"What do you want girl?" he asked smiling. "Carl tickled me and he said the only way he would stop if I would jump on you only in my bra and underwear. So I did and now I think he is dying on my floor. Oh and I may have kicked him on the way out. Because he is a dick. " I say sitting next to Beth. Beth got up once I sat next to her. I frown. "No it's not you it is Judith. She need to change. " she said walking up. "Okay I was gonna say why da fuck are you being mean." I say getting up to help her. "You don't have to help you know." she said in a bitter voice. "Woah what's with your voice you might wanna fix that cause I don't take that." I say meaning it. 'well if you come help me maybe I can tell you why I am mad." she said pulling a fake smile. I realize I was the only one that knew it was fake. "Okay whatever you say Beth." I answer giving her a fake smile back. We walk up the stairs together to Judith. Once we were out of sight and sound. She stopped me. "Okay back off Carl." she said venom seeping throw her words. " What the fuck are you talking about." I ask clueless. "I seen him pin you against the bed and you to about to kiss." she said with fire in her eyes. "and the fact that you two were slapping each others butt. And that you to were being all up on each other." she almost yelled. I laughed at her. She gave me a look of confusion after I was done laughing she asked "What was so funny." she asked "Many things. First thing you're a fucking stalker. Second we were playing. Third I don't like him he don't like me. You blond bitch." I say smiling at the last part. "you wanna talk blue whore" she said looking at my hair. "well at least I don't look at boys 3 years younger." I say "hey there are no boys my age so Carl is sorta a way out." she said shrugging "your a bitch you know that." I say I like Carl because of him not because he is the only boy left. "yeah but a pretty bitch Carl likes" she said almost every word hitting me. "well I am going to go before you fall down those steps and break your neck you dumb slut." I say just wanting to get out of there. I walk down the step and feel something hit my back. I turn around and see Beth. I then look down and see she threw a dirty dipper. "eww" I scream and run down the steps. I like is all over me. "what it wrong" Daryl asks "Beth threw a dirty dipper at my back and now look." I say turning around. "Beth did that." I hear a voice speak up. I turn around and see Carl. "Yeah." I say. "I did not." I hear the bitch yell. "oh please explain how this happened" I ask trying to look at my back. "Yeah Beth please explain." Carl growled. "why are you on her side Carl?" she asked him. "no one does that to my princess." he said I look over at him but his eyes are locked on Beth. "Carl can I talk to you alone." she asks. "Sure whatever." he said walking away with him. I walk over into my room. Did Carl call me his princess. Yes, yes he did. Oh my gawd does this mean he likes me it must be because he wouldn't have said his princess. What does this mean. I hear them enter Carl's room. Should I listen to their conversation. No I shouldn't so I put in my headphones. I turn on my iphone and plug in my headphones and go on music and just listen to Chloe by Emblem3. "Chloe I know your sister turns everyone on but your the one I want Front page magazine Everybody says that's she a queen." I sing a little loud. I want my name to be Chloe but it is Amber. Or should I say Twilight. "you got my heart and that's the only thing that matters" I sang a little louder "you think she got it all but that don't make her better you got my heart and that's the only thing that matters." I sang really loud. "But you're the one I want" I sang even louder. I just sit there the rest of the song and The other Side by Jason Derulo came on.. I was just sitting there singing quietly. I hear a sound against my door. I get up and open my curtain to see Carl. I move out of the way for him to come in but he just stares into my room. He whispers "sorry" and is about to walk away. I grab him by the collar and pull him into a hug. " Now please answer two questions for you 1 why aren't you hugging me and 2 why are you sorry." I say still hugging. " Because you hate me and you hate me." he said arms still at his side. I pulled him away and put my hands on his shoulders. "now you listen to me and you listen to me good now. I do not and will not ever hate you and I don't give two fucks if that makes sense or not right now I really don't care. I need you now even though I have only known you for the time I did I still need you. And don't think other and I really hate Beth so know matter how much she said we are cool we are not until I say we are." I say trying to get his eyes to meet mine. They finally do. "Really I don't think she would do something like that." he said his tears going away. "Oh yes she would now lets have a movie night." I say pushing him on my bed. "Ok I am down with it." he said laying on my bed with his stomach on it. I then jump on him and slap his butt. "Hey no fair" he said touching his butt. "Master baiter we got a master baiter in this place." I scream running into the wall. "Oww that hurt." I say getting up and getting the movies. I let carl pick. He chose Zombieland, The last song, Despicable Me 2, and Finding Nemo. I walk back over to him. We sit down and watch the movies. The last movie we watch is The last song. It was good despite the fact that I cried. But Carl was there and he comforted me. But yeah by the last movie I am about to fall asleep. All I see in darkness.