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Allen sighed with relief as he placed the last box down on the living room floor labeled Study Room. It took him awhile to get this far. He finally had his own house, only turning eighteen more than six months ago. It was quite impressive to him to say the least. He was proud of himself for escaping Cross' evil clutches. He'd been living with that gruesome man for a painstaking six years and was finally free of that dreadful drunkard.

Marian Cross was his guardian, even though the two had no relation to each other. Cross was apparently one of Mana's 'well trusted men' and he was forced to live with him. Though, as the years passed, Allen did learn a good deal of martial arts to protect himself. That was the only good thing he learned from the womanizer though. That, and that he'll probably never love a woman in his entire life. Cross made sure to ruin that for him. He would've stayed with Neah if it were not for his guilty conscience that bashed him, telling him Mana's death was his fault...which, to Allen, it kinda was...


Allen huffed and collapsed on the couch that he had moved there ten minutes ago. It was summer and Allen missed out on the spring college classes, but he reminded himself that he would be taking the fall entrance exams soon. He wanted to become anything and everything. Allen was fond of exploring the world alongside his foster father and was thrilled when it came to the arts. Logic though, wasn't his forte. He got a bad sense of direction because of it.

So, he was going to major in anything and everything he could. The only thing he didn't do was dance. That was half Cross' fault and half Allen's. Cross wanted money, and to do that, Allen had to dance for it...he should've just ran away a long time ago. So, he was good at acting, singing, playing instruments, writing and all of that sorts. He was actually planning on creating his own manga, which he had learned about when he and Mana visited Japan. He was also good at cooking. He wanted to live his life to the fullest. Many people would tell him that college was fun and exciting but Allen knew better than to believe that. It involved learning.

Learning was also not Allen's forte.

Allen wiped the sweat from his brow and turned the AC on full blast. Well...not full blast. But pretty damn near close. This was when Allen decided he was hungry. It was hot so...why not ice cream? Allen drooled at the thought of it. Quite literally. He stretched, picking himself off the couch and decided to go out and get some ice cream. He figured he would walk...until he stepped outside into the blistering heat. He walked back inside, not wanting to shed any clothing. He walked over to the door that was connected to the garage and grabbed his keys as he walked. Allen paused. His fridge was just as starving as he was.

"Actually, I should probably go shopping first." Allen said aloud to himself.

Allen decided to put food aside—and Allen never put food aside. This would explain the severity of the situation. Allen always had food in his house. As one would probably predict, Allen loved food. Allen hopped in his sandy-colored Nissan—it wasn't silver but it wasn't quite brown or tan—and started up the engine. Once he arrived at Kroger's, Allen locked his car and walked inside the fresh, air conditioned building. He breathed a sigh of relaxation at the wind that blew in his face, which normally he wouldn't enjoy, had it not been summer.

Allen grabbed a cart and pushed it through the automatic doors. He looked around before heading off into the vegetable section. He did not expect to meet a certain familiar Chinese girl, Lenalee Lee. A classmate from his old school he had recently graduated from. True, he didn't want to be reminded of that place ever again, but Lenalee was nicer than all of the other classmates that picked on him for his unnatural hair color and odd scar. She spotted him grabbing a tomato and squeaked. Allen wanted to place the tomato safely into the bag but dropped it in inside. He turned his head as Lenalee ran over.

"Allen! Hi!"

"Um...hello...?" Allen frowned before picking up another tomato and placing it in a plastic bag with the other. He was quite confused. Him and Lenalee were not friends. He only knew her from Band and that was just about it. He never breathed a word to her unless it was 'Excuse me' or 'Sorry'. Those were the only words he ever spoke on a daily basis at high school.

"So, what are you doing here?"

Is that supposed to be a trick question?


"For yourself?"

"Um, yeah?"



"Don't you have someone else that shops for you? Oh! Did you move out? How old are you again? I thought you were sixteen!" Lenalee giggled and patted his head. "You're so short."

"I'm eighteen...and yes I moved out..."

This was very awkward for Allen. In school, he never had such a long conversation with someone before.

"Wow, I've been waiting to talk to you for so long!" Allen deadpanned...why was she talking to him in the first place? Allen sent her an unnoticed cautious look.


"You probably don't know me, but I know all about you!"

"Excuse me, but how?"

