5 years later…

Roy knocked on the Elrics' door and waited.

Alphonse answered and smiled. "Come in, we weren't expecting you until tomorrow."

"Yeah. I had a little trouble at work and it turns out, I might not make it tomorrow. So I came to have Christmas tonight."

"Okay. Well, come on in."

Al took Roy's coat and a little boy peeked around the corner. "Uncle Roy!" He smiled and ran into his Uncle's arms.

Roy laughed and picked up his nephew. "Hey Edward, You get bigger every time I see you."

Alphonse smiled as his little 4 year old son in Roy's arms giggled as Roy tickled him. Alphonse had felt that it was right to name his first born after the hero in his family.

"I want to be an auror like Uncle Roy!" Ed said, grinning.

Al laughed. "You can be whatever you want, but first you need schooling."

"The schooling is the easy part, the exams are the killers." Roy admitted.

Alphonse laughed.

"Is that Roy, dear?" Winry asked as she waddled in, she was 8 months pregnant with a little girl. She gently cradled his stomach. "Hey Roy, how have you been?"

"I've been good. Alphonse seems to be doing good taking care of you three." Roy smiled, making it a note to mention their unborn child.

"He has. Alphonse, can you help me set the table?"

Roy carried Edward to the couch and sat down. "Have you been good this year?"


"What's on your Christimas list this year?" Roy asked.

"A train set and a quidditch set and a broom and a…"

"Wow, you've got yourself a list."

"Did you bring me something?"

"Of course. Don't I always?" Roy smiled and handed him a book.

"What's this?"

"It was your Uncle Edward's. The man you were named after. He would want you to have it. It is a little complex but you're smart."

"Basic alchemy?" Edward read the title and flipped through the pages.

"Your father can help you with some of what it means. Your Uncle Ed use to talk about it all the time."

"Dinner is ready boys!" Winry called.

They sat down for dinner and ate.

"This is delicious Winry."

"Thank you Roy." She smiled proudly.

Roy only ate take out and simple things to make like noodles since Edward's death. He couldn't cook, he proved that to himself multiple times. He put on a few pounds, but he constantly worked out and whatever he gained, it was soon lost. Roy went drinking a lot though, he knew he probably had liver problems with the way he stumbled from bar to bar. If he was drunk enough, he would see every blond he hit on as Edward. He wanted someone to fill the void in his heart, but he couldn't even take a girl home, his conscious wouldn't let him. He still knew that they weren't Edward deep down.

"So, are you still going to move?" Al asked.

"Yeah." Roy smiled. "It's time I move to a smaller apartment. That apartment is too big for one person. I'm already finished packing."

"Can I still come and see you?" Edward asked.

Roy nodded.

After dinner, Edward helped Winry make some cookies as Roy sat with Al on the couch with some wine.

"Are you okay?" Al asked.

"I'm fine. This is my sixth Christmas without him." Roy looked at his wedding ring. "Can you believe that it's been more than 5 years since Edward died?"

Al nodded. "He's been gone for a long time now."

"I miss him every moment of the day."

"I know that you do."

Roy looked at the time. "I should be getting home. Goodnight."

"Alright Roy."


"Have a Merry Christmas."

Roy said his goodbyes to the Elric family and walked home. As he walked down the street, he noticed a woman about to close up shop. He stopped by and smiled. "Hello, Can I buy a few things?"

She looked at him. "Alright. Make it quick." She said, opening the door for him.

Roy walked in and bought a single red rose and a new bottle of sleeping pills. Roy walked through the snow and walked into a cemetery.

He walked to the back. A granite tombstone stood close to an oak tree; Roy kneeled down beside it and brushed the new snow off of it.

Edward Elric

Loving Friend, Brother, and Husband

1979 – 1997

Roy smiled when he saw a poinsettia already set before the grave with a picture that his nephew Edward drew of his family. It had pregnant Winry, Alphonse, Edward, and Roy in the picture. All of them were holding hands and smiling. Roy set the picture before the grave. "He is just missing the original Edward in the picture." He laughed and set the rose before his love's grave. "I miss you so much, but you probably know that, everyone else knows." Roy sighed. "It's time Edward. My stuff is packed for them to move easily, I quit my job today, and I said my final goodbyes. I'm ready to join you, I'm not scared anymore." Roy smiled and stood. He looked at the grave one more time before walked home. Once he was home he took a nice, long, hot shower before getting dressed. He filled a glass with water and got in bed. He opened a bottle of sleeping pills and took as many as he could get down. He felt his eyelids getting heavy. He didn't fight it. He laid down and pulled the covers up and closed his eyes.


Roy woke and felt something sitting on the bed, startled; he turned the lamp on to see Edward at the foot of the bed. "Ed-ward?" Roy asked, at a loss of words. "Please don't tell me that I'm dreaming." Roy's eyes teared up as Edward shook his head no.

"Hello Roy."

"Am I?"

Edward nodded. "You said that you'd join me tonight at the cemetery, didn't you?"

Roy nodded, he couldn't believe it. "You were with me the whole time?"

"Yes. As you ate, I watched you. As you drank, I sat with you. As you cried, I held you and cried with you. As you slept, I laid with you and protected you." Edward slowly stood and walked over. He was wearing completely white clothing. He gently held Roy's hand.

It was warm, just how Roy remembered it.

Edward kissed Roy ad his lips were as soft as Roy remembered. "Let's go home."

Roy stood and noticed that he was not only wearing the same white clothes, but that he was 19 again.

"You're back in time you loved the most." Edward smiled and led Roy into a light.

Roy smiled. He finally had Edward, forever.

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