the day was going smoothly for Harry as a professor.

Unfortunately, by the time fifth period…with mouth opening up so easily, students have had spoken about Professor Potter during the potion class. It had been nerving the man more than ever, especially, it was nonstop throughout the day! He was hearing the stories about the new spell or another set about tracking spell. He was rather confused how the story was easily to be told. He had felt such like a fool to believe the boy at all! Oh, he was going to cruico Potter tonight for messing with him!

His eyes almost twitched when some of the students whispered during his class hours. They were doing the work and watching what they were doing – knowing the first years was over with during the beginning of the day. Yet, today has changed everything for the potion masters and he wanted that position desperately. Instead, Albus felt concern and worried for his loyal friend to return to his old way.

Sixth period…he was pleased to be on break and relaxed for the hour. There was no one to listen to. His mind replayed last night scene, when Potter had freed him from the dark mark on his arm. Severus sat up and pulled his sleeve. His free hand traced the missing mark on his arm. A tattooed arm was an ordinary arm for the Potion master. It was strange no longer seeing it there.

"Why on Earth does Potter care about the dark mark? Oh, Merlin, if I hear another story…he will get crucio to his arse!" Severus sneered.

It was story after another, but he could not wish to believe a thing. He was going to teach Potter a lesson never to forget this. The onyx eyes drew away from his arm and bored at the blackboard. He recalled how advanced he was in his class, knowing how everything worked, and helped Professor Slughorn to teach the class better. It did not last too long, yet, some things were useful, and picked up the speed for everyone. No one knew it was from him aside from the professor and the headmaster.

He recalled the times when the boy was a student. How often the savior struggled to defend for himself because he was trying so hard. Harry proved he was capable of creating the potion each time, yet, Severus focused on him was a challenge. The expectation was held up so high to the point Harry chose to be a normal student like everyone else. Then, as he has gotten older, Harry was putting in all his effort and constantly telling him the same thing. He did the work, he did this alone, and the best he could. Later, by the time the fourth year came, Severus accused him of stealing. He did not believe the boy could steal, yet, it was the only way to believe it. Up until…they found out the imposture was stealing all those ingredients. That last year, Albus forced him to those private lessons.

He saw all those memories that Potter exposed him to. Memories that proved who he was and Harry stood up for himself, almost improving himself, and failed at the end of their lessons. Professor Snape was not impressed and Harry knew why he failed.

Since the end of the year, everything changed for Severus. He had to teach still and dealt with absolutely no Harry Potter for those past years. It brought less stress for him almost…yet, he had wondered what of his Dark Lord and questions about Potter. That brought out a greater deal with stress. He knew that too well of himself and how Voldemort may had have found him useless.

Severus sat up and he realized that had not happen, even Lucius Malfoy mentioned this over the summer. It was odd for everyone. Did the dark lord know ahead of time this would be happening? Was he this focus on wizards and witches' words of the news? The potion master was uncertain, but he moved on now. He's free…even if it was the arrogant Potter.

The bell has signaled him that sixth hour was over and the last class to get ready for. He pulled out his wand and changed his blackboard for a different lesson. This time, it was a sleep potion lesson for the fifth year with Gryffindor and Slytherin.

"I can't believe he taught us how to manipulate someone's spell during the spell! All because he was fighting you-know-who!" One of the student said, more of a cheerful fan there.

Severus almost broke his wand from hearing that. He turned furious…another story! He scowled at the fact Potter has allowed to go this far! It nerved him too much! Once all of his students were in his class, he glared at each other to prevent them from speaking at all today. He was not going to hear any more of this!

"Today, I want all of you to be extremely careful because one accident will place you in either permanent or temporary mutated reaction. Sleep potion is one of the many dangerous potions to create…I advise you all to hold off your conversation and read between the lines." His eyes narrowed at them all.

The students wasted no time to follow what was expected of them. They read the board, gathered the ingredients, and did what the directions stated. Severus walked around his classroom, observed their work, and prevented a possible mixed up explosion. He was always on his guards when it came to students. That and refused to go through another parent ranting at him for not being any more serious with the protecting their child.

He found they managed to do it in silent. Not a whisper of a single word and this relaxed him quite a bit. Severus did not know how else to cope, yet, teaching does suit him well. All his students were required to focus, absolutely no distraction, and perfect timing for the class' time.

The sleep potions each student had made turned blue to darker blue. They bottled it carefully and set it aside for Severus to mark their grades.

Severus gathered his wand and used his wand to determine their grades. Almost all students got their first excellent grading, while one was still making the potion. He stood behind one and the student panicked. Severus waved his wand over the cauldron to stop its progress.

"Detention this Saturday, Mr. Yung, you will do this again properly. Understood?" Professor Snape told him.

Mr. Yung nodded and found himself quite disappointed for his first day of class here. Then again, no one had thought to survive the potion classes anyway. The bell rang, but they waited for the man to release them first. The onyx eyes checked and noted everyone has done what was expected of them.

"You all may go. Don't bother me unless it is necessary." He announced.

Everyone was relieved to hear those pleasing words and left the classroom – to avoid detention at all. Severus had no use for them anyway. Once each of them was gone, he took the potions to his closet and hid them for now. He kept one potion and headed straight some else instead of his quarter.

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