"Road of course! We were like best friends! She talked about you a lot and I only ever got to see you during Band! We never had any classes together so we never had a chance to talk!"

"I can believe it." Allen moved deeper into the fruit section and picked up a plastic box of strawberries. Allen wasn't really good around other people his age, so he found it hard to be around Lenalee. But she just kept following him.

"Yeah, not to mention her adoptive uncle has a huge crush on you." Allen instantly went red. Someone have a crush on him?! That didn't even sound possible.


"You didn't know? Ah, maybe I shouldn't have said that then." She giggled. Allen looked away to hide his blush and started collecting random foods. "Anyways, you seem nice." She smiled.

"Y-yeah, I guess..."

"So what are you doing for the summer? Are you going to college in the fall?"

"Yes, I am. And for the summer, I don't specifically have anything I'm doing. I might get a job though." Allen said as he put apples, oranges, blueberries, grapefruits, grapes, and other fruits. Allen really loved fruit.

"Seems like a good idea. So, where do you live now?"


"What? It's not like I'm going to stalk you or anything. I won't promise you Road won't though. She's all for you and her uncle getting together."

"That's a bit..."


"Unnerving...I was going to say unnerving. I don't even know who her uncle is..."

"I would tell you, but that would be no fun." Lenalee stuck her tongue out at him.

"Right, well I have shopping to do...I'll talk to you later?"

"Great! See you later Allen!" She waved kindly and skipped away. As soon as she disappeared, Allen ran the other way with his cart, leaving her no time to come back and ask him for his number. If she was anything like Road, she would definitely consider on stalking him.

He made his way over to the meat and picked out a few protein products and placed them in his cart. He left his cart for a moment to pick out a gallon of milk. However, Cross never had milk at the house but Allen would remember Mana would always have some in the fridge...Mana never took him shopping either so he didn't know what kind of milk to get. He just picked out one with a familiar red sticker and cap on it and went with that. He placed it in his cart and shopped for the next few hours. He went to the check out area and placed items on the moving tape.

"Well, well, well, look who it is! Hello, boy." Allen blinked and looked up at the employee, tilting his head to the side cutely. The badge on the Portuguese man's left chest clearly stated: Tyki Mikk.

"I'm sorry...but do I know you?"

"No, but I know you." Allen sweat dropped. That's the second time he heard that today.

" many people know me that I don't know about?" Tyki laughed, which was quite sexy in Allen's point of view. He wouldn't lie, Tyki did look pretty damn hot. Allen blushed at Tyki's smile, avoiding eye contact. The floor wasn't as entertaining though. Tyki scanned, weighed, and bagged the items all the same.

"Actually quite a bit of people know about you, what with Road's gossip."

"...what exactly has she been saying?" Tyki smirked at his blush, making it go deeper.

"Oh, she's said quite a bit about you actually. Quote: Allen is quite shy, and it's just so adorable! He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he's really polite! I just think his scar and hair make him all the more unique, don't you think so too, Tyki?" Allen went even more red if that was possible. "He also gets very embarrassed easily! End quote." Allen quietly mumbled something incoherent. Tyki simply chuckled. "So, I see that you've finally moved out of that blasted Cross' place." Allen looked at him suspiciously.

"You know Cross?"

"I know Neah, who knows Cross." At the mention of said uncle, Allen felt a pang of guilt in his gut.


"But, did you happen to know that you're moving into the house across from mine?" Allen blinked at this a couple times.

"Really? No, I didn't know that..." I really didn't know that...but how did he know?

"Perhaps you'd like to eat some lunch sometime?"

No he asking me on a date?!

"Oh, I dunno...I'm actually pretty b-busy unpacking my stuff and I also have to study for college entrance exams in the fall—I don't even know what college I'm going to yet!" Allen gasped. "Why didn't I think about that? Hm..." Tyki laughed.

"Don't worry, you have three whole months to decide. Your total is $237.13"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I've been talking so much...let's see here..." Allen pulled out his black striped wallet and handed Tyki three hundred dollars in cash. Tyki raised his eyebrows, impressed with all the money Allen carries around.

"It's okay, but you know, not every teenager goes around with more than three hundred dollars in cash in his wallet." Allen blushed.

"Ah," Allen blushed and muttered something as Tyki handed him back his change.

"What was that, boy?"

"AH! Nothing! It was nothing!" Allen blushed, clearly embarrassed.

