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Summary: Merlin being male, his pregnancy is different from any other one females have. Join Merlin and Arthur on their journey of what they go through and what they are willing to go through to have more should they so wish it.

Warnings: Mpreg. Only light malexmale. Rated 'M' to be safe.

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Gwaine stood up quickly when he saw Arthur approaching and held his hand so far up. "Sorry. Merlin said the baby is very active and I just wanted to feel."

"Only one person can touch Merlin and that is me as he is mine and I do not share." he growled as he pulled Merlin to his feet and held him closely.

"Arthur what is wrong with you it's only Gwaine." Merlin quietly said in his ear.

"I wasn't talking to Gwaine." Arthur whispered back.

Merlin pulled his head back to question Arthur further. "Who are you talking to then if not Gwaine?"

Glen stood up. "I think he was talking to me Merlin."

"Lord Merlin to you." Arthur answered.

"Again Arthur with your possessiveness. All Glen did was touching my stomach when the baby kicked."

"What he did Merlin and what he wants to do are two very different things."

"Ridiculous Arthur."

"Merlin I know things yes I know you are very attractive and have accepted that other men and women fall for you and I haven't got a problem with that as they know you are mine and I do. Not. Share." Arthur said giving Glen a look.

"What? Arthur Glen doesn't see me like that, do you Glen."

"Well I will admit that you are attractive." he said as he placed his hand on Merlin's back, too low for Merlin's liking.

"Oh." he said. "Oh!" he exclaimed when he felt the hand and moved closer to Arthur.

"Son you couldn't leave it could you. One night and you had to start I knew I shouldn't have brought you with me."

Arthur turned to see Lord Richard approach them all. "I apologise for my sons behaviour I am ashamed of how he is with this fascination."

"It's not an apology from you me or my husband is after." Arthur said.

"I am sorry King Arthur, Lord Merlin. I think I will retire only then do I know I will be able to behave." Glen nodded at them both and his father before leaving.

"I hope my son's antics haven't caused a rift at all between us." Lord Richard said.

"Not at all Richard. Your son is his own man now; you can no longer control how he chooses to be." Merlin said with Arthur nodding in agreement.

"He goes through phases like this. I am just wanting this one to go as soon as."

"Have you thought about holding a ball Richard, inviting all the young Lady's and Princesses hoping one will catch Glen eye, even a Prince or Lord, if he falls for them he will settle." Arthur suggested.

"Do you think that will work?" Richard asked.

"I believe so. The man you see today was nothing like the man I was before I met Merlin; he changed me for the better." Arthur said earning a kiss from his husband.

"I will see to it as soon as we return tomorrow. Thank you Arthur."

As the night wore on Merlin got more tired. Arthur had offered to escort him back to their chambers but Merlin was adamant he was staying, saying it would be rude to get up and leave them. Most of the women who understood told Merlin to go but Merlin wouldn't budge.

It was only when Merlin sat to rest on Arthur's throne for five minutes, falling asleep that the guests smiled and decided to call it a night and all meet again for breakfast before leaving to return to their own Kingdoms.

When the last guest left the throne room Arthur asked John to turn their bed down whilst he moved closer to Merlin to carry him there. As gently as he could Arthur put one arm around Merlin's back and the other under his legs and lifted him up.

"Arthur?" Merlin slowly opened his eyes and looked around. "Where did they all go?"

"They went to bed Merlin. They all decided to call it a night and meet in the morning for breakfast when they saw you asleep on my throne."

"I'm sorry." Merlin yawned and placed his head on Arthur's shoulder.

"Don't apologise sweetheart." Arthur soothed, kissing Merlin's forehead.

"Thank you John." Arthur whispered as he placed Merlin on the bed. "Being here until late you don't have to come in tomorrow."

"I know that is what Merlin would say so I will tell you what I would have told him. See you in the morning." John said as he left.

Arthur yawned and stripped Merlin before stripping himself and got in bed, blowing out the candle as he did, he pulled Merlin up close to him, placing one hand on his husband's stomach and fell asleep.

Arthur felt he was only asleep five minutes before being roughly shook awake. "Arthur. Arthur get up now."

Arthur woke up and saw Merlin sat up next to him. "What's wrong?"

