Yes you!
Don't think I don't see you there, trying to blend in with the shadows. Well forget it, you can't hide from me. Trust me, people have tried. Mainly four mutant turtles, which have, by the way, never succeeded. So come on, come out.

Yeah that's right, come sit over here.

So what exactly were you doing over there anyway? Trying to get a glimpse of what is going on down here? Well y'know, you could have just asked.

I tell stories all the time, I'd be happy to tell you another one.

….Hmm? You don't think I should talk to strangers? Well… that's a good suggestion, but how would you meet people if you didn't talk to strangers? Cause I mean, everyone is a stranger at first. Even you're best friend was a stranger at some point in your life.

So, to fix this problem, I shall introduce myself, so that we are no longer strangers.

My name is Arinna. I used to go by the name of Arinna Kentin, but the last name 'Kentin'… well, it never really sat well with me. So I dropped my last name.

I suppose you could call me Arinna Hamato.

And DON'T, get the wrong idea. You probably know who Yoshi Hamato is and are probably thinking, are you his daughter?!

No. I'm not.

Ah! AH! I see that look! I'm not his wife either you weirdo's! That would just be weird. I mean, sure he is a great guy. If I ever fell in love with him I think it would be great. He's nice, caring, strong, and a great companion.

But I don't have those sort of feelings for him. I love him, but I'm not, IN love with him. You understand? He's just a really dear friend to me.

It is because of him after all that I have everything in my life right now. Alright, so we all understand each other? Good!

Oh wait a minute, who are you again?

A Reader?

What sort of name is that? Is that short for something?

A Fanfiction Reader?

That's uh… yeah, no I'll be honest, that name is a little weird. I'm not saying it's bad, I've just never heard of that name before. But hey, I'm cool with it. Nice to meat you A Fanfiction Reader. Can I call you Reader?

I can? Perfect!

See, now look at this, we are no longer strangers. Funny how things like that work. They say, don't talk to strangers, but you would never meet anybody or make friends if you never took a chance and spoke up.

Haha, but enough about that. You came here for a story, correct?

Well, I'm you're storyteller for today. I'm sure all of you are excited to hear 'Horton Hears A Who'! The mayor sure does know how to throw great feasts. XD

…No? You don't want to hear that story? Why not? It's an amazing story!

Okay fine, you came to hear 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians'. Good story that one. Percy is a great guy. Funny too. Him and me once jumped over a waterfall together. Yup, it was terrifying.

That's a 'no go' too?

Alright, alright, I get it. You had to have come here for me to tell you 'The Hobbit'. Y'know, the one about the little guy who goes on a journey with 13 other little guys and a old wizard who keeps leaving for some reason. I'm sure his reasons for leaving are good, but still.

Not that one either?

Well what do you want then, cause I'm a terrible guesser.


Oh! The one about the turtles that are teenagers and were mutated and y'know… ninjas :D

Yeah yeah, I know that story. I mean, I'm in it, so of course I know it!

…What? What do you mean you didn't know I was in it!? Of course I'm in it! I've been there since the very beginning. Come on, you gotta know me.

You don't? What the shell? Why not?

*sigh* Okay, okay, I'm okay. So, you didn't know I was in the story. That's fine. I'll just tell you the story again, but from my perspective.

I mean, I wrote a whole 'nother Fanfiction on this. It's called 'Father, Mother and four little babies'.

If you haven't read that one, you might want to check that out first, just to understand how in the world I got here.

Even if you don't want to, that's fine. I'll just do a quick summary. Here we go.

There was me, there was a pizza, there was a man carrying four baby turtles. Man with turtles was walking. Turtle man bumped into other man in suit. Turtle man was suspicious of suit man and followed. Me, worried for turtle man, followed too.

There was an alley, four other suit guys, turtle man got practically mugged. Well, not mugged, but attacked. Turtle man, who was like a ninja, beat up suit guys. I watched from the back ground, shocked. One suit guy dropped a canister and goo went flying.

Goo hit turtles and turtle ninja man. They were both changed. Turtle man turned into a rat man, and turtles turned into large infant sized babies!

Then there was me thinking, "WHAT THE SHELL!?"

Then suit guys saw me and attacked rat man again, along with attacking me. The jerks. Then there were sirens, a couple screams, and everyone ran off. Suit guys escaped, rat man picked up the turtles and went to the sewers, and I just stood there confused.

However there was problem, turtle man had left one of the turtles, a very very cute turtle (Just so you know), behind! Me, confused still, took the turtle with me.

There was a storm, some giggling, the turtle ate my pizza, and then I went back to the sewers to find rat man. Rat man, newly named Splinter, became my friend; we found this old subway terminal and thus started this new, and unlikely family.