"Oh, come on, what were you saying?"

"I said...I don't to..."

"How to?"

"Manage a bank account..." Tyki sat in silence for a couple minutes before laughing. "It's not funny...C-Cross didn't have a bank account either...just a lot of debts..." Allen shuddered at the word.

"Well, I'll swing by later and show you how to work it, eh? I'll even help you unpack some stuff, how does that sound, boy?" Allen blushed. This was crazy! This beautiful man was his neighbor! Not only that, he wanted to spend time with Allen of all people!

"I...I dunno...I...okay?" Allen grabbed a hold of the cart and wheeled it out. The manager was scolding Tyki for flirting with customers but Tyki simply smirked.

That was interesting...

Allen arrived and parked in his driveway instead of his garage. Yes, it was probably safer to park in the garage, but his garage was quite tiny and he nearly took his mirror off parking it in there the first time. Allen walked around and popped his trunk open. He took about eight bags at a time, not really enjoying second trips.

"Allen! No way, is that you?!" Allen jumped and slammed his fingers in the trunk. He quickly pulled them out and glared at the trunk angrily. He turned his head to see who nearly got his fingers chopped off. He tried not to grimace as Lenalee jogged over. "I didn't know you moved next to us!"

"Us...being who?"

"Us as in me, Lavi, and Kanda!"

"Eh?" He knew who Lavi was. Lavi was a Senior at the high school they went to but Allen was just a freshman then and never really saw him though he did develop sort of a crush for him. He was all over that though...or so he thought.

"Don't tell me you don't remember Lavi! He was one of the first trumpets in band."

"I know that..." Allen looked down at the ground. Lenalee frowned.

True, Allen did have a crush on Lavi at some point but that was before Lavi embarrassed him in front of the entire school. Allen didn't like to remember it. He knew Lavi meant no harm by it, but it did a lot of harm to his self-esteem. It was in the beginning of school, which was why Allen was teased throughout the rest of his school years. Lavi was originally trying to play a prank on a teacher, placing a steaming bucket full of beansprouts of all things above the cafeteria door. Kanda, Lavi's friend was in on it too. He was late for lunch and just when the teacher was about to go in the door, Allen went in instead.

The history teacher was mildly sorry for Lavi's behavior and liked Allen ever since...but for the rest of the four years he stayed there, he was picked on. This caused him great pain, as he was already suffering from his father's death. Not only that, Cross was disrespectful as ever and Allen was forced to pay his bills or not eat. The pressure of all these things at once, developed Allen into the habit of cutting. He just felt so degraded and started bashing himself for it. He still had scars on his right wrist from it, but he quit that habit the end of his Senior year.

But even so, Allen still found himself thinking about the redhead from time to time.

"What's wrong, Allen?" Lenalee asked worriedly.

Of course Lenalee wasn't at school that day.

"N-nothing's wrong...I just...never mind, I have some work to do..." Allen fidgeted before leaving the girl. Lenalee was a very confused camper. Just what did Lavi do to make Allen so sad?

After going inside, Allen put away all his groceries and even started unpacking some boxes. He left a few boxes untouched, because he was tired, and decided to go upstairs into his study room. The computer just happened to be Allen's best friend for the last four years. No one on the online chats could ever make fun of him because they didn't know what he really looked like and who he really was. He became quite close with this girl on Chatango actually. Her username was TheAncientDeity but she insisted Allen on calling her Fou since they were so oddly close. His username was CrownClown. They both had feelings they could vent to each other about. She also told him about 'the birds and the bees'. Now that had been an embarrassing situation. Too bad for Allen, she lived all the way in Asia. Speaking of Fou, she was actually online at the moment.

TAD: Hey Short Stack, hows it going?

CC: Didn't I tell you not to insult my height?! Hey wait, aren't you shorter than me? -_-

TAD: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not ;) so hey, I'm actually going to be visiting England soon!

CC: ...really? That is quite interesting...what for?

TAD: It was BakaBak-chan's idea actually -sigh- apparently he's been reading all of our messages (he's an expert at stalking). He's stupid tho so don't worry about it.

CC: That isn't nice XD

TAD: That's nice coming from me.

CC: Too true, so when are you guys coming?

TAD: Maybe next week? You're 18 now right? Does that mean you've moved out?

