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Ablaze: The Crimson Tower

Chapter 1: Missing

"Damn that Kazuma!" Ayano growled. Fists tightening, teeth clenched, she was furious. Once again, Kazuma just sat and watched as she dealt with the massive Yomas. Yes, Yomas. Two strong Yomas. Just sat chilling in a large tree next to the parking lot, he insisted he couldn't help.

Said Yomas gave been creating weird occurrences in the car parks of the neighbourhood. Starting with winding down windows and scrambling radios, and now, to cars randomly losing control or spontaneous combustion. Yoma like them don't belong here and it was Ayano and Kazuma's job to dispose of such Yoma.

After a good few hours of battle the Yoma, they defeated it. Of course, it would have been a lot quicker if that stupid wind user had helped.

Ayano was getting even more irritated the more she thought about it. Even thought it happen yesterday, that idiot had a way of keeping her mad for days. Today was no different.

Cursing and mumbling to herself, the red-head marched home. It was late and the sun had been gone for a while now. Dark skies were cast over the inner city, leaving only small specks of light to twinkle in the night and the bright orb that hovered proudly above all, illuminating the city in a cloak of white, incandescent light. The monotone hums of the few cars passing through the orange lamp-lit streets fell into the background of the sleeping side of the city life.

Jugo was so going to serious punished he for being late. Nanase insisted on going to karaoke, she couldn't resist. The only problem was that it was four hours past her curfew. Ayano sped through the streets, dashing to get home for a well-earned punishment. There was no getting out of this one. It would still take her another twenty minutes to get back to the Kannagi house.

This was just adding fuel to Ayano's already over anxious fire burning inside er. It was almost killing her. The wait before she gets to see that jerk, ready to pull out Enriha on him without hesitation, was unbearable. Oh that pervert was so in for it!

Ayano caught the sound of footsteps jogging behind her. A slow, steady paced jog that matched her own, kick-heeled power walk. Stalkers; Just what she needed right now. Actually, it was! This was the perfect opportunity to help relieve her of some of her problems. Jugo would have his excuse for her being late; being stalked seemed legitimate enough. All she needed to was picture Kazuma's stupid face on theirs and beat them up. Then she would hand them over to the police and be on her way. Simple.

Up ahead, the girl caught sight of an empty alleyway. As she drew close enough to the entrance, she swiftly slipped between the gap of the two buildings. It was murky, dark and smelled like dead things. Not the best place Ayano wanted to be, but at the time she wasn't really in the mood to be picky, as long as she got to hit some things. "Enriha, come forth!" Ayano whispered, summoning the sacred sword from its domain. Appearing out of a golden flame, the sword dropped gently into Ayano's palms. Sliding her palm up to the hilt, she leant back against the alley wall, prepared for ambush. A cold sensation raced down her spine and the icy temperature of the wall leaked through her white, school blouse. Ayano shivered, feeling it cause adrenalin to rise in her blood. Ayano began hoping that the perverts would put up a good fight, at least long enough to quell some of her frustrations.

A rattling sound rang through the space of the empty alleyway catching Ayano's down to her feet, she saw a small, grey canister roll up to her feet. Coming to a halt by her foot, it weakly bounced back from her black, simple shoes. "What the-?" Ayano began.

Suddenly, the can exploded. Grey, foggy gas erupted out of the flying pieces of scrap metal, warping the entire alley in an instant. In surprise, Ayano instinctively let go of Enriha, wrapping her hands over her hands and nose. It was too late, Ayano had already inhaled some of the thick cloud, shrouding round her. Leaving a heavy taste of rusted iron in her mouth, it pushed its way down into her throat like solid air. With each second, her lungs felt like they were getting heavier, as if they were weighed down by liquid gold. Buckling under the tremendous weight in her chest, her legs collapsed underneath her, sending her pummelling to the floor. Ayano's body collided against the ice, cobble stone floor, still damp against her skin. The icy touch from beneath her skated over her building body temperature, radiating through her in burning waves of agony. Ayano's hands clutched her chest as she gasped for air, barely able to take a single breath. Strong dizziness swept over her body, weakening her muscles and causing the world around her to distort in rippling lines. A darkness offering relief called to her, but Ayano ignored it, trying her best to remain concious.

The echoing chime of feet pounding down on the floor grew louder as it closed in on her. Through her failing vision, she watched the big, black boots come to a stop beside her. A shadow swooped down, and lifted her up off the floor, floating in the air. As her hearing began to deafen, the faint sounds of conversation blurred out into her silent world. Jugo was so going to punish her for not coming back. Ren would probably be worrying out of his mind as he tended to do. And Kazuma-...Kazuma. Would he come save her? "Kazuma..." she mumbled through the weak movement of her dry lips. Unable to hold on any longer, Ayano finally succumbed to the powerful call of the undying slumber. The world went dark.