And that about sums it all up in less that 3 minutes!

So I bet you're wondering what happens next, well-

"HEY! HEY! WATCH THE STICK!" I screamed angrily as I ducked down just as a Bo Staff, also known as Bo (Which is what I named it), swung over my head.

"Oh." A large teenage turtle wearing a purple mask grinned sheepishly at me "Sorry."

Shaking my head, I rolled my eyes at him. "Just be careful Donatello."

Well hey, looky here, perfect timing! This is one of the turtles I was talking about before. This is actually the exact turtle Splinter had accidentally left behind 15 years ago.

"It was Raph's fault." He grumbled, lifting Bo to stare at it. "He threw my staff across the room." Looking past him, I blinked to find that Raphael had fled.

Yup it has been 15 years to this day exactly since I found little Donatello here. A lot has happened, and he, along with his three brothers, have really grown.

This old Subway terminal has become home to all of us. We live and train here, waiting for the day when it is finally time for us to return to the surface.

Well, for the boys to return to the surface.

I go up there all the time to get supplies and other things. And knowing what day it is, I'm sure the boys are going to start pleading soon. Today is their 15th birthday after all.

"Donatello, shouldn't you be in training right now?" I inquired, seeing the time. Donnie paled, a scrambled across the room.

"I'm late!" he squeaked, rushing for the dojo. Rolling my eyes at him, I followed behind.

The purple-banded turtle jumped to the top step, rushing into the dojo and closing the door behind him.

Moving up the stairs with a cup of tea in my hands, I approached the paper doors, leading into the homemade Dojo Splinter and me had made a few years ago.

With my foot, I opened the door to see Donnie, with an apologetic smile to Splinter, move to get in position with his brothers. He may have only been a few minutes late, but a ninja should always be on time.

Moving to the side of the room, I stepped away from the boys so they could spar without getting in the way.

There was Leonardo, the eldest and wisest the four turtles. He wore a blue mask and wielded two mighty Katanas. He would sometimes spend hours on end training his body and mind, pushing himself to the very brink of exhaustion. He was destined to be a great leader. Though, he was a bit of a… how do you say, a nerd. A very cute nerd, maybe I add, but still a nerd. He was a large fan of the TV series, Space Heroes, or more importantly, Captain Ryan.

Raphael came after him, the second oldest, and strongest of the four. He wore a red mask and had a very noticeable crack on the top of his plastron. He wielded the Sais, a very dangerous weapon, which he used to advantage often. He was pure muscle from head to toe, but had a bit of a temper. He often fought with his elder brother for power and was never really one to follow orders.

Then there was Donatello, the purple masked turtle you saw earlier. The third oldest, tallest, and smartest of his brothers. He was a genius, and could take apart and put back together any thing. He could make anything if he really put his mind to it. He wielded the Bo staff, a weapon that I'm not really a fan of simply because of past events, but he uses it brilliantly. His brothers often call him a 'geek' for his brain, but he is very gentle and kind hearted. His leveled head is often the key when calming down his over eccentric brothers.

Finally, there is the youngest, Michelangelo. He wears an orange mask, that is slightly smaller then his brothers, and wields the Nun chucks. Easily distracted and impulsive, he can often times get caught up in his own thoughts, rather than the task at hand. However, he is amazingly skilled. He possesses more raw talent then any of his other three brothers, is a large fan of music, and has so much love and joy to give to everyone around him. He is, what would you call it, the glue that keeps everything together in the family.

Moving to Splinters side, I watched as the four squared off against one another. Peeking to my right at Splinter as I sat down on my knees, placing the tea on the ground, I smiled.

Splinter, also known as Yoshi Hamato, though I think in Japan they say their last name first, so… Hamato Yoshi had been changed just as the turtles had 15 years ago. He had changed from a human to a rat in only seconds.

After being mutated, Splinter had adopted the turtles as his own sons and began training them, just as his father had trained him.

He had lost many things in his life. His wife, his little girl, his home, and finally, his humanity. But even still, after all of that occurred, he was still able to smile.

Splinter really was an amazing and brave man.

Looking back at the four brothers, I watched closely as they kneeled across from each other. Leonardo faced Michelangelo, while Raphael face Donatello in their sparring.

In a silent showdown the four stared at each other, the first one to charge being Leo.

Ah, ah, bad choice Leonardo. You should never make the first move. Well, that's not always the case I guess. Like in chess, it's okay to make the first move in chess. Wait, is it the white pieces that move first in chess or is it the black piece?. Maybe it is just who ever calls dibs first?

Lifting his Katana for a strike, Leo swung once, missing Michelangelo who was beginning to monologue his actions.
"Oh yeah! Michelangelo is on the move!" he laughed, jumping above his eldest brother, twirling his nun chucks around his sides.