CC: Yup! I don't have to deal with Cross anymore too! I didn't give him my new address :P

TAD: Well I say good riddance! And you're becoming more rebellious ;) I wonder why that could be?

CC: You're a really bad influence on me, you know that?

TAD: You bet!

CC: You'll never guess who I moved next to though...

TAD: Who?

CC: Lavi

TAD: Ouch! That sucks.

CC: However...

TAD: ?

CC: I also have a freaking mind blown sexy neighbor living across from me c;

TAD: Oh, Allen! I never knew you were such a bad boy...its always the quiet ones...lmfao!

CC: Oh my god Fou XD

TAD: Soooo, what's this charming devil look like? ;)

Fou already knew about his attraction to guys from a VERY awkward conversation...

CC: I think he's Portuguese...

TAD: -wiggles eyebrows-

CC: And oddly...I think he might be interested in me o.O which is really weird because I look would you say it? Odd? Certainly.

TAD: Awe, Allen, you're too modest! How many people have called you cute?

CC: None that I know of...wait, actually I think Road has...

TAD: You talk to the tar in the the street?

CC: NO! Her name is Road Camelot...and I think she stalks me...its quite creepy really...

Allen ran downstairs for a moment to grab a Popsicle that was in the fridge. It was really hot and he needed something frozen to cool him down. He ran back upstairs and plopped in his chair, only to see that Fou hadn't replied back. Allen peeled back the wrapper and licked the delicious frozen treat. He leaned back in his chair, waiting for Fou to reply back. He crossed his arms, wondering if she as still there. He didn't notice that there were two people eying him as he sucked and licked on the Popsicle.

Straight across from his window, was Lavi's window and he was leaning back just far enough to be able to see out of it. It was probably possible to jump out of his window and into Lavi's...which would mean it was probably more safe to close his window.

Anyways, Lavi and Kanda were currently occupying the room and both of their attention was straight on Allen's form. Lavi was typing on his own computer while Kanda was 'innocently' leaning against the wall, aggravated with the previously chattering Lavi; he was probably planning his slow, painful, accidental death. Lavi's eyes widened when he saw Allen and he snapped his trap shut and watched as Allen enjoyed his Popsicle. Kanda too seemed to be staring at Allen but more dangerously. Allen was relieved when Fou finally typed back though he kept leaning back in his chair.

TAD: That's scary, Allen. It really is.

CC: Yeah, I know...

TAD: God I wish it wasn't so hot here TT^TT

CC: Eat a Popsicle! That's what I'm doing...

TAD: Oh, I bet you're loving that Popsicle right now aren't you? ;) I bet there's something else you'd love to suck, hm? ;)

Allen choked and slammed his chair back on the ground, blushing madly. The two adults reluctantly tore their gaze away from the window and continued where they left off previously.

CC: THAT WAS SO DIRTY! :( I choked because of you! I could've died! :c

TAD: BWAHAHAHHAHAHA! YOU CHOKED ON IT! You're like, the most innocent gay guy I've ever met! Not to mention the awesomest! I can't wait to come over now!

CC: I could've died and you're laughing about it?! You're so mean :( and awesomest isn't even a word!

TAD: But at least you would've died happy, am I right? ;)


TAD: Lmfao!

CC: You're cruel, you know that?

TAD: And I'm lovin it! Well I've got to go now, ttyl sucker...haha sucker ;)

CC: -_-


TheAncientDeity has logged out.

Allen sighed and leaned back in his chair again, staring at the screen. He already finished his Popsicle but that didn't help the heat. He was so bored! He never imagined that he would ever be bored...maybe he should start writing a plot for that manga he wanted to create? That sounded great, but he didn't even know what he wanted it to be about! He wasn't hungry—which was a first for Allen—so he didn't need to cook...singing was just something he temporarily did. Of course, he can't put any of his talents to good use right now. Maybe could draw? Allen sighed again. He had never been so bored in his entire life. He always has something to do.

"Hey, neighbor!"

And now he had something else to do, which included falling out of his chair and damaging his god forsaken brain.

"Whoa, bro, are you alright?" He knew that voice from anywhere...Lavi Bookman.

"Y-yeah I'm..." Allen didn't finish, seeing Lavi's charming face from the other window. "I'm fine." Though it's not like you really care. Allen held back that comment.

" look familiar, do I know you?"

"Um...I dunno maybe we passed by each other before...?"

