Come on out, witches and wizards of Hogwarts. Harry Potter is dead! And now… now we can build a new world. A world without the threat of the Mudbloods!

This guy had an ego. But there was no mistaking Harry's body.

"NO!" Darion cried. Even though I knew he was gone, I was still beyond tears. I wanted to run out, to seize Harry, to hold him tight and never let him go, but Amber held me back.

"Not yet… we have to wait until it will do the most good… at least let someone kill the snake."

Now, who will join me? Who shall join me in the reconstruction?

Only one man was prepared to step forward. Neville Longbottom looked at Riddle courageously.

One? Well, I hoped for better…

"I don't give a flying lion what you have to say, Voldemort. I was given one mission, and one mission only. I, Neville Longbottom, leader of Dumbledore's Army in Harry's absence, hereby condemn you and your pet snake to the darkest corner of hell!" Neville roared in outrage. He reached into the Sorting Hat I had subtly rolled next to him without thinking, and drew the Sword of Gryffindor with a sharp wring. He levelled it, and sliced.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Riddle's scream was heard for miles, despite being mostly hiss. As Nagini's head spiralled away from the body. At that instant, Harry's body vanished.

"Ginny, it's time. We have to-"

"Find Harry's body. He might be alive!"


As the fight was moved into the Great Hall, the Death Eaters were all but cornered by the oncoming hordes of allies of many different species, affiliation, and… yeah, everybody and their mother showed up. However, the two biggest threats, Bellatrix and Riddle, were not easily sedated. A group of professors holding off Riddle, we were searching for Harry when she got in our way.

"Ginny… and Amber, too? My word… this'll make for a fun show!" Bellatrix, no doubt completely off the deep end, had shown up, and we were pretty much locked into battle.

Amber started off by launching several different spells, each one missing Bellatrix by about a hair. Bellatrix panicked, and shot a jet right back at her. She blocked it, and I took up the fight.

As soon as I gave it a shot, her first jet narrowly missed me.

"Fear tactics didn't work? Suppose she really is insane," Amber remarked, before she and I were pushed aside by Mum.

"Never, ever do that again, Lestrange!" she taunted, before launching a bedazzling series of hexes. This time, the barrage landed, and Bellatrix was pissed.

"This'll be the doom of yet another Weasley… and then where are the parents? Who'll look after ickle Ginnikins after Mommy, Daddy and Harry are all gone?"

"Never. Threaten. Us. Again!" Mum roared, and shot a fiery plume. I shot a grassy one, and Amber a watery one. All three collided in mid-air, and hit Bellatrix straight in the chest, shattering her into a thousand fragments.


"Everyone's sick of that scream already, Thomas!" Harry chuckled, removing the Invisibility Cloak.

"HARRY!" I cheered, throwing my arms around him, until Amber prodded me off. We all stood beside Harry, facing Riddle.

How did you not die?

"Well, long story short, you killed my mother, stole my blood, I was one of your Horcruxes, and the Elder Wand isn't yours. It's mine."

But Snape killed-

"Yes, Snape did kill. But the murder would not have seized the Elder Wand even if Dumbledore still had it. It belonged to Draco, who was the only one to take the wand by force. And then I was the first to overpower him. Heh heh… I suppose we could have an old fashioned wand fight now, could we?"

Your death will mark my ascent into godhood!

"You aim far too high, Mr Riddle. Nebulosus Terrenus!" Amber said, flourishing her wand. Four pink jets hit the four corners of the room, encasing our arena in a pink fog. The spectators did not show up, probably to avoid unnecessary damage.

Amber began the fight by turning into her eagle form. She cawed, and started diving, pecking Riddle. Me and Harry saw Riddle prepare a counter, and interrupted him. Harry repelled Amber from the fight, threw his and Riddle's wands to one side, and began to wrestle with the snake.

So this is how Muggles fight? Pathetic. They'll be easy prey! He redoubled his efforts, pulling Riddle's arm around behind his back.

"Now what do you think?" he asked, giving him a solid kick. "They work for and against bullies well." I threw him his wand, and prepared a finishing blow.

"Alakazam!" Amber called, somehow turning into a human well. Harry looked at her oddly.

"Alakazam? You use a Muggle spell, with no idea what it might magically do?" he asked. Tom's body was encased in thick, pink bands, obviously causing him mental anguish. He roared, and his body sunk under the earth with an odd sound.

"Now what?" I asked. I shouldn't have. A white mist emerged from where Riddle last stood, and merged with Amber. She coughed, hacked and wheezed, doubling over.

"Ah! Ginny, what happened?" Amber panicked.

"Hold still, Muggle girl!" I snarled. The diary dropped from my hands.

"Wait, didn't Harry have this?"

"Amber, DON'T TOUCH-" I started. Amber opened the diary, and a golden light engulfed her.

