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Chapter 1

Ropy walked to the kitchen and found Edward on the phone while he fixed coffee.

Edward and Roy had adjusted well to the muggle way of like. It was necessary for Edward, since the ministry of magic still had their ban on 'half-breeds' in the working magic world illegal.

Edward hung up the phone and sighed.

Roy walked over and held his husband, and gently kissed his neck. "What's wrong dear?"

"Paninya called in sick. They asked if I can work again tonight on overtime."

"And did you say yes?"

"Of course I said yes. I'm a college student, I need the money." Edward shrugged and poured coffee into cups for himself and Roy.

Roy gently pushed Edward' s bangs back. "You look sick. You are swamped with school and this extra work is hard on you, plus it's the full moon tomorrow."

"I'll be fine. I'll just take tomorrow off." Edward handed him his coffee.

Roy sat at the table and their owl flew in and dropped off the Daily Prophet. Roy read the paper as Edward got ready for school.

Roy was training to be an auror ever since he graduated from Hogwarts. He was top in his class.

Edward walked out with his messenger bag full of textbooks and his red scrubs. "Roy have you seen my I.D., I can't find it."

Roy smiled as he watched Edward hunt. He was so lost in the morning. Roy picked up Edward's I.D., "On the table."

They finished getting ready and got in the car. Roy drove Edward to college for his morning class.

Edward was studying to be a chemist. He loved how closely chemistry was related to alchemy, and how broad the muggle pursuit of it was.

Edward kissed Roy. "Pick me up at four?" Edward asked.

"Of course." Roy kissed him back before driving to a telephone booth to go to work.


Roy was right on time as he drove into the parking lot, he smiled when he saw Edward sitting on a bench, cross-legged, reading and writing from a textbook. Edward was wearing red scrubs with his hair in a ponytail. "Nurse Mustang, paging nurse Mustang. Your ride is here."

Roy said into his hand, trying to sound like an intercom."

Edward looked up and smiled. "About time." Edward packed up his books and got in the car.

"Are you okay?"

Edward nodded. "I'm fine."

"You're not overworking yourself, are you?"

"No, I'm fine. I took a nap during lunch. I'm rested."

Roy shook his head, but he drove him to the hospital.

Edward kissed Roy and got out of the car.

"Call me when you get off the clock."

Edward smiled. "Alright. Go home and get some rest."

"I wish I could the same to you."

"Goodnight Roy." Edward walked to the hospital's entrance.

Roy loved how muggles were so blind to magic, Edward's automail arm looked like flesh to them, so he didn't have to hide it.

Roy drove home and made some pasta. It was easy enough for him to make without burning the house down. Roy set Edward's dinner in the microwave so he could eat when he gets home.

The phone rang and he walked over and answered it, he wasn't expecting Edward's until around midnight.


"Roy Mustang? This is Dr. Marco. I'm calling to ask if you can come get Edward, he passed out."