*Pop* Professor Dumbledore Apparated to the corner of Privet Drive. He looked around, spotted a small tabby, and hurried over to it. He smiled, and the tabby blinked. It turned into a woman just as fast.

"Professor Dumbledore, you are very late. Might I ask why?"

"I was attending to some secret business."

Dumbledore touched the tip of his wand to his temple, and withdrew a fine strand of something. He bottled it, and gave no hint to his actions.

"Hagrid's late. He told you the schedule, I believe?"

"Yes, and might I enquire as to why you are bringing Harry here, of all places. I implore that you reconsider. This place is very dangerous to one of his calibre."

"On the contrary, Professor McGonagall, this is the safest place for the boy."

"You are insane."

"No, merely omniscient. Ah, there's Hagrid!"

Hagrid had come riding an immense motorbike. He clumsily dismounted, took a package from one of his many pockets, and handed it carefully to Dumbledore. Inside was…

"That scar…"

"He'll possess it forever."

"But… why?"

"Scars may come in useful. And they're not too easy to remove, either." Dumbledore set the boy on the doorstep of Number 4. The three stood quietly for a moment, before Dumbledore checked the back of his hand.

"Oh. I have important business I must attend to elsewhere before I turn in. Good night, Professor McGonagall, Hagrid." With a *pop*, he vanished.

Another story? But I haven't finished the Legend of the Oina...

My creativity was stemmed. This, LotO, and another story I dare not summarize will be released as I feel inspiration from each. LotO was just at an all time low.

And yes, I make too many Pokemon references. But don't expect a new story until these three are done.

Neither can live while the other... survives.