Air currents slowly dropped down onto the well polished porch of the big Kannagi house; home of the fire users. Kazuma stepped gently onto solid ground without as much as a whisper. It was time to pick that hot head up for work. Teasing Ayano was one of Kazuma's favourite things to do. Kazuma was completely aware of the fact that she would still be mad at him for the other day, but he didn't care. It was even more to torment an angry Ayano, like poking an already awoken bear with an even bigger stick. He had let her take on the two Yomas that they were tasked to get rid of all by herself. It was dangerous, but Kazuma just loved to watch her struggled when she fought. The serious look on her face was just so interesting.

Sliding open the door to Jugo's room, Kazuma stepped in, thinking he was about to be attacked by an aggressive Kannagi girl. He wasn't. Instead, he was surprised to find Ayano absent. She never missed the opportunity to scold him for being late. However, she was nowhere to be seen.

"Hello Kazuma." Jugo greeted him, as kind and as formal as ever. Kazuma nodded a greeting back and took a seat next to his blonde, kid brother. A weary, anxious look was troubling his normal bubbly, cheerful little brother. Something was troubling him.

"Kazuma! Aya-" Ren burst. Quickly, Jugo defused him with a raised hand a stern glared. Ren's frantic eyes flickered between the head and the wind user before he hesitantly, hung his head, admitting defeat. Now Kazuma was interested, and not in a good way. something was defiantly up.

"What is it?" Kazuma asked in his soft, husky voice, sounding indifferent as he always does. Jugo's face softened as he lowered his hard gaze, realising a long, deep sigh. Then his gaze turned to Kazuma, filled with a hidden pain behind his gentle eyes.

"Ayano didn't come home last night." Jugo almost muttered, barely hanging on to his authoritative monotone he usually used.

"What?" Kazuma exclaimed, taken by complete surprise. Kazuma quickly regathered himself. "So the hot-head's gone walk about." The wind user indifferently concluded.

"For what it seems, yes. Her friend said she left the karaoke bar at 10 last night." Jugo added, returning himself to his usual, business self.

"That's a good four hours after her curfew." Kazuma said, leaning backwards, supporting himself on his palms spread out behind him.

"Yes it is. However, it seems we do not need to worry yet. It is not the first time she has failed to return back at night." Jugo's stern voice took a darkened edge to it, like a very serious father. It almost made Kazuma laugh. Obviously he didn't.

"But she has never gone without telling anyone before!" Ren interjected. As always, the kid was worried about his cousin. Kazuma understood they were close and he knew how much Ren liked to worry, so the wind user sighed and turned to face the blonde boy. Ren sat in traditional Japanese style. Tears were welled in his eyes, though he refused to let them fall and his fists were balled in frustration on his lap.

"Come on, Ren. There's no need to get so worked up." For a moment, Ren seemed like he was about to say something back, but instead he closed his mouth and waited for the wind user to carry on. "It's Ayano were talking about remember, she'll be fine." Kazuma gave Ren a gentle pat on the shoulder and felt all the tension ease out of it. Ren's hands relaxed on his lap as the boy let out a gentle sigh. Relief flooded over his face and it seemed the boy understood what he meant.

Ayano was someone no-one had to worry about. It#s the people who try to hurt her the impulsive girl that they should be worried about. The wind user caught himself laughing at the thought. In reassuring Ren, he seemed to have reassured himself, releasing a knot inside his stomach that he didn't even realise was there until now.

"Well, I'll take today's jobs then, you can call me when you find Ayano." Kazuma offered as he stood up and left, waving a subtle goodbye to his brother. Jugo's face still looked faintly twisted with worry. It seemed Kazuma wasn't able to reassure the family head as he did with himself and Ren. Somehow, he looked even more worried that before. Kazuma dismissed it, shut the door and left, feeling a little disappointed about his only-business day. No teasing Ayano today.

Ice cold water gushed over her face and body, sending a surge of frost to wake Ayano up with a start. Ayano flinched, eyes bursting open, shoving her body to sit. She almost toppled straight back over again as a dizziness swept over her but it quickly subsided as she regained her balance. Aside from the pounding headache, blurred vision and fuzzy hearing, she was fine.

"Wakey, Wakey." A rough, southern-rich voice laughed. Ayano's eyes set finally on her surroundings after she finished with her self-evaluation. Various skin-coloured blurs moved around in front of her, some closer than others. As her vision refocused, she was able to see that the blurs were actually men. Lots and lots of men. Great. There were about 30 men gathered together; laughing, eating, drinking. Long, wooden tables spread out in set rows, spread evenly around the small dim-lit room. Dark stone walls surround them, hanging amber, burning torches and random wall ornaments; some paintings, swords and clocks. A honey-varnished bar sat on the furthest end away from her, polished till it shone. Presumably, that was done by the large, muscled guy with tattoo sleeves and a thin black moustache that curled at the edges. It somehow made him look intimidating, especially with his bald head that sparkled even more than the bar. Several random bottles filled with various coloured liquids decorated the shelves behind it, labelled with different names and logos. It took only a second for her to recognise what they were; alcohol. She had seen Kazuma drink a variety of bottles of the stuff when she made him take her out to dinner. Ayano wasn't too keen on the stuff, it always left her with a bad after taste. Kazuma just said she needed an 'acquired taste', whatever the hell that meant. Somehow the old-theme pub cellar seemed like the typical kind of place you would find that wind jerk. Ayano wasn't sure if that made her relieved or concerned?