Whirling around to look back at his orange-banded brother, Leonardo narrowed his eyes, watching Mikey's movement closely.

"You don't know what to do." Mikey mocked, twirling his nun chucks around. Leo rushed forward again. "I'm here." Leaping to the right, he dodged his brother's blade again. "I'm there!" he leaned down, rolling out of the kneel before his brother with a triumphant smirk.

I had to admit, Michelangelo was fast. His movements were always quicker than his brothers. But… there was one problem.

"I could be anywhere." Jumping in surprise when Leonardo moved forward, Mikey dove to the left.

Mikey's over-confidence and boasting easily distracted himself.

As his youngest brother jumped away, Leonardo smirked. He could see where this was going, and with the way Mikey was distracting himself, it would be over soon.

"How can you stop what you can't even see?' Mikey asked, moving his arm around in a small sort of dance, readying himself.

Well Michelangelo, there are many ways.

Leonardo saw his chance approaching and held his sword back, waiting. Once Mikey ran forward and was close enough, Leo brought the hilt of his sword out, slamming it into his attacker's stomach.

Like that. That is a very good way to stop what you don't see. He could also have tripped you, or flipped you. Y'know, if he really wanted to get his point across, he could have side stepped, grabbed ya, thrown you over his shoulder, carried you away like a sack of potatoes and thrown you into the sewer water.

But that's just some random examples.

Mikey gagged and rolled forward, landing on one knee. With an expression as if he intended to throw up, Mikey stuck out his tongue at the feeling of the air being knocked out of him.

Leo examined the hilt of his blade calmly. "Like that?" he inquired as Mikey collapsed on his side.

"G-Good one Leo." Mikey lifted a shaky finger, his voice hoarse and cracking. Leo smirked, lifting putting out a hand to held Mikey up. When the youngest was back on his feet, I couldn't help but notice how Leonardo looked my direction slightly.

I smiled at him and nodded.

Taking that as a praise for a job well done, he grinned.

Mikey pouted and moved to sit next to me.

"I'll get him next time." He assured with confidence.

"I know." I nodded back.

He grinned, happy that I agreed. Smiling back, I moved to look at Donatello and Raphael. Donatello had begun twirling his stick around skillfully as Raphael watched with a bored expression.

Cracking his neck, Raphael shook his shoulders a bit before saying, "Alright Donnie. Put down the staff, and no one gets hurt."

Haha, classic over-confident hero line :3

Donnie stared at Raphael with a blank expression. "Uh, you said that last time Raph. And then you hurt me." Donnie lowered his staff only slightly to glare at his older brother, who just shrugged.

I remember that, it wasn't pretty! You had lowered your staff, but Raphael just smirked and tackled you. Then took your staff and hit you on the head with it for a few minutes.

"Yeah." Raphael looked to the ground a bit. "But less then I would have."

"Yeah right." Donnie narrowed his eyes, snapping his staff into position. The two charged for each other, Donnie striking first.

Rolling to the right, Raph jumped to his feet, leaning back just in time as Donnie lashed forward. Twirling his stick wildly, Donnie striked at his older brother several more times, each missing when Raphael dodged.

Donnie swung forward, but when he felt his staff no longer in his hands, he gawked at his brother in horror.

Raph leaned against Bo casually, smirking at his younger brother. Twirling it a few times in his hand, he snapped Bo in half.

Now, since this is Donnie's weapon, I will never say this out loud but… HAH! Take that you stupid Bo! Haha! You so deserved that! I don't feel an ounce of pity you jerk! I hope you burn! Burn! Break Bo some more Raph!

"Should have dropped the staff?" Donnie asked weakly.

"Should have dropped the staff." Raph smirked wickedly. Twirling the two halves of the Bo staff as if they were his Sais, Raph ran forward.

Donnie flinched turning to flee but Raph hit his shell and head repeatedly till he fell to the ground. "Okay! Okay! Ow! I'm down!" Donnie yelped, covering his head.

Well, this whole scenario looks oddly familiar from the last time.

Raph continued to hit Donnie's shell, till Leo caught his attention.

Rising to his feet, the two brothers glared at each other before kneeling across from one another to start their duel.

Donnie, still rubbing his sore head, moved to sit next to Mikey and me on the sidelines.

Sitting down, Donnie narrowed his eyes when Mikey stuck his tongue at him when he thought I wasn't looking. He quickly looked away innocently when I glanced at him.

Reaching up, I pinched both of their cheeks so they would turn their attention back to their older brothers.
"Ow, ow." They whined as I released them.

Chuckling a bit, I watched closely as the two oldest of the four glared at each other.

"Onegai shimasu." Leonardo spoke first.
"What ever you just said." Raph shrugged.

