"What the hell is this?" Chandra stared at the little piece of cardboard. Chandra, the Firebrand, it said in black letters. Hmm. Her thighs weren't that big, as far as she remembered.

"Woah." She looked up to see a crowd of people, mostly men and boys, staring at her. "Uh, hi." Stare. "I'll just..." One of them was starting to move and she made a run for it, gliding out the door. Five seconds found her running for her life down some kind of staircase that moved automatically, pushing her way past people to avoid the humming swarm of men and boys. This plane's fucked up, she thought.

"Hold on, miss," A man in some kind of uniform caught her wrist. "You can't have open flames in a mall, miss. It can make things too hot around here," he said. Chandra was fully aware of how he wasn't at all looking at her face. "Yeah well, these flames are a trademark, you know, so if you don't mind..." She inched away, but the man had a firm grip on her wrist. "Really, miss, you could at least turn off whatever contraption-"

He was a human man, that was for sure. Only humans burned like that when she set fire to their heads. The maddening crowd was gaining on her, and would have caught up to her and swept her away if it hadn't been for a girl dressed as a banana. "This way." The girl dragged her across a street past some machine-like things and turned a corner. There were a lot of machines on this street, too, and all going from white to black, with an occasional red one mixed in. The girl pulled her past a gate - a regular gate - and into a place that reeked of academics.

"Who were those?" The girl pulled off her banana costume and shook her hair away from her face. She looked around sixteen, but not the kind of sixteen that ran after boys and revelled in feminine fantasies. "They're called fanboys. Since you're dressed like Chandra, it'd be natural for them to be chasing you like that, 'specially now that there's a new expansion out."

"Expansion?" Okay, this plane is seriously fucked up. "Expansion for Magic: The Gathering. The new 2014 one." The girl looked her over skeptically. "You're cosplaying Chandra and you have no idea that the M14 is out?"

"I'm not-" Chandra's tongue nearly tripped over this new word. "-cosplaying Chandra. I am Chandra."

"Right, and I was Banana Princess just a few minutes ago." The wanted firebrand was starting to lose it. She walked over and held the girl up by the collar. "Lissen, bitch, I'm only saying this one last time: I. Am. Chandra." The girl, for some surprising reason, wasn't at all affected by how close their faces were or how menacing Chandra's face was. The look on her face was defiant, something like hers when she was younger. "You expect me to believe that you're Chandra the Firebrand? The real Chandra the Firebrand?"

"Well I am."

"And what do you think is going to make me believe that-" A wall of flame rose between them, narrowly missing the tip of the teen's nose. "Believe me now?" Chandra growled. She still hadn't managed to wipe the defiance off her face.

She did manage to call the attention of some women from across the park, though. "Shit," the girl muttered, moving away from Chandra and picking up her banana costume. "You and I gotta bail." The women were coming nearer now, and Chandra could see why the girl wanted out of there: they were authority figures. And in all her years of experience, older women who doubled as authority figures were much more annoying. She followed the girl's billowing banana suit across the park and through the field to a building on the other side.


Met this weird chick today. Keeps saying she's Chandra Nalaar. As in, THE Chandra Nalaar. Fuckin' A. Maybe she's some Magic enthusiast/mental hospital escapee. Worst part is I actually saved her flaming ass. If Dad were home things would be worse; he'd be asking me who the hell the girl hiding out in my room is, and why the hell she's burning the wallpaper off. It's weird, but I think I'm starting to believe her weird-ass story. There's no way her hair can flare up like her temper. Damn bitch's nearly strangled me twice.

Dammit. Only two more weeks till Dad comes back from that business trip. The hell am I going to do with this chick?

"Alright, say I were to believe you, what then?" the girl asked. The planeswalker looked up from a bowl of what the teen said was, "instant ramen". "I'm stuck here. It happens every now and then, it shouldn't take too long before I can head back to wherever."

"So, you need a place to crash?"


"Stay. You need a place to stay."

"I guess so. You could just point me to an inn or-"

"No inns on this plane, Nalaar, at least not anymore. Closest thing you can get to an inn is Sogo, and you only go there for..."


"Entertainment." The girl smiled impishly. She raised an eyebrow at her. That smile was unbelievably close to the look on a prostitute's face when they explain what they do for a living to little children. 'See, I spend time with men...' A snap brought her back to reality. "'ey. I said you're watching my place while I go to school."


"Dammit, you'll be here, completely free, with all the free food and drink you want, while I go to school, where they have uniforms that make you look fat and rules that make no sense. Get it now?" Chandra nodded. The words free food and drink were a very good marketing strategy on the girl's part. "And you're sharing a bed with me, so if you gotta schlick, go to the bathroom. Can't have you burning the wallpaper in Dad's room."

"What the hell is 'schlick'?" The girl laughed and tossed a can of something called Coke at her. "You'll know it. Hell, you probably know it already." She made her way to the window and peeked out. Meanwhile, the Firebrand looked around at her new place. It didn't look half bad. From the outside it didn't look like much, but the inside made up for everything. She took another bite of her ramen and sipped at the soup. As for the teen...

"What's your name?" The girl looked back at her from the window. "Huh? What do you care?"

"I could ask you the same thing. You could have left me back there with the mob, but here I am." The girl sniffed and muttered something. "What? I can't hear you."

"Adeli. My name is Adeli."

Figured I'd do something fun to prepare for my 16th birthday besides cramming for requirements. New goal: finish this by August 22. Ready, 2, 3.. BANG!