"No way! That's Moyashi!"

"Moyashi?" Aka, Japanese for bean sprout. Allen sighed, he hoped that subject would never be brought up again, but who was he kidding? "The sprout you dumped that steaming pot on four years ago."

"You mean during high school? Oh yeah! That freshy that gramps absolutely adores!" Allen clenched his fists and stood up. He rubbed the back of his head and walked over to his window.

"What do you want?"

"Awe, don't be like that! Look, it was an accident I swear! You sure can hold a grudge, bean sprout!"

That was one wrong move Lavi shouldn't have made. Allen glared hardcore at him and slammed his window shut before walking off. That nickname haunted his past an he certainly didn't want to return back to that time. He decided to change into some shorts and pulled on some white ones that fit him quite well. He grabbed his iPod, plugging his ears, and rode his bike out through the neighborhood, noticing Lavi who was trying to call out to him. Allen blushed, remembering Lavi's desperate look as Allen pedaled away.

He remembered stalking him in school. It was quite embarrassing actually. He couldn't help it though. Ever since that charming grin was sent towards him, his heart always skipped a beat around the playful redhead. His heart was damaged so much because of the unaware bag of joy. Allen sighed. He should really move on, they never even really knew each other! Damn it, he knew nothing about you why am I so-ugh! Allen growled and pedaled. He was on the correct side of the road, but that didn't stop him from being honked at mysteriously. This made Allen lose balance and look back. That was a bad idea. Because Allen didn't see where he was going, he crashed into a mailbox. Oh the dreadful boxes of mail. He hated mailboxes. Whenever he was around them, he always had to pay debts.


"That, my friend, was a very graceful crash."

"Shut up, it's your fault." Allen grumbled at him. He didn't know Lavi would be following him. That was just creepy. Like Road creepy.

"I expected you to be more nice..."

"Says the guy who dumped a steaming pot of water on my head."

"Actually, it was bean sprouts-"

"I know what it was! Just so you know, I was terrorized by it for every single day of my high school life." Allen stood up and dusted himself off.

"Whoa, really?"

"Yes, really, I'm glad you and your friends could laugh it off while I suffered though." Allen glared before picking his bike up and walk off. Lavi still followed him.

"Come on! Let me make it up to you!"

"Make it up to me?! Lavi, that was four years worth of torment! I don't think there is a making up for it."

"Huh, you know my name?"

"Who doesn't know your name?"

"You got a point there, bean sprout. I am very awesome."

"Very awesome at being an egotistical jerk!"

"Ow, that hurt!"

"Oh I'm sorry, your highness, would you like me to kiss it better?" Allen asked sarcastically.

"Eh, didn't know you swing that way, bean sprout."

"First of all, the name is Allen. Second, what's it to you of my sexual orientation?" Allen kept walking, trying his best to keep his stomach under control. It was doing flip flops all over the place.

"Didn't expect that wait you are gay? Agh, I probably shouldn't have said that-"

"You're very annoying." Allen interrupted, parking his bike in his driveway.

"You're so mean!"

"Actually Allen is quite the polite type."

"Tyki?!" Both Lavi and Allen exclaimed.

"Hello, boy~" Tyki snaked his arm around Allen's waist. Allen reacted violently and flung himself away from Tyki.

"Please don't do that..." Allen blushed furiously.

"Yeah, Tyki, learn to respect people's personal space."

"Says the idiot who followed me the way home."

"Awe, you're so mean, Allen-chan!~" Lavi flung himself at Allen, hugging him. Allen shoved him away.

"Please don't touch me..."

"Sensitive personal bubble you got there..."

"I wonder why!" Allen glared at Lavi.

"Eh?! This is my fault?!"

"This is stupid. I'll talk to you later, Tyki, I have nothing to do."

"Nothing? Doesn't that mean we can do something?"

"No we can't. I just..." Allen shook his head and turned around. "I'll have to take a rain check."

"No worries, boy. I'll take your word on that." Lavi gave Tyki a suspicious look as Allen disappeared.

"You have a thing for him?"

"Well, someone got boring. He's cute, not to mention polite. You just gave him four years of hell and that's why he's not kind to you."

"It was just a little joke!"

"A little joke that went too far." Tyki walked down the gravel driveway and towards his house.

One question remained on Lavi's mind: How far did that joke go?

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