"…that," I finished lamely, falling and registering no more.

The sight of Amber, vulnerable as she was in the Chamber of Secrets, no longer repulsed me after the pain was over. Cackling wildly was her replacement… that possessed Amber that still had the indecency to flirt with Harry.

"Now, where were we? Oh, that's right. I remember! I was about to kill you!" Amber taunted mercilessly. I was still laying down from the shock.

"Now Harry, this'll be quick. Avada Kedavra!" she cried, and Harry dodged the bullet like a pro.

"Hm… this will be far more of a challenge than I expected." Psychically, Riddle picked up the Elder Wand, and drew it to his hand.

"How 'bout a dual-wield?"

"Is that even possible?"

"No, but I'll do it anyway!"

Have you ever tried fighting someone with two wands? Yeah, even with the disadvantage of having to look at two targets at once, Riddle was easily kicking our butts. If only he knew to not kick our butts…

"Avada Kedavra!" he cried, aiming directly at me. Harry knocked me to one side, taking the bullet to the arm. A second shot, and Harry was well and truly gone.

"…You just messed with the wrong girl, Thomas Marvolo Riddle. Quodest Radior!" My Hyper Hex flowered from my wand at such an incredible speed, Riddle was pulled along by the blast, until he hit the far wall and sunk to the the floor. Amber looked up at me, and smiled. Her head fell to the floor, gone.

"…My goddess… What have I done?" I panicked briefly, before fainting due to use of the Hyper Hex.

I stirred, moaning as I tossed and turned.

"Good morning, Ginny. Sleep well?" Mum asked. I sat bolt upright.

"What happened?"

"No idea, Ginny. Amber cast some jinx that hid all four of you from view, and when you were back in the real world, you were fainted over Harry, Amber looked like she had been crushed against a wall, and we couldn't find You-Know-Who's body…"

"I'm piecing it together… wait, where are Harry and Amber?"

"Right over there. We're in the Hospital Wing, darling." I got off the bed, and looked at the two. Amber was on life-support, with Darion holding her hand. Harry was merely getting rest…

Quit fooling yourself. They're dead, and nothing you can do can change that simple fact.

…Correct. There was nothing I could do.

"Stop the medical treatment!" I found myself saying.

"Why, Ginny. They need this treatment to survive!"

"That's the thing… they didn't. Neither of them made it out of the Misty Terrain."

Shortly after Harry and Amber's cremation, I entered my dormitory, to find more stuff than was mine.

"Harry and Amber wanted you to inherit their stuff should they have fallen…" Hermione said, from one of the other beds. I nodded vaguely, and spotted a particularly spacious trunk belonging to Amber. I sorted all the stuff into that trunk, or to be given to someone who could make use of it.

"You're so lucky," Hermione muttered.

"Why?" I countered, tossing one of Harry's shirts in a trunk for Darion.

"Harry and Amber got a funeral. We barely buried Ron properly."

"Look, Hermione, that wasn't our fault. The wizarding world would marry Harry if I wasn't dating him… if I weren't dating him. And Amber's been on more of a spiritual quest, to master more spells than I think exist. Ron… well… at the time, no one really gave a damn about him."

"Ginny… fine. It's not like anyone gave me any attention."

"Hermione, are you OK?"

"Oh, just being torn apart inside by nearly every single negative emotion known to Muggle or wizard alike. Not like you'd care, though. You're just waiting to lull Harry to sleep, or find one of Amber's precious uber spells."

"Hermione… I'm sorry, I didn't know!"

"Yeah… you didn't even bother trying to give me the time of day, Lily! Admit it."

"Hermione, please!"

"I've had it! There just isn't anywhere for a sane person to go anymore! I… really need to talk to him…" Hermione opened the window, and sat on the sill.

"Hermione, we can talk. Now that Harry's gone…"

"Yeah, sure. Now that Harry's gone, you have all the time in the world to talk. Not before," Hermione put her legs on the other side of the sill. I knew instantly what would happen next.


"Too late for me, Ginerva. Make sure I get a funeral." Hermione pushed. She fell off Gryffindor Tower. I very nearly jumped off myself trying to catch her, but it was too late. I chose not to see the splatter. I turned to my inheritance, and absentmindedly grabbed another thing.

Maybe I have been taking Hermione for granted… her and Ron. If only I could make it up…

Harry and Amber are probably doing it. And was Harry going to propose to you?

I looked in the palm of my hand. Indeed, it was a beautiful ring, encased within its own box. Smiling to myself, I put it on, and continued to sort this stuff out. I didn't want to bring up Hermione's suicide yet…

Yeah, maybe I finished off on a bad note. Perhaps someday I can 'fix' this.

Next time, the revelation of my next projects... or maybe even my next 'seven'. Hm?

...The hints are not working, are they?

Two must fall to the hand of one..