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A calm day at the Fairy Tail guild until...

"What did you say, you flame-head?!" Gray shot up from his seat and shouted at the younger boy who now got up to shout at the raven-haired boy.

"You heard me, you ice-brain!" Natsu in turn said.

"Let's settle this!"

"Fine by me!" And no more words were needed as fists were soon thrown.

People around them just gave sighs. Did they never stop?

Natsu gave an angry shout and a table flew across the guild, shattering to sharp, dangerous splinters when hitting the wall. Gray answered the attack with a couple of chairs that were soon beyond repair laying on the floor which was in danger of getting damaged too.

"Stop it you two or you're going to destroy even more of the guild's property!" The familiar red-haired woman, Erza, warned the two. But the two couldn't hear anything. A chair was about to hit Erza, but she easily dodged it. But a vein popped in her forehead in annoyance. But right when she was about to shout at the two in anger, Gray suddenly shouted a magic-attack name.

"Ice make: Pillar!" An icy pillar formed before Natsu had any time to react and he was thrown towards the opposite wall. A crash was heard and Gray grinned in victory. But then something else caught his attention. Erza was enraged.

"YOU IDIOTS!" She shouted and hit Gray in the face. Gray fell down but soon recovered enough to bow his head down to apologize.

"I'm sorry!" Erza could only sigh. The two would never learn, no matter how much Erza got angry at them or hit them.

"Now where is that other idiot..?" Erza said and scanned around the guild. She thought that Natsu would have been attacking Gray back as soon as he was on his feet again. Erza walked towards the place Natsu had been flown to and saw the familiar pink-haired boy slumped by the wall.

"What? Did you get depressed by your defea-" Erza didn't finish as she saw that something was wrong. Natsu's head moved up just slightly and his face was pained. He looked at his right shoulder, where a splinter of wood had punctured a quite big area. He looked at Erza with a cheap smile.

"Sorry... Could you give me a hand?" He said while sweat ran down his face. Erza ran to his side right away.

"Gray! Come here!" Erza shouted and the older teen walked slowly to the two, not knowing what had happened.

"What is it-" He said with a bored tone, the earlier battle all forgotten. But then he noticed Natsu and his body froze in place.

"What's going on...?" He asked in a silent voice. Natsu wouldn't usually get hurt by an attack like that. He wouldn't let his guard down so completely that his skin would get penetrated by sharp objects so easily. Already by this point, the entire guild became alerted and people started to gather around them.

"Natsu!" Lucy shouted and ran to his side when she noticed what had happened.

"I'm just a bit tired from the mission so I let my guard down for a bit...hehe..." Natsu said and tried to act strong, but the pain was clearly quite great.

"You just came back from that mission today...You must be tired... We'll get you out, just wait. Gray, come here." Erza said while having a hand on Natsu's left shoulder to make him feel safer. Gray walked beside them slowly.

"When I pull Natsu out, you have to stop the bleeding by freezing the wound, okay?" Erza said and Gray gave a hesitant nod.

"No! I don't want to freeze! This is nothing-!" Natsu shouted and tried to move forward, pulling his shoulder out slightly, causing blood to run down even more than before.

"Stop it!" Erza shouted and put a hand on Natsu's chest. His teeth were gritted to suppress a scream and his body was shaking. His energy and willpower ran out as he knew that Erza wouldn't allow him to move any further and he collapsed backwards, head lolling back.

"Natsu, get a grip...!" Lucy said and softly gripped Natsu's hand.

Natsu's breathing was ragged and blood was forming a puddle under him.

"We need to get him out. I'm going to count to three and Lucy and I will pull. Gray, you have to freeze the wound, alright?" Erza looked back at Gray, who looked more confident this time when he nodded.

"One." Erza started counting and put her other hand to Natsu's back and other behind his neck. Lucy put her hand to Natsu's right shoulder, trying to avoid the wound.

"Two." Lucy breathed out and Gray put his hands ready to mold ice.
"Three!" Erza shouted and the two girls pulled.

"AAGH!" Natsu gave a pain-filled shout as he was free and they could see his eyes closing tightly. Gray put his hands on the wound and ice was soon covering the wound from front and back.

"Guah-Aaagh!" The freezing feeling paralyzed his entire body in shock. It was like doubling the pain of the wound.

Natsu couldn't help it when everything became blurry and he knew that he wouldn't be able to stay conscious. He was about to fall to the floor when Gray caught him. But Natsu was already oblivious of that.

The three now noticed that there were still splinters inside the wound, pointing out sharply. But at least he wasn't bleeding anymore and he wasn't caught to a broken table, but it would be a painful wound to treat.

"Let's bring him to the infirmary. We'll call someone from the hospital to come over to treat him better but I think that it's best if we keep him in the guild." Erza said and got up. Gray didn't move from the floor as he held Natsu.

"Gray-?" Erza was about to ask when Gray started speaking.

"Why...didn't he say anything?" Erza could see that Gray was quite shocked about the outcome of their brawl. They had never hurt each other as badly as this.

"You know Natsu better than most people in this guild. You know that he wouldn't want to tell you that he was feeling too tired or weak for a fight." But Gray seemed to ignore her words as he stood up and held Natsu bridal-style in his arms and walked past Erza.

She could only sigh. The two were a fire-mage and an ice-mage, the exact opposite, but still more similar than many twin brothers.

"Lucy, I'm sorry but could you see that someone takes care of this mess?" Erza said to the younger girl, who nodded. The others in the guild who had seen the situation were more than willing to help in any way they could.

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