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Chapter 8

I Hope You'll Always Be My Guardian Angel

Dusk POV

My spark suddenly twisted and burned in pain as my parents started in on the subject of said malfunctioning spark.

My knees gave out and my fingers grabbed at whatever was closest…it happened to be the surgical equipment next to Dad's berth.

The table upended and the silver tools clattered to the floor, cutting my hands.

Ouch, major ouch!

But that didn't hurt as bad as my spark did.

I lay there on the floor, gasping for breath. I vaguely heard my parents and my adopted parents and my siblings…everyone calling for me. I felt something like fire crawling up my neck and just stopping there. Oh dear Maker of All it burns so bad! Make it stop! Please!

And I slipped out of consciousness.

"Get down here, Sentinel!" Optimus ordered.

"Optimus," Sentinel said twirling his blade into position, "You forget your place!"

He leaped off the building and used the blade to slow his descent.

I came up to Optimus, who pushed me back.

"Stay back," he growled, as Sentinel landed on the ground, "Sideswipe! Get her out of here!"

'Sides came over and picked me up.

"No!" I shouted, "Dad!"

"I bring you Cybertron, your home," Sentinel growled, "and still you choose humanity,"

"You were the one who taught me freedom is everyone's right," Optimus replied, pulling out his sword and an axe, and he charged.

He pinned Sentinel into the building's wall.

"I will retrigger that pillar!" Sentinel snarled.

"Then," Optimus snapped, jabbing at him, "You'll have to go through me!"

Sentinel kicked Optimus, sending him backwards.

"'Sides!" I cried, "I can't just leave him! He'll be killed!"

"He ordered me not to let you near the fight!"

"Please!" I begged, "Get the others to help!"

'Sides turned to the others 'Bots.

"Well?" he asked.

"Charge the Pillar!" Ratchet shouted.

"If we keep Sentinel away from it," I started, the idea dawning on me, "We'll buy Dad more time!"

"We got Autobots!" Epps shouted.

"Reinforcements!" Sentinel yelled, "Decepticon ships, FIRE AT OPTIMUS!"

"We're taking fire!" a soldier shouted, "I need those Tomahawks now!"

"First wave inbound!" a voice from the radio crackled.

"We've got to cover for Dad!" I yelled.

'Bee charged in, giving a few hits to Sentinel. I aimed my bow and fired, an explosion took Sentinel's shoulder. Sentinel flipped Optimus, and the 'Con warships fired on him.

"Hurry, Dusk!" 'Sides yelled, "Or Sentinel is gonna offline Optimus!"

"I'm coming as fast as I can!" I growled.

'Sides groaned, "Come on slow poke…"

Sentinel fired at 'Bee, who quickly reversed. 'Sides jumped at the traitor, but Sentinel flipped him over. 'Sides hit the ground hard.

And Sentinel rammed his blade right into 'Sides' spark.

My guardian howled.

"NO! 'SIDES!" I screeched, kneeling by his side, "MURDERER!"

The memory burned in my mind, and I rocked back and forth in my knees, strong arms wrapped around me.

"It's ok, it's ok," the owner crooned, "I'm here, I'm still here,"

I looked up at my comforter and met a familiar sight.

"'Sides," I whimpered, "You're dead,"

"Yeah, but I'm here now," he murmured, holding me close to his chassis, "I never left your side,"

I started sobbing again and he rocked me back and forth trying to calm me down.

"The longer you're upset the worse it's gonna be Firebrand," he whispered, "Easy, easy,"

"You died!" I wailed, "I couldn't save you! I f-failed!"

"Dusk, listen to me!" he ordered, "calm down, your family's worried about you. You've been out for hours!"

"I am dead! I am dead!"

Sideswipe POV

"I am dead! I am dead!" Dusk wailed in Cybreian, sobbing uncontrollably, "I never got to marry Ben, I failed! I failed! Cybres is dead!"

I turned her around and grabbed her shoulders.

"You are not dead!" I snapped, "You're still alive, for now. But you're going to be dead if you don't calm down!"

She turned her tearful gaze on me.

"I just want it to be over," she whimpered in a small voice.

"Oh, Dusk," I sighed, "I know you do,"

I held her closer.

"But you can't give up," I said, "You've got to keep going,"

"But it hurts,"

"I know,"

"And I don't like being hurt,"

"I know,"

"This is fragging ridiculous,"

I laughed at that.

"I know that too,"

At least her tears dried up.

"You ready to go back now?" I asked.

