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"Are you sure about this, Lavi?" Allen asked uncertainly as he stared up at the large snowy mountain they would soon be skiing down once the got off the lift they were waiting in line for.

It had been a month since all of the gang members for The Akuma had been caught and many people that had been affected by the group started sending donation money to them. Allen tried refusing the money but they just wouldn't take it back. Lavi accepted the money and sent most of it to Allen's pricey hospital bill. The rest of it they were currently using for their own little Christmas vacation. Of course, they would be coming back on Christmas because Komui was having a huge Christmas feast. Allen had never been so happy in his life when he finally arrived to their fancy suite It wasn't connected to any other buildings and it was just a cabin that was ridiculously even had a love tub in the bathroom...but still, Allen could finally have some alone time with Lavi without anyone watching their every move or bursting through their doors at one o' clock in the morning. Allen had Lavi all to himself and vice versa...though Lavi had to give up his time with Allen for Thanksgiving because Neah didn't get his Christmas with Allen.

"Positive!" Lavi cheered. Allen looked at the lift, unsure as it was their turn to get on with their skis.

" looks kinda high up..." Allen commented with a slightly scared look on his face. He hadn't at all favored heights ever since the roller coaster and Ferris Wheel ride with Lavi. Lavi sat on the lift, which was surrounded by no doors whatsoever, and offered a hand to Allen. Allen blushed and took the hand gently into his and Lavi escorted Allen beside him. The lift started moving and Allen jumped. Their feet were hanging off the edge and Allen's heartbeat increased at an unhealthy rate as he looked down at the snow-covered valley. "L-Lavi..." Allen whispered hoarsely. Lavi, who was personally enjoying the ride, looked over to see Allen shaking in his boots. He rolled his eyes.

"Oh calm down, we're not going to fall." Lavi reassured him with a pat on the back. Allen held on to Lavi tightly and buried his face in Lavi's shoulder.

"'s scary..." He said in a petrified voice. Lavi placed his arm around Allen and held him close. It was a bit new to Lavi for Allen to be acting like this, but Lavi thought it was nice that Allen didn't feel ashamed to admit it in front of him.

"There's no need to be afraid, Allen. Just look at this view..." Allen heard Lavi's breathtaking sigh and cautiously looked up and around him. It was a very nice view...everything was so asleep and peaceful...that still didn't prevent Allen from looking down and nearly peeing himself.

"Just don't look down, keep your eyes up." Lavi said calmly.

"I c-can't..." Allen stuttered. Lavi took the opportunity and tenderly grabbed Allen's chin before tilting it upwards to meet the boy's beautiful gray eyes. He tilted his head slightly and closed his eyes before pressing his lips against Allen's slightly frozen ones. Allen closed his eyes as well and enjoyed the kiss. They released with smiles on their faces.

"See, it's not scary." Lavi said softly and gestured ahead of him to prove that they were already landing on top of the mountain. Allen elbowed Lavi playfully with a smile. After they got off their lift, it started reeling away and a girl on another lift got off as well. She had a camera strapped around her neck and spotted the two with glee.

"Oh hello! You two don't mind if I take a picture of you two, do you? That sunset is just perfect and..." She gazed down at their hands that were entwined together.

"Not at all, as long as you can give us a picture of it later." Lavi grinned. She nodded and held her camera up before pausing.

" guys don't mind PDA right?" The girl asked with a faint blush.

Allen tilted his head to the side cutely, wondering about what she could be talking about. His attention was broken from her and latched onto Lavi as he pulled Allen in for a deep kiss. Allen was too distracted by Lavi to pay any attention to the camera lady, who was smiling extremely big. Allen's arms wrapped themselves around Lavi's neck and Lavi wrapped his arms around Allen's waist. They were directly in front of the beautiful sunset and the woman snapped the picture with joy. Allen started getting heated from the kiss since they were wearing thick winter clothing and drew away from Lavi with a thick blush on his face.

