Second Chances - Chapter One –

Note: This fic is ignoring the events of Thor 2 (especially the state and conditions of the prison Loki was in) And also, because it is after IM3, Tony has no arc and no suits. The Avengers now live in his refurbished tower but renamed Avengers Tower, even though Tony still owns it. One last thing, this is my first Mpreg so I can't say how good or accurate it is :S I hope its good though, so enjoy ;D

Loki's green eyes scanned the glowering crowd, trying to return their hateful stares with his own but he failed as he was barely able to move from the tiredness that had overcome him. He limped toward the All Father's throne, his adoptive brother Thor walking next to him to support and glower back for him at the unpleased crowd, being more protective than angry about his 'brother's past actions.

Loki tried to scoff but failed because of the metal mouth guard attached to his jaw once again. He had not worn this particular contraption since his capture one year ago to this day. When he and Thor had returned to Asgard after the events of what transpired on Midgard with the Chitauri, Loki had stood on trial much like this, but last time was different. Last time he had been sentenced to one year in the Asgardian jail, cursed to repent and atone for his crimes, by being tortured nearly every day.

It had been horrible. His malnourished body was scattered with red scars that stood out even more with his sickly and pale skin. His usually bright green eyes were bloodshot with bags underneath; a slightly duller colour than before. He wore a cloth around his waist; customary prisoner outfits, which unfortunately showed off all his scars to the outside world.

Although he still resented his brother, he had to admit, it was nice to have at least one person still wanting to talk to him and that was even a little in the argument for his freedom from this punishment.

Around the brothers as they made their way forward, the crowd grew angry, their shouts of disappointment and distrust rising the closer they got to the throne.

Just when Loki started to feel faint, thinking they could get no louder, Odin's voice cut through the crowd, silencing all of their disrespectful chatter.

"Loki Odinson, it has been a year since you last stood before us, have you had enough time to think about your actions?"

Loki rolled his eyes at the name. Odinson. 'I am not fit to bare that title, I am Laufeyson. That's a name befitting of the monster I am...' he thought sadly as he raised an eyebrow and shrugged at Odin's question.

Odin looked at Thor and nodded, signalling for him to remove the metal gag. When it snapped open with a loud clunk, Loki breathed in a huge breath of air then sighed heavily, despite being happy to get that awful thing off him.

Thor placed the gag on the floor beside himself before returning to his proud stance again, as Loki tried moved his jaw back into life again, failing at the fact that he was so weak. He could not even raise a hand to touch his face.

"Well?" Odin repeated as Loki looked up at him tiredly.

"Do not... Call me... That..." He wheezed, unable to finish from coughing at the dryness in his throat. Thor and Frigga frowned with concern as everyone else just ignored him, the crowd along with Sif and the warriors three giving him scornful glares as he bent over and coughed roughly.

Thor looked to a serving boy who stood at the side and motioned for him to get a drink for Loki. The boy glanced at Odin who closed his eyes and nodded, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"Loki, stop that. You know you are an Odinson whether you like it or not."

Loki scoffed, everyone on Asgard knew of his true heritage thank to a certain blonde prince's big mouth and it had worked against him in the prison.

He turned his head to look doubtfully at the boy who had returned with a glass full of water. He looked at the glass, then, to his embarrassment, at Thor who understood he was telling him that he was too weak to lift it.

"That was not 'repentance time' that was cold blooded torture..."

Behind him, he faintly heard the crowd murmuring things about him knowing the literal meaning of 'Cold'. Loki looked over his shoulder at them and glared.

"You're right, I do know of the literal meaning of cold. Here, let me demonstrate." He said as he released his Jötun form. As his pale, scarred skin turned blue and rigid, the crowd gasped loudly with shock and disgust. 'That's right, look upon me like the monster I am...' he thought, smirking evilly as he saw the disturbed looks on their faces.

"Loki, stop that." Odin said firmly. Loki cocked his head amused.

"Oh yes, suppose I'm scaring the children am I? The very monster they fear standing on trial as a former prince of Asgard." He spat weakly, making Odin frown at his wording.

"You are still a prince, and my son. You are not a monster Loki."

Loki scoffed and rolled his eyes, shaking his head in denial. "No, that's what you'd like to think of me. Truth is, you're all scared. Scared at what this monster will do next."

Odin stood suddenly as the room began to fill with disturbed chatter. "Silence. This hearing is no longer for the public eye."

