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The OC that Appears in this Chapter is Samantha 'Sam' Adler, belonging to Robot Wolf 26Z, aka Me.

Word: Sister
Suggestion From: Me
Characters: Candace, Stacy, Jenny, Sam and Gretchen

A/N: Gretchen is about five here making Sam twelve and the others eleven.

"It's not as simple as you think Candace. Mr. Montgomery is harsh," Twelve year old Sam Adler spoke seriously to the redhead whom was a year younger than herself.

A soft sound from the doorway got all four girls attention. There was a small girl standing there, with messy chestnut colored hair. She was wearing loose black and red pajamas. She was carrying a white stuffed tiger in her arms.

"What's the matter Gretty?" Sam inquired of her younger sister.

"I had a bad dream," The small girl mumbled and pulled the Tiger closer.

"What kind?" Sam asked as she scooped up her youngest sibling.

The younger girls response was mumbled and was indiscernible to everyone but Sam. Sam nodded simply as the girl continued to a few moments Gretchen had quieted down and to the surprise of the other girls, had fallen asleep. Sam effortlessly carried her back to her room and came back.

"Wow," Whistled Jenny.

"What?" Sam responded.

"Never knew that a younger sibling could take such a liking to their older sibling," Stacy commented, "My sister and I don't see eye to eye."

"At least you have a sister," Jenny and Candace said at the same time.

"You lot are forgetting that I have two brothers and two sisters. Sometimes it's just nice to be the listening and understanding older sister," Sam intervened smoothly, "How about some movies?"

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