Several men, maybe ten, gathered around her in a little semi-circle like she was some kind of interesting thing. Looking about, there weren't any women in the bar, which was probably made her an interesting thing. She wasn't surprised no women came down here, it seemed more like a wolf's den full of rabid mutts than an actual bar, though it had a little -only a little- bit of class. "Hey babe, fancy a drink?" No. She didn't. Obviously, the man was drunk. His dark black suit and crystal blue, fabric belt stunk of beer. Drink spilled out the edge of his mug as his body swayed and stumbled. Several others who wore exactly the same outfit were cheering him on from behind. Ayano couldn't care less what they were up to, she had been stalked, knocked out and rudely kidnapped, and she wasn't planning on tolerating being pestered. Without hesitation, Ayano's fist tightened and launched straight towards the pathetic man's face, covered in long, greasy black hair.

To Ayano's surprise, her hand jerked backwards, catching her off guard. Her body lunged backwards at the force, crashing straight into the stone wall behind her. Pushing back onto her knees, she realised. Cold, black iron cuffs tightly clasped around her wrists and ankles. Chains limply dangled from the cuffs, across the floor and to were bolted to the ground. The chains jingled and rang, lashing against the floor as Ayano tried to struggle free. The chains wouldn't budge. A light bulb lit up in Ayano's head. She hated chains, but luckily for her, she had something that could cut through any kind of metal. Chains were a pathetic accuse to hold the next Kannagi head. "Enriha, Come forth!" The girl yelled, ready to summon Enriha and break the chains with ease.

Well, that should of happen, except, nothing did. Ayano stared blankly at her empty hands. That hasn't happen before. "Enriha, come forth!" She yelled again. Nothing. No Enriha.

The men in black burst into laugher, crippling over in a fit of agony and dropping to the floor like high flies. The first man with the long black hair reproached the red head girl, stumbling over his feet. Confusion completely covered her face as she stared in utter dismay and shock at her empty hands, turning them over and over, hoping to understand. "Ye aint breakin' those chains." his deep voice dropped into a dark, husky whisper.

"And why the hell not?" Ayano growled, her eyes glaring at him with pure hatred, and absolutely too furious to care. It was the only emotion that reacted to her fear and boy did she like it in these situations. It was better to be angry at her current moment than anything else. The man's thick lips twisted into a smile, pulling up further at one corner than the other and bearing his too white and perfect teeth.

"These..." His foot looped around the chains and jerked it forward, pulling Ayano onto her hands and knees with a chuckle. "Are magic-blocking chains, developed by the head himself. No super sword for you little Kannagi." Ayano hissed, tugging the chain and snapping them out from under his scuffed, black boots. The man shrugged with one shoulder like he was too lazy to do both as he straightened himself watching Ayano's glare that gave him a warning about her fist that she was tempted to throw right at him. She didn't. Luckily, he was still too far out of her reach. His amused smile turned sinister and became even creepier than before. "But you could always do something super for me." He winked, simultaneously raising a thick, bushy eyebrow as his face leaned closer to hers.

"You sure you want this?" Ayano teased, pushing her arms together and batting her eyelids. Drool was practically dripping from his mouth as his eyes turned hungry like a starved dog, ready to eat whatever moved.

"Oh yeah, baby!" the man howled, drawing even closer.

"Come a little closer." Ayano huskily whispered, feeling as uncomfortable as a rat in a cage. Luckily, she had met enough of Kazuma's lady friends, in order to pull her charade off. It still sent shivers down her spines and creeped her the heck out. Even so, the man was fooled, and he came just within range. 'Boys' Ayano thought to herself with dissatisfaction as a smile pulled on her lips.

In a split second, Ayano leapt forward, crashing her temple straight into his. With a loud thump of two heads colliding, the man was sent staggering backwards. Silence completely took over the room as he stumbled backwards, crashing into a collection of stools and dropping to the floor. Knocked out completely. Red blood spilled over his face from the nasty gash cross his thick, furred brow line. At least it improved his looks by a little bit. A steady trickle of blood leaked down the side of her own face from a similar cut coming from her hair line. Ignoring the pain, she felt a sense of accomplishment flutter in her stomach, pulling a small smile on her lips. That released some of her pent up stress, two birds, one stone. Sudden masses of laughter erupted through the atmosphere from every end of the dingy pub. Every man were barking with laughter, thoroughly amused.

"We've got a feisty one here!" One man whistled, making even more laughter explode across the room. Despite the joyful laughter and praise, Ayano still felt irritated. She didn't want to be here. Yet, she could do nothing about it. No magic and no Enriha left her completely vulnerable. Of course she still had great hand-to-hand combat skills but with such strong chains, she wasn't going to break out of them with pure force. No magic, no freedom. Great. What the was she going to do now?

Uh Oh! Ayano's trapped and bound by anti-magic chains and Kazuma's still unaware she's been taken. What will happen now?

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