Next morning Castiel is woken by the sound of his brother's phone buzzing.

"Gabriel, tired! Shut it up" Castiel moans.

"Don't blame me" Gabriel says standing up and going to the bedroom door "it's your husband or should that be future husband?" Gabriel ponders out loud.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Castiel slowly sits up, rubbing his eyes.

"He was reminding me that you are getting married in an hour and thirty" Gabriel lifts the tray which has been left outside the door.

Castiel hops up "I'm getting married" he runs towards the door to find Dean.

"Nu-huh" Gabriel stands in front of the door "that was the second part of Deano's message, you can't see him until you're standing beside him in front of Bobby"

"But" Castiel looks at his brother.

"As I said don't blame me, now let's see what for breakfast" Gabriel sets the tray down.

"It's French toast and bacon" Castiel says without looking.

"How do you know?" Gabriel asks.

"Dean is recreating our first time here" Castiel smiles, taking a cup of coffee from the tray.

"There's a card" Gabriel hands it to Castiel.

Castiel opens the envelope and finds one of the Castiel Novak branded cards with Stu on the front and the message inside simply says 'You too'.

"God!" Gabriel mutters "eat your breakfast or shower or something, cause the dreamy look is very off-putting, especially when I can't see my Samwich"

"I'm going to have a shower" Castiel snags a piece of bacon as he walks towards the bathroom "and you better leave me some food or else"

"Or else what?" Gabriel grins.

"I'll tell Dean no dessert for you" Castiel shuts the door and turns on the shower. Ten minutes later wrapped in a robe he walks back into the bedroom to find a suit, a tux, his tux lying on the bed beside there is a small box containing a button-hole.

"More surprises from Dean" Gabriel tells him as he walks into the shower "and do you want to open the Champagne?" he nods to the dresser.

Castiel slowly nods, he grabs a piece of French toast, opens the Champagne and pours himself a glass. As he chews the toast, he gets his phone and sends a message to his husband and receives his usual response.

Thirty minutes later Gabriel emerges fully dressed from the bathroom "Hope you didn't drink all the bubbly, baby bro"

"Only had half a glass" Castiel tries to tie his tie and fails again.

"You ok?" Gabriel noticing his brother struggling with his tie.

"Yeah" Castiel runs his hands through his hair "is it wrong to feel nervous?"

"Nope" Gabriel stands and helps his brother with his tie "its your wedding day it's to be expected"

"But me and Dean are already married"

"I know but today is different you are walking down the aisle in front of your family and friends" Gabriel pins the button-hole to Castiel's lapel "looking good, not as good as me, but not bad"

"Thanks Gabriel" Castiel smiles at his brother.

There is a knock on the door "Can I come in?"

"Of course Ellen" Gabriel tells her "see you down stairs in ten baby bro, oh, can I have your ring?"

"My ring?"

"Yeah" Gabriel says "you'll get back when Dean puts it on your finger"

Castiel looks nervously at his finger "I've never taken it off"

"What never? In ten years?" Gabriel looks shocked.


"Ok, leave it then"

"What about the exchanging of the rings?"

"Here" Ellen hands a ring to Gabriel "use this for the ceremony and tell Dean to borrow Bobby's"

"Yes ma'am" Gabriel salutes Ellen and runs downstairs "Samwich, Deano"

"Thanks Ellen" Castiel says.

"My pleasure" Ellen rubs Castiel's arm "anyway the reason I'm here, I was wondering who was walking you down the aisle?"

"Oh" Castiel feels a wave of sadness sweep over him, it should be his mother.

"Hadn't thought about it? I'm guessing even with all his planning Dean forgot too" Ellen smiles knowingly "that's why I'm here, I was wondering if you would let me have the honour"

"Ellen" Castiel whispers as tears form in his eyes.

"Oh honey" Ellen hugs Castiel "you and your brother are as much my sons as Dean and Sam. And nothing would making me happier"

"Thank you Ellen"

"So that's a yes?"

"Yes, yes, yes" Castiel squeezes her tightly.

"Good" Ellen links arms with Castiel "and there is no need to thank me, I should be thanking you for coming into our lives and bringing happiness"

Castiel blushes.

"Now let's go and get you married"

The two of them walk downstairs as they reach the bottom step they hear "Music, he's coming" being whispered by Gabriel. They walk into the conservatory to find the furniture rearranged and full of flowers. They walk slowly up the make-shifted aisle towards Dean, Bobby is standing in front of him, Sam at his side and Gabriel is opposite him.

"He is almost here" Sam whispers to Dean, who nervously turns to see Castiel and smiles widely at the sight.

Ellen unlinks from Castiel, kisses his and Dean's cheek and takes her seat. Dean takes Castiel's hand and the two of them step in front of Bobby.

"I love you" Castiel whispers.

"You too" Dean whispers back squeezing his husband tightly.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the reconfirmation of the commitment by Dean and Castiel to their marriage" Bobby says.

Castiel can hear a sniffle in the back round and he is guessing it's his sister, he shakes his head and smiles as Dean says I do, again. He follows with his own I do. They exchanged their borrowed rings.

"We have all heard the promises you have made to each other for now and forever. May you have love for the rest of your lives together and now it gives me great pleasure to say you may kiss your husband" Bobby says as Dean sweeps Castiel into to his arms to the sound of everyone in the room clapping and cheering.

"Woo hoo" Gabriel yells as he throws confetti over the happy couple "they did it Samwich, they got married"

"They were already married Gabe" Sam laughs at his husband.

"Yeah but we got to see it this time" Gabriel smiles.

Dean and Castiel break apart and smile at everyone "Thank you all for being here" Dean says "it means a lot to us, now if everyone wants to go into the sitting room"

"Sitting room?" Castiel looks at Dean.

"Yeah, the servers need to reset this room for dinner" Dean tells him "come on" he takes Castiel's hand and leads him into the sitting room.

Castiel gasps as he walks into the room "Dean, you did all this?" he looks around to see a small bar set up in the corner, the furniture has been removed and there are flowers everywhere.

"Nah, I kind of cheated" Dean takes a glass of Champagne and hands it to Castiel "I hired people to do the set up and serving so that we could spend time together"

They hear a noise of something tapping against a glass, they turn to see Michael standing slightly away from the others "Can I have your attention please"

Everyone quietens down and turns to Michael. Castiel worriedly looks at Dean who shrugs his shoulders.

"I know it's traditional for the best man to give the speech at a wedding, but I asked Gabriel and Sam if on this occasion, I could. When I first met Dean, it was here, in this house, a little over ten years ago, he was hired by Castiel to cater a family event. The next time we met my brother spend $5000 to have dinner with him and the third time we met, was at lunch after he and Castiel got married, for the first time" Michael smiles "I was incredibly rude to Dean, and Castiel, on that occasion and I wanted to say I am truly sorry for that and for not having the faith you in both that I should have. Dean you have spent every moment with my brother trying, and succeeding, to make him happy and Castiel, Ellen tells me that from the moment he met you Dean has never been happier. So I would like you all to raise your glasses" he raises his glass "to Dean and Castiel"

"To Dean and Castiel"


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