"Thanks a lot for your participation. To see your photo take this slip to the receptionist at the front." She said as she handed them a small piece of paper. She stalked off to find some more people but there were barely any because of how cold it was. She frowned in disapproval and trailed her eyes back to the two young men who were strapping their skis on.

"Lavi...this looks dangerous...I'm scared..." Allen admitted as he gazed down the large hill. He felt so uneasy whenever he was way up high.

"Don't worry about it, Allen." Lavi grinned and patted Allen's back a little two roughly. The younger of the two was sent sliding down the hill before he could prepare himself.

"AH!" He shouted. Lavi blinked and looked beside him.

"Allen? Where'd ya go-Allen!" Lavi called when he saw Allen skiing down the hill without him. "Hey why do you get to go first?! We were supposed to go down together!" Lavi shouted as he started down the hill as well to catch up with the flailing Allen. He didn't look very balanced. Just as they were about to hit the bottom, Lavi reached for Allen but only ended up knocking him face first into the snow. Lavi winced. "Heh, you okay?" Lavi asked with a nervous grin.

"Lavi~." Allen sang in that sweet voice of his. Lavi paled. Oh god, not the sweet voice... "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" Allen roared. Lavi screamed like a little girl and tried running away, only to fall flat on his face into the snow. Allen gave Lavi a sly grin. Lavi pulled his face out of the snow and gasped for air.

"COOOOOOLD!" He yelled. Allen giggled and Lavi snapped his head in Allen's direction. "Warm me up, Allen!" Allen's laugh was smacked right off his face.

"Wh-what!?" He asked, caught off guard by Lavi's proclamation. Lavi took this chance to lunge at his lover and delve into a passionate kiss. "La-mmph!" Allen was surprised by Lavi's actions but partook in the kiss anyways. Lavi grinned and forced his tongue through Allen's lips before he could give him permission. Allen didn't mind at all and pressed their bodies closer together for warmth. "" Allen moaned, burying his hands in Lavi's wild red hair. After about another two minutes of making out, someone cleared their throat to get their attention. Lavi snapped his head up, leaving Allen a little flustered. He turned his head around to see Deak and Tyki standing there. Tyki was giving them a dazed look like he'd been entranced by what they were just doing and Deak was tapping his foot.

"Did you 'have' to interrupt us?" Lavi asked with a pout. Allen was still in a daze as well as he panted...and Lavi was still straddling him.

"You guys are going to freeze." Deak said plainly. Lavi shrugged.

"At least we'll freeze happily? But seriously man, I was so getting into that." Lavi whined. Then a light bulb went off above his head as he studied him and Tyki together. "Dude, are you guys going out?!" Deak opened his mouth to answer Lavi's question, but found himself closing it and repeating the process a few more times.

"Shut up." Was all he said and dragged Tyki as he walked away from his twin. Lavi turned to his flustered little Allen and gave him a coy smile.

"Now, where were we?" He asked flirtatiously and leaned down to kiss him again.

"Mm, Lavi...the sun is...starting to...set..." Allen informed through kisses. Lavi groaned, couldn't him and Allen make out for at least ten minutes 'without' any interruptions?

"Fine..." Lavi replied, a bit annoyed. He rolled off Allen and dusted himself free of any snow before offering a hand to Allen to help him up. Allen accepted his hand and was pulled into a hug. Allen reveled in Lavi's warmth and buried himself in Lavi's chest.

"Lavi..." Allen whispered.

"Mhmm?" Lavi hummed.

"Let's go back now..." He whispered softly.

"Okay..." Lavi released Allen from the hug and placed a gentle kiss on Allen's forehead. They walked back together and Lavi glanced over at Allen, who seemed to have a very concentrated look on his face. He tilted his head but shrugged.