He said 'Please' Raphael. Such as, 'please battle with me', or 'please beat me up' or even 'please allow me to beat you up' in some cases. Well I mean, I'm sure the last two weren't exactly right, but you get the basic idea.

Rising to his feet, Leonardo slashed once at the air, pointing his blade at his younger brother. Raphael, already pulling out his Sais, twirled them once in his hands. Leo lunged forward, their weapons locking against each other in a battle of strength.

Pushing Leo back the two striked at each other fearlessly. At some point, Leo had struck hard enough that one of Raphael's Sai flew towards us, between Donatello and Michelangelo.

…Which is were I was.

Ducking down, I barely avoided being hit as it flew past my hand into the wall.

"Sorry!" the two called before continuing their fight. Sitting up, I glared at them.
"Ooh, they're in trouble." Mikey giggled.

"Mikey, shh." Donnie hissed.

With only one Sai, Raph lifted it up, locking eyes with his older brother. The two charged, slashing out.

My eyes widened as Leonardo's Katana was knocked out of his hand. With a small gasp, Leo barely had enough time to even register what exactly was happening.

Raphael took the chance to his advantage and used his Sai to capture Leo's wrist.

Using his other arm to grab Leo's upper elbow, he flipped the blue-banded turtle over his shoulder.

OH~! Nice flip! Nice flip indeed! It was always so cool when Raphael did that. Made me so proud that I had been the one to teach him that. Aww. :D

Hitting the ground hard, Leo held his sore wrist in pain.

"Nice try." Raphael smirked triumphantly as he stared down at his older brother, mocking him with his eyes.

"Yame." Splinter commanded, stepping forward. The four turtles paused to look at their master before rushing to take their spots and kneel before them.

Walking forward gracefully, almost as if he were floating, Splinter approached the four, using his jade crystal staff as he moved.

I just adored his staff. He never told me where he got it from, but that didn't stop me from making up all the different possibilities up in my head.

I jumped to my feet, moving with him. He smiled in approval at me, and I grinned back.

As we passed by him, Leonardo bowed respectively to us both.

What a sweat heart. I mean, I know it is suppose to show honor and respect, but whenever he did that, it just warmed my heart. He was such a sweet little guy.

"You did very well." Splinter began as he walked pass them all.

"But I did better." Raphael smirked. Leo looked at him with a 'Are you serious?" look.

Glancing back at the second oldest, I bit my bottom lip. This wasn't going to end well if he continued.

"This is about self improvement Raphael. This is not about winning." Splinter announced as he turned to walk behind the four.

"I know sensei." Raphael said confidentially.

His voice gave off that 'I'm a great hero, bow before me' sort of tone. "But I won, and they lost." Folding his arms behind his head, Raphael wasn't aware that Splinter was reaching out for his neck.

Covering my mouth to hold back a laugh, I watched as Splinter pressed the underside of Raphael's jaw, hitting a pressure point. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" he cried in pain. Splinter's grip didn't loosen and instead pressed down a little harder, wanting Raphael to say the correct sentence. "But what's really important is that we did our best!' Raphael yelled, waving his arms around frantically. "Good job everyone!" he lifted his thumb up. As soon as he was finished, Splinter released him, letting him fall forward.

"That is so mean." I laughed to his left. He glanced at me, chuckling in amusement.

Yeah, that is how most of the days here went. Training, teaching, and doing our best to survive. Of course, most of my day was cleaning, cooking and training unlike the boys, who were either training or did their own things.

Once training in the dojo was done, I moved towards the kitchen to make the boys their lunch. I sometimes wondered what it would be like if I wasn't there to make them Lunch everyday. What would they be eating?

Algae and worms?

I hope not.

"You cheated." Mikey pouted at Leonardo.
"I won our fight fair and square Mikey." Leo said softly to him, still staring straight a head.

"Using the hilt of your sword is so cheating."

Leo pouted at his younger brother, not very fond of being called a cheater. "And using the hilt of your nun chucks isn't cheating."

Mikey opened his mouth then closed it, thinking hard. "…Fair enough.' He shrugged, turning away with a frown. From the corner of his eyes he must have seen me, because he grinned.
"Hey, are you making lunch soon?" he asked excitedly.

With an amused sigh, I nodded. "Yeah Mikey, I am."

"Can I have a peanut butter sandwich?" He titled his head, blinking his wide blue eyes at me hopefully.

Like I could say no to that face. "Yes." I chuckled.

He grinned. "Yay! Thanks mom!"

DUN DUN DUN! Yeah, you probably already guessed it, Arinna is like there mom! :D Smiley face! I'm really tired when I wrote this chapter, so pardon any spelling or grammatical errors.