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Summary: Merlin being male, his pregnancy is different from any other one females have. Join Merlin and Arthur on their journey of what they go through and what they are willing to go through to have more should they so wish it.

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King Arthur Pendragon walked into the throne room and smiled when he saw his husband, reading over a document which he held in one hand and fed himself with food with the other hand. "There you are."

Merlin looked up and smiled at his husband, kissing him as he took his seat beside him. "Afternoon Arthur. How is Morgana?"

"Mother and daughter are doing fine. I have never seen Leon looking so proud. Are you eating again? We had dinner not one hour ago."

"I know I just fancied some food. I think some days you are like that, yesterday I hardly ate anything."

"Well you are making up for it today."

"That I am." Just then the doors opened and the council walked in. "I am going to have a walk in the forest; I will leave you to your council." Merlin said as he stood up and kissed Arthur. "Love you."

"Love you too."

Merlin sat by a tree not far from the Camelot gates and leaned back against the tree, smiling at the lake in front of him, how calm it looked, Merlin was only sat there five minutes before his eyes started to close.

Merlin jumped up when an arrow whizzed past him, he turned on his heel and ran back through the gates of Camelot, through the lower town and stopped when he bumped into someone. "Merlin?"

"Arthur oh thank god. I was sitting by the lake when an arrow whizzed past me, just missed me I didn't stop to see who it was."

"Someone attacked you?" Arthur held Merlin close and looked over his shoulder. "Leon I am going into the forest to see if I can find who tried to attack my husband."

"I'm coming with you." Leon said, jumping forwards when he saw Merlin sag in Arthur's arms.

"Merlin? Merlin?" Arthur said shaking his husband.

Merlin moaned and opened his eyes and looked at a panicked Arthur. "Arthur? What's wrong? What's happened?"

"Don't worry me like that. Merlin I want you to go and rest and have Gaius check you over whilst me and Leon go and search for the man who tried to shoot you."

"Shoot me?" Merlin straightened up and looked around. "How? How did I get here?"

"You ran here Merlin, telling me someone fired an arrow at you."

"Really? Last thing I remember is falling asleep against the tree by the lake."

"You must have sleepwalked." Leon said.

"That's impossible." Arthur said. "Merlin was awake; his eyes were open and everything."

"But he was still sleeping Arthur. My mum used to sleepwalk but only did it when she was worried, father said in her sleep she would cook. Cook Arthur whilst sleeping."

Arthur frowned and looked at Merlin. "So you dreamt it?"

"I must have done, last thing I remember is being by the lake dozing. I'm sorry if I worried you Arthur."

Arthur chuckled and pulled Merlin into his arms. "Don't worry about it Merlin, as long as you are alright." he said, kissing Merlin's temple.

Morgana was laughing as she changed her daughter. "Has that ever happened before?"

"No. I have never sleepwalked before. I mean there is sleepwalking and then there is doing what I did. Morgana this isn't funny I really worried Arthur."

"I suppose you did, he is very protective of you."

Merlin smiled and took Morgana's daughter in his arms. "She is gorgeous Morgana, you must be so proud."

"Oh I am, Leon calls her his little princess."

Merlin gave a sad smile.

Morgana walked over and placed a comforting hand on Merlin's arm. "There are ways and means of having children."

"I know, just can't have a baby yet, Arthur has only been King a few months, he still needs to adjust, give it another year or so then I can think about getting pregnant."

"You can get pregnant?"

Merlin turned to see the surprise look on Morgana's face. "Yes. Being very powerful helps a lot." he said as he handed Morgana her daughter back.

"Seriously Merlin?" came a voice.

Both Morgana and Merlin turned to see Arthur stood in the doorway. "Merlin you can get pregnant?"


Arthur walked over to Merlin and picked him up and spun him around making the sorcerer laugh. "This is fantastic news. This means we can have children of our own."

Merlin laughed. "I know."

Arthur pulled back. "I can't wait until you are pregnant and start showing."

"What so then you can say I am fat and get back at me for when you said I called you fat when all I did was take a couple of sausages!" Merlin snapped and stormed from the room and leaving a stunned brother and sister staring at where he left.

"What just happened?" Arthur asked.

"He is probably just tired Arthur, he told me about what happened earlier, if he is napping in the day he isn't getting much sleep at night."

Arthur just nodded and kissed his niece on the head as he left to follow Merlin. Arthur had found Merlin not far from Morgana and Leon's chambers staring out of the window. "Merlin?"

Merlin turned and sighed when he saw Arthur slowly walked up to him. "I'm sorry Arthur. I'm just tired I didn't mean to snap."