"My back."

"What about it?"

"Rub it."


"Rub it. It has been killing me all night with the dancing and making my way around the guests."

"Merlin I am tired."

"I will go and find Prince Glen then, surely he not mind..."

That got Arthur sitting up. "I'm up." he said as he sat up and placed his legs either side of Merlin and started to rub where Merlin told him to.

"Oh so good." Merlin moaned as his head dropped back.

After a few minutes of rubbing Merlin turned and looked over his shoulder at Arthur. "Are you serious?"

"Merlin you making noises like that of course I am hard."

Merlin smiled and turned as best he could. "Well, you helped me when I needed it; it's only fair I return the favour."

Arthur laughed and pulled Merlin down with him.

Arthur had jumped from his horse and hurried up the steps in the courtyard where Merlin was stood waiting. He had just got back from a long week away visiting a neighbouring Kingdom, with Merlin now being eight months pregnant he had to stay behind and Arthur was going crazy, missing Merlin only two days in.

He reached the top of the stairs and took Merlin into his arms kissing him with as much passion as he could, not caring that his people in the courtyard below had stopped to stare. "I missed you so much." Arthur panted when he pulled back.

"I guessed that." Merlin laughed.

"Have you missed me?"

John laughed. "Are you kidding? He has been sleeping with your clothes, refuses to let the maid take them to be washed, told me they smell like you."

Arthur smiled and looked from John to his husband who blushed. "Do I smell bad?"

Merlin put his arms around Arthur and buried his face in the King's neck. "You smell good." he moaned.

After spending a day in each other's arms in bed with Morgana once more looking after the Kingdom for the day Arthur had gone to the kitchens when Merlin was fast asleep and asked the cook there to prepare all of Merlin's favourite foods as they would be going on a picnic the next day.

The next morning Merlin was woken up by John. "Where's Arthur?"

"Waiting for you. Come on we need to get you ready for your day out with your King."

"My day out? What has Arthur planned now?"

"Something he knows you will love and that you both haven't done for a while. Now come on, let's get you dressed."

Merlin just smiled and got dressed with the help of John. Once dressed Merlin followed John to the stables where Arthur was waiting. "A picnic?"

"Yes Merlin. Full of all of your favourite food. You can't ride a horse now so I have had a cart all ready for us." Arthur had helped Merlin into the back of the cart making sure the food was his side and not near Merlin.

"Why is the food over there?" Merlin asked once they set off. John at the front with the horses.

"Because if the food was next to you love we would only have half a basket by the time we got there."

"Can't you at least give me something? I have had no breakfast; I came straight to you with John."

Arthur smiled and moved to get something from the basket of food, missing the wince on Merlin's face as he placed his hand on his stomach.

When they got there John had laid out the picnic blanket by a tree that overlooked the lake and set all the food out. "I will go and make myself scarce for a while. Call if you need anything."

"Thank you John." Merlin said as John walked away leaving Arthur to help him down and over to the blanket.

"How do you want to do this?" Arthur asked.

"My back to your front, your arms under mine, and then slowly down." Merlin answered.

Arthur got behind Merlin and very slowly helped him down as he was told to and looked closely at his husband once he was down.

"How was the week with Lord Geoffrey then?"

"Great, made good progress. Missed you like crazy I have had seven sleepless nights."

"First night I couldn't sleep, from then on I was to take a potion Gaius did for me as I needed to sleep." Merlin said as he popped berries into his mouth one after the other.

Arthur laughed. "I like how you just chuck them in. Just open your mouth and catch them as you chuck them."

Merlin turned and chucked a berry at his husband who moved to catch it in his mouth.

After they had eaten Arthur started talking. "Sweetheart we have our baby in a month and we need a name for a girl and a boy."

"I know we -oh!"

"Merlin?" Arthur moved closer to his husband. "Merlin what is it?"

"Just twinges, I have had them on and off all morning."

"It's starting? Merlin you are a month early!"

"Arthur I realise how far gone I am and John told me his wife had these a month before she had theirs."

"But you are a man."

"Really? You know I didn't know."

Arthur chuckled. "I merely mean that with you being a man your pregnancy is different, I mean look how your months have been, Morgana had mood swings and just ate a lot and that's it, you on the other hand..."