A blast of warm air hit them as they walked into the ski room where you would rent some skis. Lavi returned the skis to the receptionist, who was too busy on the phone to even notice Lavi. She jerked her thumb to the side and Lavi walked that way to put the borrowed skis in a box labeled 'returned skis'. Lavi waited for her to get off the phone for another five minutes. He tapped his foot a bit impatiently, anxious to get back to their room. Since the woman didn't appear to be shutting up any time soon, Lavi dinged the little bell. The woman looked up and nearly dropped the phone when she saw who was standing there. She quickly accepted the slip of paper and ran it though the machine before writing something on a sticky note...all while talking on the phone. She took the picture that was printed off and stuck the note on there before shooing them away.

Allen and Lavi held each others hands on the way back to their cabin and once they arrived, Lavi fished the key out of his pocket and jammed the key in. He opened in and they both bounded inside, anxious to get warm. Allen collapsed on the bed and Lavi started taking his coat off. Allen brought the picture and sticky note he received from the receptionist and gazed at it with loving eyes. The picture was extremely beautiful. Allen didn't expect it to look so great. He narrowed his eyes to read the small note stuck on the top right. There was a URL there...

What could that possibly mean? Do they want us to go to a website or something? Allen wondered. He also shed his jacket and kicked off his shoes and a few layers of the clothes he was wearing. Now that he was inside a warm cabin with plenty of heat, he was sweating buckets. It was...unusually hot...for a cabin. Usually you would think that it would be a bit chilly. He found himself wanted to take his shirt off but refrained from doing it. Allen fanned himself with his hand and wiped sweat from his forehead just as Lavi walked out of the bathroom. It was like his entire body was on fire.

"L-Lavi, does it seem kinda h-hot in here?" Allen asked as he rubbed sweat off the back of his neck. Lavi darted his eyes over at the flustered boy. Restrain yourself...don't...jump him...

"U-uh a little I guess." Lavi walked over to the window and peeked outside. "Wow it's a blizzard out there." Lavi mumbled under his breath. I'm glad we have refreshments...I hope it doesn't snow too hard that we'll be stuck in here..." Lavi mumbled, darting his eyes at Allen from time to time. Lavi did think that it was a bit toasty in here, but nothing to get all hot about. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to Allen. "If it bothers you so much, why don't you just take your shirt off?" Allen face heated up a little more than it already was. Allen knew he was blushing...

"U-um, I...I d-don't th-think it's so bad I h-have to..." Allen stumbled over his words. Lavi rolled his eyes, remembering that Allen still wasn't used to being in a relationship with Lavi. Maybe, just maybe, Lavi could change that. Lavi leaned over Allen's shoulder and nibbled on his ear, earning a gasp from the younger. "L-Lavi, that's not helping."

"Allen..." Lavi mumbled. Allen looked over with a slight puzzled look on his face. He tilted his head to the right a little to kiss him...and then he hit his head on the headboard of the bed. "...ow!"

God damn it, I just killed the mood!

Allen started chuckling at Lavi's sad attempt to kiss him. Lavi pouted, feeling totally embarrassed at what happened just now. He gently pressed his lips to Allen's and Allen gladly complied with Lavi. Allen licked Lavi's bottom lip for permission to deepen the kiss. Taken by surprise, Lavi let Allen in and their tongues danced together by the sounds of their heartbeats. As their heartbeats sped up, so did their kiss. Even though Allen didn't notice, Lavi found himself unbuttoning Allen's buttons one by one. Aha! It's working~ Lavi thought with a smile. Just as Lavi unbuttoned the last button of Allen's shirt, said teen had really started getting into it...almost like he was...desperate?

"Lavi..." Allen moaned through the kiss. Lavi gulped and actually felt Allen dominating him at some point.

Lavi does not get dominated.

By anyone.

Since Lavi's pride wouldn't let himself fall for Allen's little tricks, he also attempted and over-dominating the boy. The whitette didn't seem to mind at all and found himself wrapping his arms around Lavi's shoulders. Allen couldn't explain what was happening to him. He just...really wanted Lavi right now. It was a totally new experience for Allen and he just didn't understand why he wanted Lavi so much right now. His hormones must have been raging or something...Allen never remembered having this feeling before...