"But you'll be gone," she pouted.

"I never left you," I admitted, "I've been watching over you since the day I offlined,"

I put a fingertip under her chin and lifted her head to look at me.

"I'll always be there," I murmured, "even though you can't see me,"

She gave a slight smile…

And she disappeared, leaving me alone.

I got back up to my pedes…

And stepped back into the real world right as Dusk woke up in her berth.

Dusk POV

I sat up, rubbing my spark absentmindedly.

The pain had faded…but I still felt like something wasn't right.

I rubbed the back of my neck and froze. It was cooler in some places…like tiny tendrils of metal had threaded across the left side of my neck. I looked around for something so that I could see…

Aha! The tray on the side of the berth…

I knocked off the tools again and looked at my reflection. There wasn't anything wrong that I could see…

Until I tilted the mirror.

And I screamed.

Jack POV

"She's got to be awake by now," I muttered.

"And if she isn't?" Silver growled, glaring at her husband, "I can't believe you didn't tell me that our daughter who has been missing for years is DYING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!"

Michael winced and I didn't blame him.

When Michael explained everything to Silver the first time…

Let's just say her anger…it ain't pretty.

Michael almost ended back up in his coma…Dad had to hold Silver back and even then she nearly crushed his servo.

Yeah, I'd rather face a ticked off, uncontrollable Dusk than Silver when she's mad.

Not furious…just mad.

A high pitched scream rang from the room and both of Dusk's parents nearly bowled us over, Mom and Dad close behind…

We all rushed in and saw Dusk holding up a metal tray, staring at her reflection. She turned towards us.

"Look at me!" she wailed, gesturing at her neck.

A thin trail of glyphs had started edging up her neck, like something in a Sci-Fi Horror film where the character gets some form of disease and the poison starts going up their neck right before they die.

I suddenly remembered the dream I had, watching Dusk die…those glyphs had just touched the edge of her scar. And if that was the case…

Dusk had only a few days left.

She got up off her bed…and my eyes widened in horror…

Some of Dusk's feathers had fallen off, falling to the floor like willow leaves in the fall.

Dusk noticed and let out another pained cry of fear. I could see silver metal from where the feathers had fallen off…and that metal was becoming duller by the minute.

"My baby," Silver breathed, coming to her daughter and embracing her, the two rocking back and forth, crying.

"Y-You know?" Dusk whimpered.

"I do now," Silver replied.

The room went silent.

There was nothing to say.

A door banged open, making us all turn our heads as a group of Autaris raced in, carrying one of their own on a litter.

An electric blue mech with gold highlights barked orders in Cybreian, I saw the finials on his helm marking him as an Ivorra.

"Bryse!" Michael called, causing the mech to look down, "What happened?"

A bright blue light lit about the mech's frame, as it died, an ash-blond young man stood in its place. I nearly did a double take, he looked like Silver. Well, minus the wings.

"Good do see you awake, Sleeping Beauty. Anyway, there was a massive ambush as Shadow's troops came out," the man, Bryse, replied, "'Sides saved ol' Shadow by taking out the sniper…but he took the blast instead. Morgana pulled her troops back because 'Sides took out her sniper…two guesses who,"

"Morgana'd only pull out if one of her commanders was taken out…" Michael mused, "Sniper attack…sounds like Darksider's work,"

"Morgana's boyfriend, yeah," Bryse shrugged, "He's either in the Abyss now or he's gonna be. 'Sides got him good in the spark and the helm,"

Dusk's head peeked up, and a sad expression crossed it.

Dusk POV

The man before me…Dad called him Bryse. That meant…this was my uncle. My crazy, pyro uncle that Mom told me about.

I didn't see anything crazy about him.

My uncle helped Haze, Healer (I think, he looked a ton like Ratchet), Shadowsteel, and I guess 'Bee's counterpart, Karrick, lay Sideslash on a berth.

I came closer to Sideslash and got a good look at the silver mech's face.

And I nearly broke into tears again.

The mech on the berth…

It was Sideswipe.

Or rather…

'Sides' counterpart.

And if they couldn't save him…

I was going to lose my 'Sides all over again.

Somehow…I don't think I would survive that.

Not again.

So that's it for book one. I'll have the first chapter for book two up tomorrow. I promise. I won't leave you guys hanging on whether Sideslash lives or not (we haven't even gotten to the resurrection of Cybres yet!) Trust me, that's all in the next two books. Let's just say, the second book...it has a very sad ending. If you catch my drift.

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