Draco planed this for month, now he just needed to wait for the right moment. Since he saw Snape making out with his apple, Draco planned revenge. It took him a couple of weeks to come down and think reasonably, and when his head was clear, he began to plan revenge.

He was sitting in the great hall near his apple. He talked to his apple until he saw Snape. As soon as he saw him, he took the apple and hid it in his robes.

Snape looked at Draco putting the beautiful green apple in his robes. He missed the apple so much yet he knew there was nothing he could do. He tried making out with other apples but it wasn't the same. He tried to forget about her, but it hurt him too much. Every time he saw a green apple he tried to imagine it was her, but that too didn't work.

Draco followed Snape with his eyes until Snape sat down with the teachers. When he sat down, Draco took out the apple so Snape could see her. When he saw that Snape was looking at him, he took a big bite out of the green apple.

Snape saw what Draco did, and felt anger inside him. He was sad knowing he will never see the apple again. Tears started falling down his face. Everybody was looking at him, and they started whispering things to each other. He felt so many feelings at the instant; anger, sadness and embarrassment. He stood up and went to the dungeons.

Draco took another bite with joy until he finished the apple, by that point Snape was gone.

The next day at breakfast, Snape came to the great hall and saw Draco with another green apple! He looked more closely and noticed that the apple Draco was talking to was the apple he missed so much! He was sure Draco ate her!

Draco looked at the stunned professor, happy to know his prank worked. He didn't really eat his beloved apple; he swapped between her and another green apple in his robes. He was so happy, he kissed the apple and went back to his dormitory filled with happiness.