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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every Default song.

"One Late Night"

I've Been To The Edge And Back Again
And I Know All There Is To Know It's A Dead End

Angel had been alive for a long, long time. He knew for just about everyone out there... there wasn't much going on for them. And as for himself, that rang more true. He knew he had a long, lonely life ahead of him.

Now more so than ever. Now that he had to face it without her.

Late At Night, I'll Come Walking By
Just To See What Went Wrong

He had forced himself not to go to Sunnydale for a long while at first, and forced it most of the time even after that. But sometimes... he just couldn't help himself.

He stayed far enough back to not draw attention to himself. And he always returned home before he was missed there.

It was near torture these visits though, to be so close but even further from her when the distance was less.

I Know What The World Is Made Of, I've Seen It

Angel knew how easy it would be to come back, to just say screw it and come back to her, fix them. But he also knew what that could mean for her, for him, for their relationship... for the whole world.

That was too much to have on his shoulders.

The risks outweighed everything else.