Merlin laughed. "I know." he said before gasping. "Oh fuck Arthur I don't think this is like what John's wife went through."

"Oh bollocks." Arthur said, his eyes wide as he saw dampness in the sorcerer's breeches. "Merlin what do we do?"

"Do? We finish the picnic. What do you think we do you go and get help!"

"John!" Arthur shouted.

John came hurrying forwards. "Anything I can do... oh fuck." he said when he saw Merlin. "I will go and get Gaius."

"Hurry." Arthur ordered as he moved closer to Merlin. "Can you hold it?" he asked when John rode off.

"Hold it? Hold it? This isn't me bursting for a piss stupid I am in labour I can't hold it."

"But we need Gaius to cut the baby out."

Merlin frowned. "Cut our baby out?" he panted.

"Yeah. How else is the baby going to come out?"

"Arthur tell me something, when a woman has her baby she pushes it out of the hole the bloke shoves his cock in yes?"


Merlin reached forwards and grabbed Arthur's top pulling him closely to him. "Same goes for me."


"Well not the hole I piss out of idiot."

"What's with the attitude Merlin?"

"I am in pain. You caused this with your lusts so I am blaming you."

"Merlin please, what can I do?"

"Get these breeches off me, our baby wants out. Now."

Arthur did as Merlin asked and watched as Merlin took deep breaths. He moved closer only to be shoved back. "Don't touch me." Merlin snapped, panting as he dropped his head back. "Oh! Arthur your hand."

Arthur gave Merlin his hand and yelled in agony. "Fuck Merlin that hurt."

"Well I am sorry for your pain." Merlin answered sarcastically.

John rode into Camelot and stopped before jumping down and running as quick as he could to Gaius' quarters. He burst through the door making the old man and Leon who he was tending to, jump.

"John what's your hurry?"

"Merlin and Arthur went for a picnic. Merlin has gone into labour."

Gaius started to rush around, gathering things he will need. "You must take me to them, Merlin's magic will help a lot but if he gets too weak or tired at any point then I will have to use my magic to ease the baby out."

Leon stood up. "I will inform Morgana. Is there anything else I can do?" he asked.

"Yes. We will need a couple of knights with us in case there are any complications and Merlin needs to be lifted back onto the cart." Gaius said.

Within half hour Gaius, John, Percival and Gwaine were on their way to Merlin and Arthur.

"Merlin? Merlin!"

"I'm here Arthur, just tired."

"Merlin please tell me that is all you are."

Merlin saw the worried look on Arthur's face and raised his hand to touch his cheek. "Arthur you have no need to worry. I am merely tired because of what I have just done and used a lot of magic in doing so. If Gaius was here he would have used his magic and it wouldn't have tired me so much." Merlin answered.

Arthur nodded before looking down. "How do I..."

Merlin smiled. "You are doing fine Arthur."

Arthur smiled as he looked from his child to Merlin. "I am so proud of you. And love you."

"I love you too Arthur." Merlin answered as he saw the top of his son's head from where he was wrapped up in Arthur's cape, the little tufts of dark hair showing.

"Thank god he doesn't have your ears Merlin."

"I thought you said you liked my ears."

"I do. They make great handles." Arthur answered making his husband laugh. "Are you going to name our son then?"

"What would you like for a name Arthur?"

"Any you pick I know I will love. I will pick the name for our next one."

"Next one? Let me get over this one first."

"Merlin! Arthur!" came a voice.

The King and his husband looked up and saw Percival and Gwaine jumping down from the cart, helping Gaius down who hurried over with John. "You delivered your baby Arthur?" Gwaine asked.

"I did. We have a healthy baby boy. Gaius can you check Merlin please."

Gaius did as he was asked and after five minutes smiled at Arthur. "He is tired but with rest he will make a full recovery."

Arthur sighed with relief.

"I will need to check the baby also Arthur with Merlin being a month early." Gaius took the baby from Merlin and carefully placed the sleeping baby down and unwrapped the cloak. "A healthy boy. Congratulations to you both. Merlin's hair and lips but your eyes and nose Arthur. Does he have a name?"

Arthur looked at Merlin who smiled before answering. "Jamie."

The End.

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