"...aw, quit it already with the Xin thing."

"It's not often that I have new material to annoy you with. Cut me some slack." Mason had dropped the pair off at their place before leaving the scene with a drunk pair of twins in the back seat. Adeli fumbled with the key before getting the lock open. "So I make one crack at her. Big whoop." She stepped inside and deposited her jacket on the floor, the planeswalker closing the door behind both of them. "That wasn't a crack. That was a motherfucking fault line." The teen said nothing but waited until Chandra had waltzed into their room before turning up the air conditioning.

Jace looked around.

No people. No animals. Just a plain plane. Not even a tree to be seen anywhere. "Alright, fluffball," he turned to the purple phantasm. "I'm going." He couldn't tell whether the fluffball was looking at him or not. It must've been, considering how it seemed to be begging him not to leave it there. "There's nothing you can do. You'll be alright. Maybe you'll find a way to multiply, like a cell." The mindmage felt it rumble against his chest before a wave of heat engulfed him. He slid to the ground, not noticing that the fluffball was steadily shedding hair all over him.


"The girls are asleep sir. No sign of the man in blue."

"Can you see Adeli?"

"Yes sir, she's in bed next to the red woman." The man blew air out of his nose and gave a few more orders through the receiver. "Is it cold there?"

"Yes sir. Has been for a while with the monsoon season."

"Alright. Keep an eye on both of them, and keep watch for the man in blue."

"Yes sir. He'll be coming back then?"

"Of course. Who wouldn't for a woman like that?" His officer snickered and he cut the line. The man sat back in his chair at his desk, but not before giving an order to drop off a few Sausage McMuffins at his daughter's doorstep the following day.


Jace squirmed.


The world was hazy around him, but he could barely make out a boy with black spiky hair that had fire-red ends. "Who are you?"

"Morning, Dad."




"WHAT?!" Jace started but was too weak to get up properly and landed back on the ground. The two were still on the plane. There was no sign of the giant purple fluffball anywhere. "I don't remember fathering children."

"Of course you don't. But, considering the fact that I was born of your magic and someone else's, it's safe to say that you, my friend, are my father." The boy laughed and sat next to the mindmage as the latter tried to sit up. "Where's the fluffball?"

"You're looking at him."

"You're no fluffball." The boy smiled impishly and pointed to an impossible mound of purple hair. "Oh my..."

"See? Welcome to fatherhood, Bluey."

"I don't understand-"

"Neither do I. You did use a condom after all."

"You remember?"

"'course. I looked inside your head. Like father, like son, right?" This was becoming too much for the blue planeswalker to handle. "You're staying here while I go back to Ravnica." he told the boy. "Great thing to do for your magically bred son," the boy in question replied. "After all these years that I spent keeping you alive by feeding you in your heat-induced coma."

"Coma? What coma?"

"It's been at least eighteen years. Look at your face." Jace put a hand up to his chin to find a beard that felt like the one that man in one of Adeli's comics, that Leonodas fellow. "I need to shave."

"Of course you do. You need to look presentable in front of all these people." said the boy, waving his hand at the emptiness. "What do I have to do to get you to be quiet?" Jace snarled. The boy tumbled away and stood up five feet away from him. The planeswalker looked him over. He had the same eyes as he did, although his face was a different shape. His jaw was soft, not like a girl's, but like a teenage boy's. It didn't look like it would change when he grew up.

All in all, the boy did look like him. A little.

"Two things."


"One: I want a name."

"What do you want?"

"Something cool." The mindmage thought for a moment. "How about-"

"I don't want anything too long."

"Never mind then. Uri?"

"Uri? What the fuck's that supposed to mean?" Jace pinched the bridge of his nose. The name suited him. "It means 'fire'."

"Ah. It'll do."

"What else?"

"You promise me you will do this." Uri was serious this time, something Jace thought he wouldn't really be capable of being. "I promise I will do this."

"You gave me your word."

"Yes, I did, now what do you want?"

"I want to find the girl."

"You're not serious."

"Do I look like I'm telling a motherfucking joke?" He said it so honestly that Jace couldn't help but believe him. "Fine," the planeswalker replied, sighing. "Where do we look?"

"On that plane you were on before you came here."

"Why there? And couldn't you be more specific? There are plenty of women on that plane."

"I'll know her when I see her."

"And how will I know her?"

"She can take care of herself. And it shows."

Ceros walked into the girls' room to see if he was missing out on anything. He wound around Adeli's neck before a sleepy kick from the Firebrand sent more of her torso onto the floor. He prodded his mistress's arm with a paw. The teen woke and sleepily crawled back onto the bed, but not before pressing her cold feet against Chandra's back. The planeswalker shivered in her sleep and pulled the blankets over to her side. The cat ignored the rest of their sleep-play and made himself comfortable on a pillow.

"Get your ice-feet off my back, stupid kid."

"Hand over some blankets, flare-brain."

Ceros yawned and went to sleep.

Sleep. Need sleep. But cannot sleep. Must sleep. Must-