And now we start the Resurrection of Cybres Trilogy. This takes place after the Prime movie, but will not allude to anything in it until I actually see the thing. So, for now...we get to see Dusk finally return home to Cybres! Awesome! That means meeting her parents...oh that's gonna be awkward...huh.

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Chapter 1

Don't Wake Me

Dusk POV

"Good morning beautiful," I heard a familiar voice croon as a light servo traced my wing.

I let out a contented purr as I onlined and turned around to face Ben.

"Really, this early?" I yawned.

He kissed my helm, "Cybertron's not going to rebuild itself,"

I sighed and got out of my berth.

Unicron had finally been defeated the previous day by Dad and Jack and everyone and everything was normal…for us anyway.

My pedes touched the cold ground and I sat there on the edge of my berth.

"Hey, c'mon," Ben said, "We need to get going…Magnus will have our helms if we don't get movin'."

"Tell the Commander to shove it," I mumbled, "Ben, it's been three months since you became an Autari, don't you miss Earth?"

"Well, yeah," he admitted.

"Don't you ever wish you could go back?"

"Every day,"

"Then why do you stay?"

"Because of you," he said, "I know you'll never leave Optimus, 'Lita, Jack, 'Cee and 'Bee,"

"Beeeen," I groaned.

"Come on, let's move," he repeated again.

I shook my helm.

He raised an optic ridge.

"Did you just tell me no?" he asked.

I looked at him and gave a curt nod.

"Fine…" he started, "I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to this buuuut…"

He ran his servo across my wings and I shivered in delight.

"Stoooopppp," I moaned.

"What, this?" he asked as he traced the tips of my wings.



He traced the area where my wings joined my b-back and I ohhhh.

My purr rumbled through my frame and I melted into his arms.

"I take that as a surrender?" he asked.

"I hate you," I murmured contentedly.

"I know you do honey," he purred, kissing my helm, "Now, go on and get ready, I'll be outside."

As soon as his servo left my wing I jerked it out of his reach, both wings standing on edge.

"Awww, look at the pretty kitty cat," Ben teased.

It was too bad Cybertronians had no need of pillows. I couldn't throw one at him.

So I settled for a mental slap upside his helm.

"OW!" he yelped, rubbing the back of said helm, "That hurt,"

"It's a Gibbs Slap sweetie," I grinned, "It's supposed to,"

He shot me a look and then went out the door.

I got up and stretched, wings arching up and then relaxing easily on my back. I looked at the sparse room and started spacing out.

Wonder what Amber and Sean and the others are doing now? What havoc are our Wreckers unleashing? How is Sirius?

My spark leapt up in my throat. That poor dog, he's probably miserable.

Amber probably is the same way. She looked kinda betrayed and sad that both Ben and I were leaving. Me she expected…Ben…

I sighed started towards the door…

When a searing, burning, twisting pain entered my spark.

And I fell, writhing in pain.


I chuckled to myself.

Messing with her wings…worked every time.

I leaned on the doorjamb of our temporary housing, waiting.

And waiting.

And to change it up a bit…I waited some more.

I finally sighed and knocked on the door.

"You ok in there?" I asked.

There was a loud crash.

"DUSK!" I shouted, trying to open the door, "DUSK ARE YOU OK!?"

No answer.

I heard the sound of a transformation and then of a weapon charging.

I looked down and saw my servo…er…blaster now. I took aim and blasted the door off its hinges. I had to get to Dusk!

"Dusk!" I yelled, "Where are…"

I found her.

She was lying face down on the ground…a vibrant blue glow emanating from her chassis.

I ran over to her and propped her up.

"B-Ben?" she asked weakly, optics flashing in time with her spark.


I heard the sound of many pedes thudding on the ground.

I looked up to see everyone there. I looked back to Dusk.

"Help her, please!" I begged.

Right as Dusk's optics flicked off.

"JOLT!" I screeched, "Help her!"

My former guardian knelt down, examining my girlfriend. He frowned.

"What!?" I demanded, "What is it!?"

"She's ok…for now," he said, "But, I don't know what went wrong…Ratchet knows more about her than I do."

"So that means…" I encouraged him to continue.

"We need to go back to Earth for him to take a look at her,"

"I think we'll all go," Jack said, "It'll be nice to see everyone again."

"And leave Cybertron abandoned?" I asked.

"There are new arrivals coming every day," Elita said, "They'll continue repairing the planet while we go back to visit our family and get our daughter taken care of,"

I cradled Dusk's still, yet still alive form in my servos.

I hoped Ratchet knew what to do.

He had to!

Didn't he?

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