Part Five

they've forgiven my mistakes and I'm coming home

"Oh," Yuui gasped. "Yes, that's— oh yes—"

A long string of broken French phrases followed. Kurogane didn't change his rhythm, head bobbing, and feeling rather smug about how much better this was when you didn't have to breathe.

Yuui finished with a hoarse, wordless cry. Kurogane moved aside, but curiously licked at his cum, wondering if it tasted anywhere near as good as his blood. It wasn't the same, but it wasn't terrible. Yuui was still panting for air when he grabbed Kurogane dragged him up into a kiss, pressing him against Yuui's sweat-sticky skin. Kurogane didn't even mind that. His sweat still carried hints of his golden scent.

They kissed lazily for awhile, but Yuui had woken hungry to begin with, and he began to make noises indicative that he wanted to get up and go to the kitchen. Kurogane slithered off of him and watched him get dressed.

"Well?" he couldn't help but ask.

Yuui grinned. "Do not tell me the mighty hunter Kurogane is insecure about his skills in the bedroom."

Kurogane got off the bed, scowling. "Never mind."

Yuui laughed at him. "Well, it was our first time together, so I must give you some slack, I think you say. The grading will become more strict in the future."

Kurogane stomped out of the bedroom, ignoring Yuui's laughing efforts to soothe his ruffled feathers. If Yuui didn't like it, it wasn't like Kurogane had to do it again. He was all about giving something to Yuui in exchange for his blood but if he didn't want it . . .

He paused his stomping so that he could slip into the spare room and check on Syaoran. He was starting to be conscious now and again, but he still got confused easily about where he was and why. He would attempt to get out of bed and then faint and hurt himself. He already had a black eye, and they didn't want it getting any worse.

He'd expected Kimihiro to be in here because he usually was, but the room was empty save Syaoran, who was asleep. No Sakura, either?

Someone was laughing in the kitchen, so he headed that way. Fai and Lucia were laughing over some joke, and Sakura was looking back and forth between them, smiling tentatively. She kept getting confused, too. Being in thrall for over a hundred years was not an easy thing to recuperate from. Neither of them was having a lot of independent thoughts or emotions right now. They only genuinely relaxed when Kimihiro was here.

"Come here, love, and help me peel these carrots," Lucia said, drawing Sakura over to her.

"Okay," she said automatically.

They'd figured out the two of them weren't ready to be asked if they'd like to help peel carrots, or bathe, or watch television. In fact that had led to everyone trying to explain what television even was. They did best when presented with simple tasks and demands.

"Where did Kimihiro go?" he asked Fai, slipping into place to lean against the table right beside him.

"He's with Shizuka and Himawari."

"Is that a good idea?"

"They'll be careful. He feels safer with them than he does with us, anyway."

"Yeah. I'm mostly just worried about when Syaoran wakes up and he's not here."

"We can handle that," Fai said easily. "We'll have to get used to it, if they stay here with us."

"Still don't see why Kimihiro can't keep the kids."

Yuui wandered in, thankfully wearing pants, and peered at dinner preparations. "Don't be silly, it would totally ruin the honeymoon vibe!"

Kurogane wasn't sure how come Kimihiro and his humans were allowed a honeymoon vibe and the three of them got landed with a pair of addled ex-thralls, but this wasn't his house so it wasn't like he got to decide who lived here.

"I was thinking something about that," Fai said. "I really don't think Himawari's apartment is big enough for all three of them."


"You should sell them your house, Kurogane."

"Sell them my house? Why would I? Where would I live?"

"Well, here," Fai said, as though it should be obvious. Maybe it should have been.

Kurogane tried to picture it. Yuui in the master bedroom, Lucia in her room, Syaoran and Sakura in the spare room. Kurogane and Fai taking Yuui in turns, feeding from the other humans when necessary. It wasn't really a bad picture.

It also wasn't going to last, was it?

"So when are we going to talk about the gigantic mess we made when we executed Reed?"

Fai grimaced. "I was hoping to avoid it at least a little longer, to be honest."

"We're probably going to get dragged off to France for a while, aren't we. We're gonna have to present Sakura to somebody so they can confirm her memories, and we're going to have to play nice with the coven, and you've probably got to have symbolic important dinners with those brothers and their weirdo werewolves slaves."