"Sh." Arthur soothed as he took Merlin in his arms. "I know. Are you not sleeping well at night?"

"Some nights I sleep right through."

"And other nights?"

"Wake up a few times. But it is nothing more than how I used to be when I was your servant. I think it is because since I became your husband I don't run around and work all day like I used to."

"We will have to find something to make you extremely tired before going to bed then." Arthur said, smiling when Merlin laughed and buried his face into the blond's neck.

As the weeks went on Merlin had only sleepwalked twice once to wake and find himself coming back from the kitchens with a plate full of food and the other time he was woken by Arthur who was stood in front of him, he woke up and found Merlin gone and was surprised to find his husband sat on his throne fast asleep.

A few times he had panicked Arthur, he was woken by Merlin who was roughly shaking him, he sat up to see Merlin sat on his knees on their bed. "Merlin what's wrong?"

"The guards outside are laying on the floor unconscious."

Arthur jumped off the bed picked up his sword and hurried to the door, opening it he found his two knights standing on guard, turning when they heard the doors opening. "Is everything okay sire?"

"Everything is fine. Thank you." Arthur closed the door and walked over to the bed to find Merlin laying down, eyes closed, fast asleep. He walked over to the bed and gently shook his husband awake.

Merlin had looked up and seen Arthur he sighed. "What did I do this time?"

They had been to Gaius who had given Merlin a sleeping draught that would have him sleep through the night and it worked well, until three nights later he had woken Arthur up by sitting up and singing very loudly and very off key. No matter how many times Arthur shouted his name Merlin wouldn't wake, when a knight came rushing in Arthur said two words. "Get Gaius!"

By the time Gaius walked into Arthur and Merlin's chambers Merlin was awake apologising over and over again to Arthur who held him close.

Merlin looked up. "Gaius you need to do something I can't keep doing this to Arthur. I told him I can sleep in another room."

"And I say no Merlin; we will get to the bottom of this."

Gaius nodded. "I will do a full examination on you Merlin. Do you want me to do it now?"

"If you don't mind Gaius, the sooner we found out what's wrong and how to stop this, the better for all of us, especially Arthur, just last week I told him Camelot was under attack and to sound the warning bell. Fortunately Arthur looked back at me before leaving the room to see me fast asleep."

Gaius looked at Arthur who nodded. "It's true."

"I will get everything ready." Gaius said as he left the chambers.

Arthur stood up. "Come on sweetheart let's get dressed so Gaius can check you over."

"I'm sorry again Arthur."

"Don't be. You have nothing to apologise for." Once they were dressed Arthur took Merlin's hand. "Come on."

Ten minutes later found Merlin laying on his back on the bed in Gaius' quarters, the room lit up with candles and Arthur by his side holding his hand.

Gaius looked up from his book. "Right then Merlin I am going to examine you like you are a man."

"But I am a man Gaius."

"I know that Merlin. And then I am going to examine you as if you were a woman and then after that I will use magic to check you over."

"Can't you check him over first using magic?" Arthur asked. "If it is something to do with magic I don't want Merlin going through all the other examinations for nothing."

"Is that what you want Merlin?"

"I think that might be better. If you don't mind Gaius."

The physician nodded and picked up another book. "I am going to do every spell in here Merlin okay?"

Merlin nodded and tightened his hold on Arthur's hand. After ten minutes Gaius placed the book down and stared at the King and his husband. "Well I have found the answer Merlin. I know what's wrong with you."

Merlin sat up. "What is it Gaius? What's wrong with me?"

"You are pregnant."

Arthur dropped Merlin's hand. "Pregnant? How..?" Arthur cleared his throat. "That is what is causing Merlin to sleepwalk and talk and do all of those things in his sleep?"

"Yes." Gaius answered.

"But when Morgana was pregnant all she did was nap in the day eat a lot and have mood swings."

"Arthur I have had all of them." Merlin stated.

"Morgana didn't do what Merlin has been doing in his sleep though."

"Pregnancy affects different people in different ways. Merlin is nearly three months pregnant. Once he reaches that mark I suspect that what he is doing in his sleep will stop. With Merlin being powerful the baby will feed off his magic so it will make Merlin more tired."

"I can do things in the day and make sure I sleep through the night."

"Pregnant?" Arthur laughed and shook Gaius' hand, thanking him before picking Merlin up and carrying him from the physician's quarters.

Arthur placed Merlin in bed and got in beside him. "You know Merlin you can do what you have been doing all through the pregnancy I don't care, we are going to be a family and I love you for that."

Merlin smiled and cupped Arthur's face, kissing him gently. "I love you too Arthur."

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