Holy shit...Lavi thought as more moans came from Allen. He didn't like where this was going but at the same time he did. Lavi really wanted this, he truly did...but he and Allen had only been going out for a month...hell they just met four months ago! Lavi didn't usually fall for someone so what made Allen different? Just that question seemed wrong in his head. Allen was everything. That's what made him different. Lavi was still slightly confused with Allen's actions...unless...Allen's...


Okay, now that sounded weird in his head. Allen definitely didn't seem like that could ever happen to him but...didn't it happen to everyone? Lavi's mouth felt dry despite the all the saliva swapping at the moment. Okay...this is probably stupid of me to think...but what if he gets...REALLY turned on? Fuck, what do I do?! I don't want to stop, but...Inwardly, Lavi was panicking. Okay, maybe panicking wasn't the word for it. It more sounded like Lavi was freaking the fuck out. Yeah. That sounded perfect.

"...A-Allen..." Lavi didn't mean for his voice to sound so weak. That surely snapped Allen out of his lust-filled daze. His eyes widened and he instantly retreated from the kiss.

"...o-oh my god, Lavi...I...I am so s-sorry..." He stuttered. What he really wanted to do was go and bang his head up against a hard object. Preferably the wall. SHIT. Lavi thought. Now I'm scaring him off! Ugh... "I d-didn't mean to do that...I don't know what came over me..." He whispered and pressed his hand to his lip, inwardly reminiscing the kiss. "I...I think I'm going to go take a bath." Allen said as he stood up. He looked down at his unbuttoned shirt with a puzzled expression and Lavi coughed into his fist awkwardly. Just as Allen was about to get away, Lavi grabbed Allen's wrist.

"I'll go with you." Lavi said, a serious tone in his voice. He was completely serious too. If he and Allen were going to stay together, surely they would see each other...nude eventually right? Allen gulped and nervously looked around, a bright blush on his cheeks.

"Oh...w-well I...I..." Allen bit his lip, trying to find the words he wanted to say. But if Lavi comes with me...that could only mean...we'll be the...oh god...I don't know if I can do this anymore...Allen thought with a huge blush on his face. He didn't think he was ready for something like that. Lavi rolled his eyes at Allen's embarrassment.

"Hey, if it makes you feel better, you can use bubbles or whatever and get in first." Lavi reassured. He really didn't mind showing off his bod with Allen, but Allen's thoughts seemed to be completely the opposite.

"" Allen hurried into the bathroom without another word. Lavi grinned as soon as he heard the water running. He stretched and laid back, waiting a few minutes before getting up to check on Allen. When he peeked into the bathroom, he saw that the bathtub (in the shape of a heart) was loaded with bubbles. Allen had sunk low into the water and his eyes were closed. He had a peaceful look to him. As quietly as he could, Lavi stripped down and entered the tub with utmost caution so that he wouldn't touch the boy yet. Lavi looked over at the younger and smiled. He couldn't remember how many times he fantasized taking a bath with Allen.

"You gonna sleep there all day?" Lavi asked with a grin. Allen's eyes snapped open and he slowly looked up at Lavi before sinking deeper into the bubbles with a cherry red blush on his face.

"H-how long have y-you been there, Lavi?" Allen asked.

"Give or take two to five minutes." Lavi replied casually.

"...oh...I didn't even hear you come in..." Allen murmured.

"Yeah, well, will you stop looking like Santa Claus now and sit up?" Lavi laughed. Allen ever-so-gently propped himself up and literally had no personal space right next to Lavi. Allen could feel their shoulders touching. Lavi chuckled and threw his arm around Allen to pull him into a hug. Allen Allen was left to do was cling to Lavi's chest with a huge blush on his face. We're a tub...not wearing any clothes...oh my god. Allen thought. Lavi sighed and laid his head on Allen's before reaching behind him and flicking a switch, causing the jets to turn on. Allen jumped and Lavi laughed.