"Kurogane," Fai huffed, sounding amused. "They are not slaves. But yes, likely we will have to deal with those things, and spend a little time in the court. But I will not allow it to become a permanent situation. This is where we've made our home, and there is family that must be looked after here."

Kusanagi had promised to look after the girls if anything did ever happen to Kurogane, which was better than nothing. It was good to hear Fai saying that he was including them in the family. Kurogane trusted that he really would make sure Kurogane could stay here to look after them.

"So there's still one thing I was wondering about."


"Freya got killed during the fight, right?"

"She did."

"You don't think that Kamui and Fuuma are going to retaliate? That was their sister."

Fai wanted to feel sad, to feel guilt, but he didn't. "She was a mindless weapon for her father, Kurogane. They had no love for her, and she died in battle not in cold blood. No, I don't think they will. We will offer some type of recompense, but they will likely reject it. They have too much else on their minds now to worry about. Rebuilding their father's kingdom, creating children of their own. No, they are quite occupied."

"So it's over. Actually over."

"Yes, I think so." Fai couldn't help closing his eyes for a moment against the wave of sheer relief. "For now we just recuperate. Let us concentrate on making our family whole again. When we've done that, I have a few things I would like to do. I would like to research Kyle Rondart's family to see if there is any left. I would like to give them whatever land or money Reed has made a part of his kingdom. And I would like to give something of Yue's legacy to your family, Kurogane. Chitose and Sayaka."


"If he had been there to see Touya married to your Tomoyo, he would have done it himself. I will have to speak to my mother about it, but I think she would be pleased."

A bowl of carrots went tumbling across the floor. Everyone expected Sakura to go scrambling to clean them up, but instead she just stood there with her green eyes bright for the first time. "Touya?"

"Do you remember your brother, Sakura?" Fai asked carefully.

"Touya," she whimpered. Tears slipped from her eyes. "Touya, Yukito, Tomoyo, no no no—"

Yuui hurried to her side and gathered her up in his arms and she sobbed into his shirt. The other thing they'd figured out pretty fast was that any vampire who wasn't Kimihiro wasn't allowed to touch her. It really set her off. So Lucia and Yuui took care of her as much as possible. It didn't seem to bother Syaoran as much, although that might be attributed to his physical weakness right now.

"I want Touya," Sakura cried.

In some ways, this was encouraging. It was the first time she'd said she wanted anything since they brought her here.

"Where is he? He's dead, isn't he? Where is Tomoyo? Is Tomoyo dead? Everyone is. No no no no no."

"Oh, shit," Kurogane said. She was spiraling her way down into some kind of episode. "Hey, listen to me. Sakura. Listen. Do you want me to tell you about them? About Touya and Tomoyo?"

She gasped and trembled in Yuui's arms, but managed to squeak out a "yes."

"They both missed you very much after you were gone. Once Yukito, and you and Syaoran, had gone away, they felt like they only had each other. Well, and me, I guess. So they got married. Does that make you feel any better? They got married and they were good to each other. They were friends. And they had two really wonderful girls named Suki and Sakura. They named one of their daughters after you."

"They were happy?" Sakura asked, peeping out at him from Yuui's embrace.

"Yeah.," Kurogane answered, remembering how it was. They had a lot of respect for each other, if not a lot of desire. They worked well together. They raised beautiful daughters. "I think they were."

"I'm so angry," she said, crying again. "I'm so angry because I wanted to marry Syaoran and have children, too. I wanted our kids to play with Tomoyo's."

"Yeah. I'm sorry it didn't end up that way. I really am." He chanced reaching out and putting a hand to her hair. She didn't panic any worse, so he called it a success. "But you and Syaoan can still do that, you know? Maybe your children will wind up playing with her great-great-grandkids. And you still have a family here with us."

Sakura was beginning to smile a little. She didn't seem to want to leave Yuui's arms, but she was looking toward the door where Syaoran was sleeping and looking hopeful.

"You don't think it's too late for us to be happy?" she whispered.

"Oh, ma cherie," Yuui murmured, rubbing her back soothingly. "It it never too late for that."