Groans of disappointment echoed throughout the hall as the crowd that had gathered shuffled off, muttering amongst themselves and shooting distrustful glances at Loki, who had since returned to his Aesir appearance. He ignored them by turning his back to the crowds as they exited the great hall.

Once emptied, Odin stood and walked up to Loki and knelt by him. "Loki, you're not leaving us with a lot of options here. Can't you see were trying to help you?"

"You're not helping me." Loki managed to sneer back. "You're just putting on a show for your people so that they think you a king and merciful king."

"You insufferable child, why do you refuse us?" Odin stood and turned around before looking to the side. "We want to help you so that you may return to life as it was!"

"You call locking me away in a prison cell, leaving me to get beaten, bruised, scarred and malnourished 'help'?" Loki shook his head in disbelief. "Oh no father, I call that the complete opposite to help!"

"Father, although I beloved that Loki should have taken some form of punishment for his actions, I do not think that the method you used had any effect, so why did you let it happen?!" Thor said, stepping forward.

Odin turned and glared at the brothers with his one good eye.

"I allowed it to happen because I thought it would change him! Clearly I chose the wrong method."

Loki rolled his eyes and mentally face-palmed himself. Of course that method didn't work. Sure, the prison sentence would have been more bearable if he had not been so thoroughly mistreated, even if he did repent his actions just a little, it still made him hold a grudge against the man who he once thought his father.

It was then that Frigga stepped forward, out of her throne and over to where Loki now sat upon the floor, his legs giving up the strength to stand a while ago.

"My son..." She said softly as she reached put to touch him.

"Don't." Loki hissed back, jerking his head away lightly from her touch which hurt her. "I'm not your son, I'm a monster."

Frigga shook her head and gently cupped his face despite the protests. "No, you'll always be our son, and Thor's younger brother. But you have to understand that your- The All Father did what he could to teach you to learn from your past ways."

"He clearly hasn't learned so take him back to his cell." Odin said but was stopped by Thor's booming voice.

"No! My brother had suffered enough by the hands of those prison guards. If you believe that he still needs to be punished, which I disagree with, the. Fine, but do not submit him to more torture!"

Loki watched with amused eyes as Thor fought for his case. Sweet as the actions were, (sweet?! Was he getting sentimental in this dreary state?) he knew that there was no way to sway the inevitable.

Odin seemed to think for a moment before sighing and turning around to face Loki fully. Loki looked up at him doubtfully at first, but his eyes widened in disbelief at what he spoke next.

"Loki Odinson, you have clearly not learned your lesson and others have fought your case to not be returned to prison, so I'm afraid I have no other option but to banish you to Midgard, the very place where you had tried to rule."

Loki's eyes widened and Thor's jaw dropped in disbelief as Frigga gasped and held a hand to her mouth.

"Father, I think that's a little-"

"You will be stripped of all magical abilities." Odin continued, cutting Thor off mid-sentence. "Except the transformation spell and natural heritage, as I do not possess the power to extract that from you. You are to live there and earn a living for yourself to prove that you are a changed man and you shall not be allowed a return to Asgard until you do. I will send Thor for daily visits to check on you."

"Father, I-"

"SILENCE! My word is final. Thor, take Loki to his chambers and get him cleaned up and presentable before taking him to the Bifröst. You are to take him to Midgard and leave him there is that clear?"

Thor looked down sheepishly, a little humilified that his father had shouted at him and annoyed about his brother's punishment although there was nothing he could do. "Understood."

Thor looked down at Loki as the all father stripped him of his magic, watching as he glowed green then the light faded and drifted off of him before floating towards Odin's open hand. Loki just kept his gaze trained to the floor, not moving at all except for breathing.

"Court dismissed." Odin said before disappearing. The room emptied leaving behind only Thor and Loki. Thor leant down to offer his brother a hand up as he stood.

"Why are you doing this Thor?" Loki asked as he stood up, wincing slightly from a pain that shot throughout him; without his magic, healing would take a little longer and be more painful. Joy.

"Why?" Thor chuckled, although there was no humour in it. "Because you are my brother and I care for you."

"Hmm." Loki replied, too tired to argue back which was a first.

Thor paused for a second before touching Loki lightly on the back. "Come on, let us get you prepared for Midgard." he said as Loki nodded, then helped him limp off towards his chambers.

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