As the jets pounded into Allen's back, he found that he was starting to feel extremely comfortable...naked or not...he actually felt himself starting to drift asleep until Lavi had kissed his forehead and ruffled his hair. "I wouldn't suggest falling asleep in here. You might turn into one of those wrinkled old prunes the old panda likes to eat." Allen couldn't help but laugh at Lavi's lame joke.

"'M tired, Lavi." Allen mumbled and snuggled into Lavi's chest. There was a short pause and Allen could just feel one of Lavi's perverted comments coming on.

"Well, I could always help ya get dressed if ya want~." Lavi said with a cheeky grin. Allen elbowed him in the stomach, causing him to let out an 'oof!' "...just kidding..." Lavi mumbled painfully. "I'll get out first then~!" Lavi sang and hopped right out. Allen had to shield his virgin eyes from the young man. "Aw, Allen, you're no fun." Lavi whined as he dressed into a pair of sweatpants and walked out. Allen cautiously got out of the tub and dried himself off, feeling definitely relaxed. He slipped on some pants as well and found that his shirt was missing...


Allen dried his hair with the towel as he walked out of the room. He turned to glare at Lavi and opened his mouth to start yelling at him but froze mid-gawk when he saw Lavi laying on the bed shirtless with a seductive smirk on his face. Allen couldn't even look away from Lavi, his eyes capturing what all they could as Allen took Lavi's chest into his gaze. Lavi's smirk widened and he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Like what ya see~?" Allen blushed at Lavi's question and looked away. Lavi himself took the chance to stare at Allen. He still couldn't believe how fit Allen was.

Lavi was wandering off into dreamland and he knew it...he couldn't help it though! Allen was standing there with a cute blush on his face as he dried his pure white hair from excess water. Lavi's eyes locked onto a water droplet that was oh-so-slowly trailing down his neck. Allen's melodic voice snapped him back into reality. "A-Anyways, what did you do with my shirt?" Allen asked.

"None ya~" Lavi sang.

"None ya?" Allen questioned.

"None ya business~" Lavi explained. Allen puffed out his cheeks with annoyance. Lavi chuckled and beckoned Allen to come over. Allen walked over and was just about to ask what Lavi wanted when he felt himself being yanked under the red headed teen. Allen blushed but smiled at him anyways. "So, ya tired, huh? Well good, because I've gathered all my sexiness to sleep with you!" Lavi chimed and crawled under the covers. Allen rolled his eyes and crawled under the covers as well. Lavi leaned over Allen and shut the bedroom lamp off, causing Allen to light up in a blush whenever Lavi's chest was so close to his face. Allen faced his back towards Lavi and snuggled with his pillow.

"Goodnight, Lavi." Allen mumbled. He felt a pair of firm arms wrap themselves around him.

"G'night, Allen."

When Allen woke up the next morning, he found himself shivering. He cracked an eye open and felt Lavi's hands encircled around his waist while the red head snored on his pillow. He slyly untangled himself from Lavi and went to the window to check how much snow they had gotten...he narrowed his eyes when all he saw was white. That's weird...Allen thought to himself and walked over to the door. He opened it a little and his eyes froze on what was in front of him before he let out a shout. Lavi, who was on the bed, instantly perked his head up.

"Mm, Al-len?" Lavi mumbled. He looked over at Allen, who was sitting on the floor with a petrified look on his face. Lavi followed the whitette's gaze and widened his eyes as well. He rubbed his eyes violently to make sure he wasn't dreaming. " that..." Lavi nodded his head faintly with a paled color etched to his face.

Great. So now they were blocked in by some measly snow.

"Don't worry, Allen, we can call maintenance, we'll just be a little late for the feast..." Lavi quickly reassured and closed the door after he shivered. He took the phone near the desk, also noticing that it was only seven in the morning. He called up the receptionist and she connected him to maintenance as quickly as possible. As Lavi talked on the phone, he glanced over at Allen, who seemed to be in really deep thought. He hung up shortly after they said that they'd be over in an what to do to kill time. " something wrong, Allen?" Lavi asked worriedly. Allen didn't reply as his concentration had not been broken. What's he thinking about? Lavi wondered.

