" . . . you promised me, Shizu-chan." Izaya whispered, tears streaming down his face. " . . . you promised . . . "

Izaya buried his face in his lover's bloody chest. Shizuo Heiwajima had been laying dead for four hours so far. Izaya had been crying for three and a half after he found him.

Izaya looked up into the endless sky and screamed, "YOU WERE GOING TO STAY WITH ME FOREVER!"


It was just another lazy day for Shizuo and Izaya. They had been living together for two years now. The blonde was sitting on the couch with Izaya's head in his lap.

Shizuo stroked the raven's face. "I love you . . . Izaya," the bodyguard smiled down at his lover.

Shifting his position so he was sitting in his lover's lap, Izaya pecked him on the lips and smiled back. "I love you too . . . Shizu-chan."

The couple sat in a couple moments of silence before the raven looked Shizuo directly in the eyes and placed his own hand upon the blonde's. "Please don't ever leave me, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo chuckled and intertwined their fingers. "I've told you a billion times I won't."

When the blonde looked back at the raven, Izaya looked almost . . . scared . . .

"Promise me," he told him. "Promise me sincerely. So I won't have to ever think that you could be lying."

Shizuo furrowed his eyebrows. "Hey . . . why are you so worried?"

"Just please. Promise me," Izaya pleaded, his voice becoming a bit shakier.

The blonde pulled the raven into a tight hug, and whispered in his ear, "Fine. I promise . . . I won't ever leave."

Izaya pulled back from the embrace to kiss Shizuo sweetly on the lips. The couple sat in that same spot for hours, exchanging sweet kisses and plain breathing in the soul of their lover.

And in that moment, they thought it would be forever. . .


Izaya yelled at his dead lover, "I LOVED YOU! AND YOU LOVED ME! BUT I CAN'T SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU WHEN YOU'RE D. . . e . . . ad . . . "

The raven could barely say the word. To say the word would be to admit the reality. And then he would get hit by the incoming train of the cold, harsh, truth even harder.

Suddenly, the informant broke into a fit of psychotic laughter. "Oh but Shizu-chan. I'll help you keep your promise!" Izaya explained to the limp body. "We'll be together for forever ahahahaha!"

In one swift motion, he pulled out his blade and held it over his own heart. Tears were streaming down the informant's face while an insane smile was spread across his lips. He intertwined his fingers with Shizuo's limp ones. "WE'LL BE TOGETHER FOREV-"


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