He walks up to the door and presses the bell. Ding dong.

"Coming" he hears a muffled female voice call from inside the one storey red brick home. He glances around, spotting the basketball hoop on the side of the building presumably for the owner's son.

"Hi Castiel, sorry just had finish getting the stuff ready for Ben's party. Come in" she stands aside and allows him to walk into the home.

"Hi Lisa, I forgot that was today, do you want me to come back another time?" Castiel asks politely.

"No, no" she smiles "it's ok, Ben is with his dad until noon and I have someone catering so I don't have to worry about the food. I was just wrapping his present and setting pillows in the family room for the video game marathon I'm sure the party will turn into. We'll have to work in the kitchen if that's ok?"

"That's perfect. Oh, here" he hands over a small bag from the local bakery "We are working on a Saturday morning I thought we should have a treat"

"Oh my god. What did you get?" she smiles, opening the bag "cinnamon buns, oh my god, I love them. Right take a seat and I'll get us coffee to go with these"

Castiel takes a seat at the large kitchen table, while Lisa takes two cups from the shelf and pours coffee from the pot sitting on the counter.

"Here you go" she hands him the cup "now, come to mama" she opens the bags and takes out the cinnamon dust gooey bun, sinking her teeth into it "mmm, these are sooo good. I have no idea what Heavenly do but their cakes are amazing"

"I know it's the best bakery around" Castiel agrees as he takes a bite of his own bun.

"I wanted to get Ben's birthday cake from them but he said boys his age don't have girly birthday cakes" she laughs "ok, I have my sugar and caffeine hit so let's get to work"

"Yes sir" Castiel says with a twinkle flickering in his blue eyes.

"Funny, what do we need to do exactly?" Lisa asks.

"Go over the list of donors from last years auction, the contributions they gave, what those contributions raised and see which ones are the best to contact for this years auction and draw up a list of potential new donors as well" Castiel tells her.

"And can you tell me again why we are doing this and not Gabriel, he is the head of marketing"

"Gabriel says I am more organized and good with a spread sheet being an accountant so the list 'thing' is perfect for me and he will contact the people on the final list we draw up as my 'people skills' are" he pauses pursing his lips "poor?"

Lisa laughs at Castiel and his use of air quotes "He's right about the organized bit but the people skills thing is probably his fault"

"What?" Castiel says shocked at his friend and colleague.

"Castiel, let's be honest if I wasn't so chatty we wouldn't be friends, you'd be doing this job in the office at your desk"

"How is that Gabriel's fault?"

"It's not just Gabriel's fault, it's the whole Milton-Novak clan, they are kinda over powering and dominate every situation, which means you, as the baby brother and studious one, gets left behind" she gently pats his hand and stands up to get a pen and paper "not that it's a bad thing, it just means that people who take the time to know you, get to know a great guy and a loyal friend. Now enough with the deep and meaningful, work"

Over the next couple of hours they have drawn up a list of donors and brain stormed a few potential ones. Ding dong

"What time is it" Lisa mutters glancing at her watch "that must be the caterer, it's too early for Ben"

She walks to the door.

"Morning Lisa" Castiel hears a cheery but deep voice.

"Hey Dean, come in"

Lisa walks back into the kitchen followed by a number of boxes with bow legs. Suddenly the boxes are placed on the table and Castiel is greeted by the sight of a man with the most beautiful green eyes and a freckle dusted face.

"Hey" he smiles at Castiel "sorry I move these" he nods to the boxes.

"It's ok Dean" Lisa tells him "we are just about finished, right Castiel?"

"Huh?" Castiel manages to drag his eyes away from the beautiful man, Dean "Oh, yeah, almost finished, just have to send an email to Gabriel and then I'll be out of you hair"

"It's ok not in my hair" Dean smiles at the blue-eyed, dark-haired stranger "most of the stuff I prepared earlier" he turns to Lisa "so today's menu is going to be pizza followed by ice-cream sandwiches and the kids get to make their own so the kitchen may get messy hope you don't mind"

"That's are great idea"

"Yeah its seems to work at most kid's parties" he smiles "and I know Ben didn't want a girly birthday cake, but you can't have a birthday without a cake, so I made one using pancakes"

"Dean that's brilliant"

Dean takes the cake from one of the boxes and places it in the refrigerator, he then moves gracefully around the kitchen, taking bowls out of the press and lays them out on the table. Half of them he fills with pizza toppings and the other half he fills with puppy chow, trail mix, cake balls and hand-made peanut butter cups. Finally he takes a couple of pints ice-cream from the box and places them in the freezer.

"Dean do you think you have junk enough food" Lisa laughs.

"It's a birthday party you can never have enough food and not junk, no preservatives or additives, all homemade so it's practically health food" he smirks.

At this Castiel bursts out laughing. Dean glances at him, he has the best laugh, he thinks to himself.

"Dean!" Lisa laughing along with the two men.

Castiel wipes the tears of laughter from his eyes, finishes up the email to Gabriel and packs up his lap top and notes "Ok, that's me finished"

"Castiel are you sure you don't want to stay for the party" Lisa asks him as he stands.

"Lisa I can barely handle grown-up parties, just imagine how bad I'd be at a children's one"

"Fine" she says with a mock pout "see you at work on Monday boss"

"Yeah, see you on Monday, nice to meet you Dean" Castiel nods to the caterer.

"Oh my God" Lisa puts her hand to her mouth "I never introduced you guys to each other. Castiel this is Dean Winchester from Colt Catering, Dean this is Castiel Novak, my boss"

"Colt Catering and you're Winchester, like guns?" Castiel asks, tilting his head to the side.

"Nope, my Dad was a hunter, just seemed to fit" Dean says reaching out his hand to shake Castiel's.

"It's clever" Castiel takes his hand and instantly feels a shock course through him "anyway I have to go, goodbye Dean, see you Lisa"

"Yeah bye Cas" Dean says turning back to the kitchen counter, try to ignore the electricity he felt shaking Castiel's hand.

Lisa walks to Castiel to the door and returns to Dean a couple of minutes later "Wow"



"I'm wow, thanks Lisa but you know you're not my type" Dean smiles having catered for Lisa several times before he doesn't have to hide his sexual preferences.

"Ha funny Dean, not you really, you and Castiel"

"Me and Castiel?" he raises an eyebrow "what are you talking about?"

"Castiel never really talks to people he doesn't know and rarely laughs and even more shockingly he didn't correct you when you called him Cas. That's a mini miracle"

"Well that's me Dean Winchester miracle worker" he winks at her "Now get out of my kitchen so I can do the pizza bases and make the cookies for the ice-cream sandwiches"

Ding dong

"Saved by the bell, Winchester" Lisa leaves Dean to his work and thoughts of the blue-eyed boy.