"...Lavi..." Allen whispered but it didn't seem that he was actually talking to Lavi himself. A faint blush spread across his cheeks and Lavi just had to know what was on the snowy-haired teen's mind. He knelt in front of Allen and pecked him on the mouth. That seemed to get his attention. "...Lavi...I...want to ask you for something..." Allen said with a blush as he stood up. He then walked over to the bed and beckoned Lavi to come over. Lavi obeyed, his curiosity never failing.

"What is it, Allen?" Lavi asked.

"...I's only been a month since we got together...but...I...I want to t-try something with you..." Allen mumbled softly. Lavi gestured for him to go on with a rolling motion of his hands. "Can we..." Allen trailed off invitingly. He seemed to be extremely nervous and Lavi was just dying to know what was on his mind.

"Can we...?" Lavi asked invitingly.

"I want something with you..." Allen swallowed thickly.

"Kiss?" Lavi asked.

"Would I seriously ask for permission to do that?" Allen asked as he gave Lavi a pointed look.

"Good point..." Lavi murmured. He stared at Allen for a long time, wondering what the hell the boy was talking about. Allen shifted where he sat uncomfortably. He purposely looked from the bed and then at Lavi as if to give him a hint. Something to do with the bed...sleep? Does he want to sleep together? Because we've already done that...what could he possibly be referring t-oh my god. Does he want to have sex?! Lavi thought bluntly. "O-oh..." Lavi muttered.

"I mean if you don't want to I can totally understand because we've only known each other for four months and we've only been going out for a month and it might seem a bit too early and I might sound a little desperate and I'm not, but-" Allen's lips were moving so fast Lavi could barely keep up with the teen. He kept on going through run-off sentences and it was driving Lavi insane. Lavi silenced Allen with a kiss. He pulled away and Allen was completely silent as he stared down at his hands with pure embarrassment.

"Allen, I don't see any problem with it...just as long as you're sure you're up for it." Lavi smiled at his soon-to-be lover.

"I...I want to, Lavi..." Allen admitted, blushing.

"Just relax."

As Allen was sleeping peacefully in Lavi's arms, Lavi couldn't help but think back to what Allen had said just before he fell asleep. He wanted to hear it again and again and regretted not answering back. Allen didn't seem to mind and just fell asleep in his arms. Lavi closed his eyes and smelled Allen's hair, the smell relaxing his nerves. He kissed the top of Allen's head. He could barely believe that he and Allen had just slept together...true, he'd done it earlier with many other girls before...but Allen was different. Lavi loved almost seemed new to him...

Lavi...I love you...

Those words echoed in his mind and he found it really hard to close his eyes to sleep after what had just happened. What would the others think? Would Allen want them to know? Surely he wouldn't mind everyone knowing about them becoming lovers, right? Sure, he'd be really embarrassed, but Allen wouldn't be embarrassed of Lavi...oh, Allen...I love you so much it hurts...I'm just sorry I didn't say anything...Lavi thought as he ruffled his own hair. He heard sharp knocks on the door and froze. Shit, shit, shit! He thought and pried himself away from Allen. He slipped on what he had on before and slipped on a coat before opening the door.

"Well, we're here to inform you that you're safe can leave whenever you want." A maintenance member informed. Lavi nodded his thanks to the maintenance worker and glanced at the clock.

Shit! We're gonna be so freaking late! I hope he can walk...Lavi thought and chuckled a bit. He found Allen's clothes that were thrown aside and threw them on the bed. He grabbed a shirt and threw the coat off and threw it back on after he threw his shirt on. He ran over to Allen, who was sleeping peacefully. Lavi really didn't want to wake him up. Allen had only been asleep for an hour and he would probably be exhausted after what just happened. Lavi slipped on his boots and bounced over to Allen. He shook him softly and Allen cracked an eye open. He turned to see Lavi's grinning face.

"Mm, Lavi? What time is it?" He asked sleepily. Lavi would've gushed if they weren't so late.

"It's ten o' clock on a beautiful Christmas morning." Lavi announced in a weatherman's voice. "Just let that sink in." Allen seemed to be in a daze for about a minute before he suddenly gasped.

"Komui's feast started two hours ago!" Allen attempted getting out of bed but ended up gracefully crashing into the floor face first. Lavi winced.

"Heh..." Lavi laughed nervously as Allen rubbed his tailbone. "Are you alright?" Lavi asked.

"Y-yeah...just hurts a little..." Allen blushed, remembering previous events...he looked down and quickly covered himself. "C-can you get my-" Lavi pointed to the clothes on the bed before Allen could even ask. "Th-thanks." Allen pulled on his clothes as quickly as possible. After they were all zipped up, Lavi offered to give Allen a piggy-back ride. Allen accepted and laughed at his silly antics as he galloped around, pretending to be a horse. They stopped at the receptionist area and Lavi put Allen down so the teen could give the girl the key to the cabin. She smiled and thanked him. Allen turned to Lavi, who was checking his phone. Lavi's face paled a ghostly white color.

"Fifty-six calls." Lavi explained to his lover. Allen paled as well.

"We're so dead..." Allen moaned.

"Come on we better hurry up. You drive, I'll call Lenalee." Lavi commanded as they hurried to Allen's car. Lavi shivered a bit but was too anxious to actually pay attention to how freezing it was. Allen started the ignition and quickly drove off. Lavi dialed Lenalee's number and she picked up immediately.

"Lavi, where are you guys?! The feast was supposed to start two hours ago!" Lenalee shrieked into the phone.

"Um yeah, well, our cabin was blocked up by snow and we had to call maintenance to come down and help us out." Lavi explained quickly. "Jesus, Allen, slow down! There could be black ice out here!" Lavi if fate hated them, Allen ran straight over it.

"AAAAH OH MY GOD WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" Lenalee held the phone away from her ear and stared at the phone where Lavi's screams could be heard. Lavi's claim attracted the attention of everyone at the table. That being Kanda, Komui, Fou, Bak, Neah, Bookman, Reever, and Cross. "ALLEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO DON'T DRIVE TOWARD THE CLIFF, YOU IDIOT!" Lavi screamed.

"STOP SCREAMING IN MY EAR AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Allen shouted. Everyone was silenced, never hearing Allen curse with such vulgar language.




"STOP YOUR CRYING, IDIOT I GOT THIS!" Allen shouted at the crying man.

"I DON'T WANT TO DIE, ALLEN!" Lavi cried louder.

Then suddenly...silence...

"Oh hey, we're not dead!" Lavi cheered, causing everyone at the table to sweat drop.

"Really?! I couldn't tell! I told you I could do i-"

"YOU WERE SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL AND LANDED PERFECTLY IN A DITCH WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF CAR NINJA OR SOMETHING?!" Lavi asked quite loudly. Lenalee's eye twitched. She was so freaking scared right now.

"It's your fault for distracting me!" Allen accused.

"My fault?! How is this my fault?!"

"You were yelling at me!" Allen grumbled and started driving again.

"Hey, Allen?" Lavi asked.

"...what?!" Allen asked bitterly.

"...can I drive?"


Lavi was so glad that they finally made it. He seriously thought that they were going to die. Allen managed to avoid black ice and slipping and such. Once Allen successfully parked into the driveway, Lavi flung himself in the snow. "Oh god, land! I missed you so much!" Lavi declared, hugging the snow. Allen pouted and looked away from Lavi. He walked past Lavi and made his way for the house. Lavi looked up and jumped up. He ran at Allen and tackled him into a hug. "No, Allen~! I was just kidding, I love you~!" Lavi cried. Allen grumbled something and knocked on the door. Lenalee opened the door and invited them both inside with a scolding look. Allen shrunk under her gaze and gave her a kicked puppy look. Her stern look was gone in a matter of seconds.

"Good morning." Allen greeted everyone at the table and sat down himself. Lavi plopped in the seat right next to Allen, neither of them even bothered taking off their coats. Allen was just relieved that they could finally sit down. His backside was killing him. He wouldn't tell Lavi that though...

"Now that we're all here." Komui said with a huge grin. "Let's eat!" He said and instantly started digging into the food that was supplied there. He isn't even going to ask us anything? Allen wondered. He shrugged and grabbed a fork. Fou was coincidentally sitting right next to Lavi and listened when Lavi gave Allen a 'psst!' She looked over at them suspiciously and listened in while sipping some orange juice. Allen leaned in.

"What?" He asked.

" your body okay?" Fou did a spit take and Allen lit up like a Christmas tree as he dropped his fork. The fact that Fou heard was even more embarrassing.

"DON'T ASK ME THAT!" Allen yelled and punched Lavi in the arm.

"OW SORRY FOR WORRYING!" Lavi shouted back. They both blushed and looked away from each other. Allen grew even more red (if possible) when he realized that everyone was staring at them. Lavi cleared his throat awkwardly. Fou was holding a tissue to her nose, regretting not stalking them.

"If you two are done with your lover's spat, we would love to eat." Reever said with a sly grin. Allen just wanted to shrink into nothingness. He picked up his fork and started piling food up on his plate. Lavi leaned over again.

"But seriously...are you alright?" Lavi asked.

"I'm fine." Allen gritted through his teeth.

"Fou, are you okay?" Lenalee asked when she noticed that Fou was holding her nose.

"Never been better." She answered with a grin.

"Can we please just fucking eat already?!" Kanda asked rudely.

And so they all were quiet and ate their respective foods. From time to time, a conversation would be brought up and everyone would put their own opinion in. Allen really felt like he was eating with a family. The air was filled with so much joy and happiness and Allen never wanted it to end. Allen had eaten about three plated full of food and was starting on his second Peanut-butter pie, shoving all that he could into his mouth. He didn't eat as quickly as he usually did, choosing to savor the pie instead of eating it in one full swoop. He ate even slower when he remembered the events earlier today. Lavi...I love you...Allen really wished he didn't say that...he really did love Lavi...but Lavi didn't say anything back and it hurt.

"Psst, Allen?" Allen looked over when he heard Lavi's beckon for a whisper.

"Hm?" He hummed back.

"...are you sure you're-"

"Lavi, if you don't shut up I'm going to stab you with a spoon...and it will be painful." Allen growled. Lavi gulped and kept his mouth shut about the subject. Allen finished his pie and sank into the cozy chair...until he heard Fou giggling. He looked over at her with a puzzled expression.

"Lavi and Allen sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G~" She sang softly so only Lavi and Allen could hear her. Allen blushed and gave her a glare. She just winked at them.

After the meal was over with, Neah returned to work as well as Reever. Kanda and Lenalee went home, Bak and Fou left too, saying they had a movie to catch. So now it was only Komui, Lavi, and Allen in the house. Komui had went in the basements to work on experiments while Allen and Lavi sat on his balcony, watching the sunset. Today had been wonderful. The meal lasted from breakfast all the way until five o' clock. Fou would tease, Neah would tell embarrassing stories about Allen while Komui did it about Lenalee, and Kanda would just glare at everybody like he hated the world. Allen sighed as he felt Lavi pull him to his side. Allen blushed but said nothing, decided to enjoy the moment.

"I love you." Lavi said bravely. Allen couldn't stop smiling and felt tears of joy in his eyes.

"I love you too, Lavi."

Many wise men would tell you that first impressions are important. Indeed, the first impression does have a huge impact on each individual person. Leave a bad first impression and someone could hate you for life...unless you go by the name of Lavi Bookman or Allen Walker.


~Elvira Rayne~